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  1. Yep that's well naffed.. part of the new collaboration , telecom discussion and instruction on how to... and result.. easy peasy... but that to be fair is not short mileage marks , that has been sticking for a while .... may have been cause of original failure and never addressed on rebuild.. this is why the small details that are not in the book are so important ... Well done good find .
  2. Never heard them called castings before , must be a down south thing , we just call them ********s up here ..
  3. You Think !!! Am I not correct in thinking you had advise from a specialist before and they measured everything and said it was spot on.. So again did you not go to a specialist and have all these parts checked... Did you not fit and gap new rings on your build.. Yes there are parts out there that are sub standard , but you don't have to buy them.. Novices especially should research twice and buy once, pro's do all the time. I just do not see that as a plausible excuse ... On this particular forum you have a plethora of information on do's and don'ts. Possible the easiest forum to post a question on a section you are doing and get a qualified answer on best way forward. However if you don't verify and heed advise given then best guess is your only option. And we have seen where that leads. No more than any other engine .... it about experience , ability and understanding limitations.. When you are not fully familiar with anything you should first research and ask , then only proceed when fully competent. The alternative is poor end product or failure. Well the clue there was in 1988.. they can blow up if faulty... What has happened this time has nothing to do with the last time .... You fully checked and reassembled this engine , the failure was due to something you did wrong regardless.. Maybe if you have lost confidence , it is best you put the work out.. There are lots of people out there very capable of assembling these engines , some better than others.. But all should give you a guarantee for piece of mind.. However, always remember , there is a huge difference in stripping cleaning and reassembling and engine and having one re-built by and engineer... The clue is in the price.. An engineer will like to supply and fit parts he knows are correct for the job , anything you supply he will disclaim along with any resulting damage in his guarantee.. And you are sure of this how? If these are second hand pistons as you say you need to be sure ... If wrong and they fail because of being wrong , your engine assembler will just say ..... ''i fitted the parts you gave me'' so not my problem pal !! Maybe this is a question you should of asked first. And why would you think that ..
  4. Fabian, I still think you are out of focus on all of this, A lot of what you are proposing makes some sense, but without consideration of the finer details.. I have tried to point you in a direction and privately offered advise.. But you still seem to shoot off in all directions from one day to the next.... I would like to see you get this sorted, but guess work is going to put you dealing with another set of issues.. What I am noticing and will point out , just so your readership understand is.. 1. Piston measurement out due to temp ... Plausible but what temp where you at . we measure at 18-20 ' and make allowances for temp difference , but 10' is tenths of a thou on a piston , so you may just need to look more at your own measuring procedure first.. Also did you zero you 75-100mm Micrometer with measuring block first. ? 2. Rings and pistons.. Fitting sub standard rings can happen, which is a supply thing, but they rarely over scrape in such short mileage unless gapped wrong.. Changing the Mahle pistons is an upgrade , but be aware .. The crown design is different as is the deck height, This may be due to variation in compression height.. This all needs considering.. The Mahle pistons came with rings suitable for Nikasil liners , these will not be suitable for iron liners. These pistons are designed for the 8.0 :1 compression ration set up, not the 7.5;1 you have now .. You will need to change your combustion format or your tuning set up to suit.. Also best to fine tune on dyno when finished.. This can all be easily achieved but you need to be aware of the finer details and calculate all the changes involved .. A professional would know all this .. Just fitting it all may work in a fashion , but that's what you did last time and none of us want to see you have a repeat of that. 3. Bearings.. This is a supply thing , make sure they are 3 ply quality not the cheaper 2 ply crap that is available out there .. again a professional would be aware of this 4. Stretched fly wheel bolts..... Check your torque wrench calibration . Only over torquing would cause this .. 5. Liners scored .. How bad, could they have been bored and honed .010 or .020. Then custom pistons from Omega to match the size with correct crown design or at least deck height/compression height altered to suit require c/r. At the same time you could reduce the size of the wrist pin along with piston weight to reduce reciprocating mass weight loading.. better all round for performance and engine life.. research and talking to a professional would have made you aware of all this... But if fitting new liners , getting a pro to set them in place with correct nip height is a good move. 6 Fixed tensioner .. Good move . I did a conversion recently for customer , Its as @andydclements said , be best done with belt and pulley upgrade at same time .. My customer went for Vernier cam pulley's at the same time to insure cam timing was absolutely spot on.. .. might be worth considering.. 7 Astronomical bill for bottom end ... Uhmm should not be in the scheme of things ,... Its all relative , good kit and good work cost a bit more , but last a long time . cheap parts and guess work cost a lot less , but somehow you always end up spending more .... We all would like to see you get some focus and solid direction on this . Getting professionals to do things for you will not take away any of your personal involvement and achievements. Share the experience with them and learn at the same time ... anything else is just guess work..
  5. There is a head gasket Gary Kemp supplies that is circa .020'' thinner than the Goetze gasket. This is more in line with the original preferred first build gasket thickness..
  6. That all went out of date with Noah and his arc.. The replacement Goetze gasket was supposed to be in line with the thicker gasket.. Not sure which one as there were originally 2 thicker than the original .. Because of the age of theses engines it is never certain how many times the head has be skimmed .. Always best to do an assessment measurement by using the cam timing with True TDC and DTI with dial gauge.. This will allow you to work out how much if any can be skimmed to maintain cam timing or improve it.. The easiest way to get cam timing spot on after skimming is to use vernier pulley's , that way you can skim to what ever you need to clean head .. If it needs a lot you can cut back the valve seats to correct the compression ratio.. It all very doable its just knowing what to do, how much you can get away with and having the tools ..
  7. When they are running correct the exhaust valves should have more of a light biscuit colour to them . This is due to the heat and why they are sodium filled.. The inlets should be more of a dark grey carbon finish.. Anything black is running to rich .. Consistence across all four is just as important... It not unusual to see variations due to the stock injectors being quite poor compared more up to date versions. Also the poor port matching on the head to inlet manifold can cause flow irregularities on individual engines producing irregular combustion forms. This following pic is classic of 910 turbo running a touch on the rich side ... any blacker and i would be concerned ..
  8. If it goes to the normal ware format on these engines it will have been number one main bearing top half.. I am sure Ian will confirm one way or another in time..
  9. All the news about refusing the 50p brexit coin is just inflated news to create division.. How many people even look at there change let alone inspect each coin.. The news media that still have the platform to promote their own agenda whilst wrapping it up in a news story , are deliberately aggravating the situation on brexit.. Brexit in the main in over, we are out.... No winners No losers , just a political direction brought about by a democratic referendum . This result was debated , ridiculed , undermined and questioned in every possible way, especially by the media , who's ranks did not like the result.. After nearly 4 years of debates countless one sided media interviews and panel shows against the result , a general election was held with the main mandate to uphold the referendum result.. The result of that was conclusive , the people spoke.. We were leaving the EU. The problem as i see it is, until the media start getting on board with this , they are going to create false news and ill feeling in the country by what ever means.. Controversy is infectious , almost self destructive, but to them news... !!! It very much seems that interviewers and the likes of question time hosts within the media have got a dose of overrated self righteous importance .. This is particularly evident when you watch the interviews and how they manipulate the narrative giving antonyms responses to factual answers . I am all for a good debate , but have no time for blinkered self opinionated twats. I fear this ill will is hear until the transition period is over.. The media will hound the public with controversy and false news in an attempt to undermine the trade negotiations.. This will be done by inflating a false dialog and encouraging public debate and division. Much the same as they did for the last 4 years. And to what end.. The last thing they want is WTO , but carry on as they are and they are more likely to get it.. If they could just get behind the Government , public opinion would change , and with a positive out look our negotiating position would be stronger for trade deals with the EU and rest of the world. Win Win for all .. .. We need to weed out the quisling elements and stride forward to a positive future..
  10. Once again you are correct...... But ... The brexit people will be going forward with optimism and positive focus, when they hit a bump in the road they will say , that is something to deal with then move on... The re-moaners (that is those who still don't except the result) will be going forward with negativity , blaming everything on brexit regardless... They can not change the result but they can ruin their lives by letting it eat them up with despondency .. You are what you focus on ..
  11. 52% against 48% is not 50/50 ..... their is a clear victory of 4% In Barry's world of football results , the brexit leave team scored 1,268,831 goals more .... i think that is quite definitive in anybody book... In F1 you can win by fractions of a second , but its still a win.. People may not like losing , but need to suck it up and get on with life ... That's how you become a winner .... not a winger....
  12. This is so true , but is it not very apparent the losing side are making the biggest noise with none acceptance of democracy . They even said celebrating the event last night was wrong ... Is it wrong to celebrate democracy , If so lets just rejoin the EU and become a puppet state without a flag !!!!!... The Brexit camp i feel have been quite candid in their approach to this in comparison the the re-moan side. But it all must end and start a new ... time to move forward..
  13. I agree , and the break from tradition was a decision of number 10. What i was referring to is, the national broadcaster of news for this nation decided not to feature the PM's speech in their main news slot.. It is irrelevant who recorded his speech they should have featured it.. It is a major national event and coverage should have had his speech included ... They feature other news stories recorded by other sources , to miss this one out is just sour grapes .... shows the bias is still there regardless..
  14. I Noticed the BBC did not post Boris's Brexit speech on the Morning news.. Only available on You tube .. Is that just not typical of how petty, single minded, and bias the BBC has become ... As a totally impartial broadcaster that gathers its news from all sources , because this was about Brexit positivity they chose to avoid it.. How are we going to come together as a country and move on as an independent sovereign state, if the Tax payer funded international news media have an agenda to sabotage any positive attitude towards it.. ... Not only has its actions over the last 4 years been disgraceful over Brexit , but many other things like the Jimmy Savil affair, and gross over payment of presenters etc... They need to put their house in order and do the job WE pay them to do , or pack up completely.. I for one feel the BBC no longer has a unique position of providing the news and entertainment . If it were not publicly funded with compulsory tax money, then i would have less of an issue with their Bias point of view. ( within the broadcasting guidelines ) Until the likes of the BBC get on side with the fact we have left the EU and start standing up for our future , reporting all the benefits we will have as well as the pit falls , the re-moaners will keep dragging down the spirit of the people with fear and negativity... Yes there is hard negotiations ahead , maybe a few bumps in the road, but what ever it will be , it has got to be better than being ruled by an ever increasing dictatorial federalist European union that is already going down the toilet financially.. At least we are out before it goes round the U bend. !!!!
  15. I did not want to comment on this Thread anymore , it goes off in all directions with comments on things most owners have no direct experience in, and using assumption as a guide.. But .... Balancing an engine is PRIMARY .... If you don't you will never have a great unit.. It will work and run fine, but like a wheel out of balance it will sap performance and contribute to premature component ware.. Balancing rods and pistons at home as per you tube video is , SO DIY .. Bloody hell , why don't you just do it right for once ... It does not cost a lot ... I just had the lot done for a few hundred quid. That is Crank , fly wheel . clutch cover, front pulley and belt drive / bolt /washer, rods and pistons , even the clutch cover and fly wheel bolts... That is rods end to end and overall .. All done within a couple of 10th of a gram. !!!!!! Lotus spec is 3 grams ... Most after market is not as close as that ... Only when i have purchased top end equipment has it been within lotus spec, but still not as good as i like or it can be ... But I always check and correct everything... Not doing so is nothing short of guess work and hoping for the best.. I sent Fabian a private mail on this very subject 2 days ago outlining these very points , but here we are with pages of scribble on what i feel is a straight forward important aspect of an engines construction , debating if it is to expensive or worth doing , or should we have a go with the kitchen scales.. And you all wonder why they go BANG... A lot of advise is free, just make sure its accurate and comes from experienced source , .. then how you interpret and what you do with it is up to you.. ( not everything on the Web is correct for your specific engine) .... sorry if this has come across a bit blunt Fabian , but i felt it had to be said , not doing so would be misguiding the readership.. No aspect of the post was directed personally at anyone , it is just an observation..
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