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  1. Part 11 Prepping and primer coat.. Back to it, With the second coat of polly we are starting to build up a workable thickness in the material .. With this flatting process, I take extra care with the edges and tall spots ; these are areas that are so easy to rub though . You can see in next pic ,on the rear quarter these high spots were over flatted .. This only becomes a problem in the second polly coat . To avoided this , I use the guide coat as a gauge .. By leaving the black on all these protruding areas until everything else is flatted we can prevent over flat
  2. Moving forward, the next stage was to lay up the GRP on the inner faces . This will secure the section solid in place and enable the Cleco and bridge plates to be removed . Where the bridge plates were in the way we needed to work around them first and then do a second stage of lay up .. This second pic shows how neatly the rear panel lined up and with one layer of woven with two layer of mat, fixed very firm .. The outside need addressing now .. First the big grind .. This is tough because this panel being part of the crash structure is thicker than other sections.
  3. Part 10 Prepping and polly coat.. First job is a major clean up. This included all aspects of the Esprit /panels.. I cannot stress how important this bit it .. When fully blown off , wipe down with spirit wipe. Then tack rag. Your substrate condition will determine your next step .. If you have some areas of old paint that are stable enough but still visible, you may wish to apply a Bar Coat / etching isolator.. However if you are happy with what you have you can go straight to polly coat But only if your polly coat does not include an added solvent .. If it does use
  4. This pic here may give you a better perspective on getting all the corners in the correct plane .. Although its only when you do an eye level view that you appreciate the full accuracy .. A good indication here is the strip light reflection as it goes from the h/lamp pod to the bonnet .. This shows they are in the same plane ..
  5. Yes some are quite bad.. The problem as I see it is, restorers forget the reason for bad fit when they strip .. They misguidedly assume when its all painted and fitted up it will be better aligned .. As we know this is not always the case .. When so much trouble has been taken to get a nice paint finish , the last thing you need to be doing is constantly fiddling around trying to make things fit better.. With the GRP cars , flexing a panel is a drastic action , not easy and can leave the panel under stress . With vibration this could create issues .. However over time the GRP will capit
  6. It was close but no cigar.. Even though the way I cut out the section , means all the cut joints are covered or out of sight when joined up ; The one 20mm small area that is not, did not match that well . It is really just sod'd law that it was just that one spot . Typical .. You can just make it out , the lower lip is much deeper on the original panel and the angle is slightly off.. But hell its all going to be ground out and GRP'd so not problem .. however it will need building up all the way round to be consistent.. If you are aware of the underside shape you will realise
  7. Part 9 Matching front wings to bonnet and front panel and head lamp pods , continued. After establishing where the shape form needing building it was just a case of process. Because of the amount needed in some areas , we used GRP for the primary stage , then used a quality filler to level out detail . From the above pic you can see how much work we saved by concentrating on reshaping the wing tops instead of the bonnet .. I do realise it was the bonnet curvature that was distorted , but fortunately it was in a consistent. This did not mean the bonnet did not nee
  8. When I get to that section in this thread i will go into a bit of extra detail with pic's etc to try and make things clearer. This is where it all get interesting. Having a hard suspension where you have little travel in the spring can make little bumps feel big , with poor contact / traction at same time .. On the smooth roads great , but not all roads are smooth .. Finding the balance with spring rate damping and ride quality is the trick .. Tyre's are and always will be an integral part. Profile, width, pressure and compound will all have an effect.. again its about th
  9. Well said I can not agree more . I have fitted new suspension and GEO set up to many . The before and after improvements are massive .. It was only when i finalized my version of the damper spring alternative did i feel the Esprit was once again Epic.. .. It is very difficult to explain to the lay man, the full interaction between components , that produces the final result .. If just one of these is out, weak or inconstant, then it all goes to pot .. Because a lot of the original components are obsolete , owners are mixing and matching after market products with very little
  10. Moving on . We now have the damaged section removed at the rear and the rest of the structure solid.. I have shimmed some wooden blocks into place where the new section will sit . This is so it will be in the same plane as the one removed.. Before we can proceed with the body work there is a small section on the chassis that came to light needing addressing.. This is very common and a real pain to do neatly when not fully re - working the whole chassis .. However i do have a very effective and strong way of dealing with it .. The cause is the turbo outlet pipe bu
  11. I heard it said years ago , along with the gaps on a Land Rover and the great wall of china they were one of the few things you can see from space..
  12. Part 8 Matching front wings to bonnet and front panel and head lamp pods . As you can see from the sub title this is a big section . As all these areas blend into one plane , we need to do all in one process .. So where to start. ? First impression can be deceptive, This first pic. is how it looked after stripping of paint and shimming to best basic fit.. But when we get down at a different angle with straight edge ,we start to unravel the nightmare fit. This is so common of the ‘G’ esprit bonnets . When they fit nice in the corners they stay proud in
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