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  1. Section 3.5 of MOT > Mechanical Brake Components > Method of Inspection - "the condition and security of brake drums and discs" > Reason for Rejection - "a brake disc or drum insecure, cracked or excessively scored, pitted or worn" More here
  2. Happy Birthday Russ Hope you have a great day!
  3. Not V8 specific but these search results may help - clicky
  4. If you're thinking beer garden/grass then no, don't think so - just an enclosed car park behind the pub. But it is situated on a fairly quiet, no through road (with pavement) so plenty of scope for a quick walk.
  5. Yep, a standard H4 bulb fitting so a straight swap. Have always been reasonably happy with full beam so seemed little point in upgrading the second pair of bulbs.
  6. Shouldn't you be getting some sleep, Dave?
  7. Time for a quick roll call - Andy C - food Ralph - food James - food Kimbers - food Simon - food Nifty - possible Any more for any more? Owen? Brendan? Graeme?
  8. Not long to go now, matey Try not to enjoy yourself too much, and have a great time!
  9. Same bulbs as I installed in the Esprit earlier in the year. Vastly improved road illumination, especially on dipped beam. Very highly recommended.
  10. Dave, did you fund your Paypal purchase using a credit card? If so, I'm fairly certain you're protected anyway. If the worst comes to the worst just call your cc provider, explain the situation, and ask them to issue a 'chargeback' against Paypal. One thing to be aware of though; you'll need to notify them of the problem within a certain timeframe of the auction close date - 45 days I believe?
  11. Some (limited) info on Andy's conversion here
  12. Tim's photo recording momentous event added ^^
  13. 3rd December 2008 @ 14:48
  14. Tentenths

    V8 ECU

    Posts 8 & 9 here any help? Edited to add Blue Streak's website
  15. Tim, email me the photo and I'll host it for you. Email address is 'lef at' (remove spaces and substitute @ for at).
  16. Welcome aboard the mod-ship LEF, Graham
  17. Looks ok here. Tried logging out, closing browser and re-starting?
  18. The technically non-compliant HID units (no washer system) on my imported Forester STi had to be removed and replaced with filament equipped units to get it through ESVA (Enhanced Single Vehicle Approval). Once the relevant documents confirming it met the required standards had been issued the headlights were immediately swapped back. Job done! No future MOT problems either.
  19. MOT won't be a problem. There's no requirement for HID washers and/or height adjustment within the appropriate section of the MOT test.
  20. Case was featured at length on one of the motorway cops series last week. It took seven police/highways authority personnel to overpower and eventually subdue one of the women. This, combined with their quite extraordinary behaviour, led those present to conclude that both were probably off their heads on an illegal substance of some description, although this was never proven.
  21. Looks as if BBC2 @ 21:00 tomorrow is a must watch then. Meantime I'm off to the shed to see what I can cobble together...
  22. All Thatcham approved devices listed/categorised here. Includes both OE and aftermarket systems.
  23. Been the subject of much debate on Pistonheads since yesterday
  24. Women and children please stand aside. Let me at it!
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