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  1. Looking for someone whose looking for an easy route into Esprit ownership who may be interested in swapping their Excel or Eclat and some cash for my rather lovely Stevens Esprit. My car is advertised on ebay at the link below, and i'd be looking for an Eclat or early Excel. I absolutely love my Esprit and its definitely one of the most sorted cars around, having completed a trip recently to Italy without a single fault.
  2. HI Neil, How much restoration are you looking for? i have a very light project, mechanically all sorted, just interior trim needs some tlc and some exterior paintwork (lacquer peel)
  3. Ahoy Gents. thought i'd share some pics and learnings from my recent road trip in the Esprit. Route was Essex > Brussels > Luxembourg > Black Forest (Germany) > Liechtenstein > Lake Como (italy) > Paris > Essex Car was an absolute dream with no issues throughout the trip. I was particularly impressed with how cool the car stayed even in the super hot Italian days and stand still traffic. Only slight niggle is the windscreen wiper (slow speed) sometimes takes a while to turn off but im sure this is just a sloppy connection in the lever. We favored the twisty
  4. Hey dude, top work on the dials, i have a similar issue. looking at your pictures im pretty sure the black number plate surround on your car is upside down, the thicker black side should be at the top, not the bottom, it then aligns with the lights :-)
  5. Got it all clean before driving to Italy :-)
  6. Ahoy Gents, Summer preparation has begun and i kicked off with a fresh MOT. It failed on a leaky front damper, saggy door, and a ball joint, so to keep everything event i replaced both upper ball joints, both front struts and stripped everything for a bit of paint. The saggy door just required tightening of the lower bolt. I've also been sorting the rear bumper as the paint had a nasty crack on one corner and the general condition was very poor. I've removed both sections, finding the lower bolt strip to be completely rotten. Fortunately everything else in
  7. Thanks guys :-) @Jacques yes your right, fortunately the marks you can see is fluff and greasy hand prints, this card was already very smooth - however the other side is a lot worse, so i'll definitely be using the filler :-) Items required for MOT have already been ordered so hopefully get them done this weekend :-)
  8. Yes i used a satin clear coat :-), really finishes it off well. thanks @Jacques
  9. So Gents, Failed MOT today - fortunately it only on a couple ball joins and track rod ends, items i had planned to replace anyway. One front shock is leaking so i will be replacing both - if anyone has some up for sale give me a shout. But onto the good news - i finally got round to recoloring the drivers side door card, i stripped all the buttons off and the ash tray for repainting and cleaning seperatly. I then followed the instructions from @Jacques and im very chuffed with the result! I highly recommend trying this yourself if your considering it - its very much
  10. Took some quick pics this evening, gives you a better view of the current body condition. Once the spoiler is done the rear bumpers will come off to be sprayed.
  11. Thanks @Jacques, i do love the look but must admit i have no idea whats original and what isnt. The mirrors are super neat though, i wonder where they came from as im guessing lotus borrowed it from something? Ill get some more pics up soon, full member now :-)
  12. So gents, My attention has moved outside for the time being, and the paint overall is pretty good, just a few light cracks where panels join and a bit of lacquer peel, all I will sort in time. Some areas have clearly been played with, the big one being the spoiler which has always looked awful compared to the rest of the paint. Today I took it off to strip and respray, and wow did it need it! I will completely strip it and remove the traces of old filler which is still a bit soft. The old paint had reacted badly, but it strips off in large chunks which is handy and aside
  13. @Jacques That is absolutely fantastic thank you! I will definitely be trying this out - I've done a lot of paintwork before so in many ways its similar, lots of prep and keeping areas clean. I really need to be a full member too so i'll sort that thanks again :-)
  14. Thanks @Jacques! i may have to pick your brains further on this as its definitely something i'd like to do. What products did you use? im no stranger to paint work but have never done any on leather. Could the same be done to door cards also? I don't have those lists no but i presume they are around the forum somewhere?
  15. @Escape @Jacques thanks for the info, I'm not a fan of the wheel but it is actually Very comfortable to use and part of the cars past so I will be leaving it for now. What is proving difficult is the gear knobox as the lovely wooden one I bought dosent fit so I am looking for a sensible alternative. Might go for a plain aluminium one with no markings or branding as I want to keep it classy In other news the car has been very reliable, i use it for everything at the moment and even did a road trip with the female to for a weekend of country houses and it didnt miss
  16. So gents, question, what to do about this steering wheel - now i do not like the look, and thought it was a nasty aftermarket one - however is this a 'shuttle' wheel which was fitted to later gt3 and v8 cars? If so, should it stay? or should i sell / swap it for a more original item? I've ordered a new gear knob and heater panel which will arrive friday
  17. Quick update gents, vents and heater now working! Heat isn't the best so i will flush the heater matrix, but some heat is better than no heat! Also sorted new 'old' stereo. In other interior news, i've been rubbing creams into leather for a few weeks now and its a lot cleaner, softer and the colour is coming through nicely. Seats will require reconditioning, possibly a retrim but will see. Next step is speakers and center console, these will be cleaned, grills resprayed in satin black and possibly upgraded if too old.
  18. @Jacques thanks :-) i shall and yes i will change those gaskets at the same time As for the photo, im working on an automotive photo journal at the moment so have photographer and videographer at my disposal, so will have a lot of really nice photos of this car coming - and plenty others
  19. Small update - realised that the brakes are not just 'really bad' but infact lacking any vacuum, likely related to the same vacuum heater issue i have. Daylight has stopped me properly following the tubes, my next step is to take of the passenger side engine bay panel to access where the vacuum hose goes into it, i believe there is a vacuum tank in here from other pictures i've seen, so i shall check this. So, question - capert is in good condition but is black and was replaced at some point. I personally feel the carpet would look better in a navy blue to match the rest of the blue
  20. Afternoon gents - so i found the immobiliser manual in the service history and was able to reset the unit - this seems to have solved my issue. I still plan to remove it, but for now it starts and drives without fault. But - now the central locking won't work, it makes the right noises, but doesn't lock or unlock the doors, strangely i cannot manually lock the doors anymore, whereas i could before, so very odd. Heater still isn't working, i know the matrix gets hot as if you leave it long enough heat naturally rises from the windscreen vents, it just seems the flap isn't directing t
  21. @silverfrost @Barrykearley Thanks, yea i have a breif look at the roadside and im pretty sure i can see where everything is, so i should be able to work it out. As you say, at least its not a mechanical problem :-)
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