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  1. So it’s not the sheer mass of air or csa it more about how it gets there ? I thought the TRD airbox was from a Lexus 300 or 400 ? So many be there is another part that would be fitted ?
  2. I have a TRD airbox fitted with a 2bular exhaust system. It sounds amazing but been on a long drive this weekend it started to get a little tedious on the motorway when on cam. I have the old airbox and can refit that but was thinking that would it be possible to tune the airbox by restricting the amount of airflow into the TRD ? The inlet is more than twice the size of the original airbox so could I just fit reducing cap of sorts no smaller than the original airbox for long road trips ( weekends ) Any ideas ..
  3. dingding


  4. Hoping to take the plunge and go tomorrow. What time do we get there for ?
  5. Sounds good thank you. The deal was done today so hopefully take delivery in the next few weeks. Would like to get involved as a new hobby.
  6. Hi All, just in the process of buying an Elise but wanted to know if these meets are open to new members? But being new to it all and not knowing anyone makes it hard to know where to start. Thanks in advance Steve
  7. I'm looking to purchase a Elise 1.6 but have found that my local dealership is advertising cars that they no longer have in stock, some have been on there site for a year. I got my old Elise from the dealership and was really happy with there service, but the guy incharge of the lotus sales has left and the new guy is never there on site or returns my calls. I can't believe they don't want to sell me a car so I wanted to ask if anyone knows of another good dealerships in Kent or surrounding area.
  8. HI guy, Thanks for your reply. My thoughts where to reduce understeer, i was thinking that a wider wheels would help on the front of the car. I see lots of people seem to put wider wheels on there Elise`s and thought it would be a good time to increase diameter too. Also thinking that a all wealther Tyre would be a good idea as i use it all year around.
  9. Hi all , in need of some help with my elise s . I thinking of changing my wheels to Team Dynamics 1.2 but wanted to go up a size on the front to 17" all round. Current wheels are FRONT 175/55/16. REAR 225/45/17. To. FRONT 215/40/17 REAR 245/45/17 1. Will they fit for a start ? 2. Does ET30 front and ET38 still apply ? 3. Has anyone tried this combination ? Sorry for all the questions but as I'm sure you can all tell I'm clueless when it comes to Wheels. Thanks in advance
  10. Yes it's been fine , my dealer said that if it happens again they will need the car in to see if it's a dead cell in the battery. It's only been a couple of weeks but so far so good. Steve
  11. Hi Charlie I had a very similar problem with my Elise S2 (2010) but I was not getting any backlight on the dash , after restarting the car a few times I had dash lighting but no dials. I contacted my dealer and he said it could be a low battery as that is a common issue, i took it out for a long drive the following day and it has not happened since. I can only assume that it's ok now, my car is only 8 months old so I don't know if its just because its not done that my miles or that its been siding idile for a long time.
  12. Hi all , im after some advise to Jazz up my Elise S , Its all black with Silver wheels . I was thinking of a Single Stripe Kit from but wanted to know if there was anywhere in the UK I could get them from and most importantly what colour would go best with a Black car ???? Thanks in advance People
  13. Hi Bibs , just a note to say im really sorry but we can`t make the 1st for fish and chips as the girlfriends working ( shes a nurse ) and im on call out ( sparky - Greenwich gov ) but i will keep an eye out for the next trip. Hope your well and have a great time in Brighton. Keep in touch Steve

  14. Yes sounds like a plan. I will try and sort it out my end and will let you know Cheers Steve
  15. Im up for a bit of that , just have to sort it with the other half as we both work odd shifts. I would be able to let you know by the latter part of next week if thats ok?
  16. Hi there Bibs yes you did, it was really good to talk to you that day, its been good to have a look on here at the posts. There seems to be some really good people on here that im sure will be able to teach me a thing or two about my new toy. Which i am loving at the moment !!
  17. Hi all im really new to this site and everything Lotus, I purchased my first Lotus a month ago and for my run in service i treated myself to a stage 2 exhaust. I am loving it to bits but its just to loud on the motorway. I was wondering if anyone out there wanted a week old new stage 2 exhaust. Its covered around 150 miles. I would be happy to swap it for a stage 1 if new or there abouts or if someone wanted to buy it off me. My car is a Elise S 2010. Im in Kent and my number is 07708700496. I wonder if anyone else has had the same problem and if it was just a straight swap ? Also whats a st
  18. Hi there all im very new to this site and to everything Lotus, Im looking a buying a new Lotus Elise and don`t know which one to buy. My Lotus dealer has a new old shape Elise S with touring pack and air con with around 2K off list price or for the same price a can go for a new shape Elise with no extra`s. Love them both but not sure if the 1.6 would have the same grunt as the 1.8. Any advice very welcome Many thanks
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