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  2. I am glad my experience was able to help you out. I may not always be able to suggest the best way to do things but I have a particular knack at finding the worst way, and that is at least of some use if others can avoid the same mistakes
  3. Beautiful camera but a bit pricey. You can get a Zorki 1 or a Fed 1 for about $50. They are russian copies of the Leica 2 and are still a pleasure to use although I am sure they are not as nice as a real Leica.
  4. Thats very scary. I am glad you caught it in time and they were able to fix you up. Hope you are recovering well.
  5. You can refill them with a butane/propane mix. Stevem did mine for me in Australia and it runs great.
  6. I will post some photos tonight. I didn't take too many but I will post the ones that were emailed by the other guys too. I would have done it sooner but when I got home from that run my electricity had failed due to a faulty switch board and I wasn't able to get it fixed till yesterday.
  7. I am guessing you mean the seal for the cover not the seal for the crank shaft. The seal for the crank shaft definitely has to be the real thing. It isn't flat and it does a lot of work so there is no way you could do it with a liquid gasket. With the gasket for the cover I forgot to order one when I did the job on my car and I used a hand cut paper gasket and gasket goo. I think liquid alone would be a bit of a risk but if you get proper gasket paper that did the trick in my case. One thing to note if you are replacing the crank seal. When I did mine I didn't pay enough attention to the manual and I put it in flush with the steel of the cover but after reassembling I noticed that it should have been left sitting a bit proud towards the gearbox side. I can't remember the measurement and I am not near a manual at the moment but I would recommend checking before you do the job.
  8. Ahh, cool. I was looking totally in the wrong place. I thought the temperature sender was one of the three sensors on the coolant downpipe where the one that controls the fans is. Should be easy to fix now. Thanks heaps for that.
  9. After having done quite a bit of work in my engine bay my car now shows max on the temperature gauge all the time. I have checked the wires on the coolant pipe where the sensors are located and all the plugs are connected. I did run the car for about 1 or 2 minutes without coolant at one point when I was testing for spark and was so pleased that the car started it took me a few moments to remember I hadn't put coolant back in yet. I can't imagine running it briefly like that could have done too much damage. It has coolant now but the temperature gauge just goes to max and stays there. Does anyone have any ideas on how to test the sensor or what wires I should be checking to get the gauge working again?
  10. Car is running now, and not too rough. I do have one worrying problem still though. It looks like my temperature gauge isn't working anymore, it is just showing maximum temperature all the time. I will start another thread to ask for advice on that one just so that it easier to search for in future.
  11. Mine popped out last night but I think I have it back in ok. I was just trying to loosen the screw enough to rotate it but didn't realize it is spring loaded. Hopefully it is back in well enough, the rotor button seems to be locked in and not spinning.
  12. Sydney for me also. Black 1989 Esprit Turbo.
  13. For reference I was looking for information about the distributor pickup and by chance on one of the pages I was looking at they mentioned the brake calipers. He said that it was from a 1985 Toyota Celica but that they were used on the opposite side.
  14. Ahh, ok. So you run it with the plenum off but the rest of the fuel system on. Thanks for that. Hopefully I will get time to give it a try tonight if I can get my distributor working by then.
  15. I am sure this must be covered somewhere else but I have done a search and I haven't been able to find anything on it. I have to either repair or replace my distributor and I figure after I do that I will have to set my timing. How do you set the timing on the Esprit? The distributor is practically inaccessible while the carburetters are installed but you need them there to start the engine to run the timing light. But if you have the carburetters installed you can't reach the distributor to rotate it to adjust the timing. It seems like a catch-22 to me but I am sure there is some trick to it.
  16. I was suspecting that it could have been a fractured wire. The only thing I can think of that I could have done to brake it was to pull the plug out when I was taking the boot floor out. I could have put too much pressure on it. Maybe if I take everything apart I can cut the wires inside the dizzy and splice new wire in. It is at least worth a try as it would mean not having to source and wait for parts. If I cut and splice where the crosses are in this photo it would eliminate most of the length where a fracture may exist. Unfortunately that is not a photo of my dizzy, I still have to take mine out. The deadline for the job is this Saturday. I am meeting my girlfriend in person for the first time and taking 3 weeks off work. If I don't have my car fixed I will have to borrow my grandmothers car which will be a lot less impressive than my Esprit, lol.
  17. According to the test below from the service notes the problem is the distributor pickup. It is supposed to read 2-5k ohms but it is reading about 60M ohms. It baffles me though why this problem would have occurred when I was changing a clutch. The closest I went to the distributor was taking off the starter motor but I can't imagine knocking the distributor with the starter would kill the pickup. To make things worse a little later in the service notes it says this. I am beginning to think I am not going to have my car back on the road for quite a while.
  18. Steve checked on his car and it looks like that plug is unused. Maybe one of the plugs that is plugged in is loose or I knocked some other connector off. I will keep looking.
  19. It comes out of the boot electronics on the left side of the electronics box, so in the middle of the boot tray. In the photo the blue cable above it is the HT cable going from the coil to the distributor. Hopefully it does have a matching plug to go into and it is the problem but it wouldn't be the first time on this car that I have found a plug that just doesn't go anywhere.
  20. After doing a clutch change and putting everything back together my car has no spark. I must have missed a plug when I was putting the boot floor electrics back in. I think this plug is the culprit, does anyone know what it is or where I can find his mate? Uploaded with
  21. I know you have already eliminated the coil as the problem but this could help you narrow down the options a bit more. Uploaded with
  22. Sometimes if your dizzy cap or rotor button is the problem you can improve it a bit by cleaning them. Problem is of course that on the esprit the distributor is in a hell of a place to get to. I had a problem with a weak spark on my car that was coming and going for a while. Turned out it was because there was a short somewhere in the tacho wiring that was depriving the coil of juice. It is very unlikely that would be the problem with yours but it might be worth trying disconnecting the tacho wire from the coil just to check it. On my one it was the white wire on the negative side of the coil.
  23. Lol, you are totally right. Instead of asking first I will try first and dig a small hole, try something else and dig myself deeper, then when I am totally stuck come to the forums I will have to start asking first, it could end up saving me a lot of trouble.
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