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  1. Hi, A strange new feature has appeared on my S4s, when pressing on at high motorway speeds my drivers side headlight pod lifts and looks like it is ‘loose‘....when I stop and check it, it is down and appears all nice and tight. When stationary I notice that when I turn the lights on and off the raise is fine but the drop seems to be just that... a drop. any ideas welcome. (Also there is a possibility that the drivers side doesn’t raise on flash via the stalk...I’ll test this later)
  2. anyone....? even a graphic that I can print out and lose night time illumination would be fine ? :/
  3. Any idea if I can get a replacement for my worn heater control graphics?
  4. All fixed
  5. It's back and TT look to have done a great job, the exhaust side had a hairline crack near one of the studs and TT have replaced that side of the turbo, basically they have turned a heap of rusty scrap metal into a work of art! Happy....just need to get some SS nuts etc...anyone know sizes?
  6. Its off
  7. Thanks guys, Plusgas applied. De-Cat pipe fitted a year ago so that side should be easy to get off....then it appears to be 4 studs and 3 hard can it be? Then Im sending to Turbo Technics...£500 for a proper job....don't trust myself
  8. Evening, Oh the joy, I've just got home with my S4s; no turbo pressure and lots (lots!) of blue/grey smoke....I'm guessing this is a turbo issue...the engine was rebuilt <10k miles ago and other than smoke and no turbo it drives and sounds fine. How do I confirm the above and what are my options? to have a manly cry...any help appreciated.
  9. Does anyone know of a diagram that shows where abouts under the dash the elbows are? Also what does the fresh air activator look like...need to know this to see if vacuum is disconnected from here thanks E Now fixed, the vacuum pipe needed to be connected to the Mode Flap Control in your diagram Thanks Ian! E
  10. Bloody hell! Left Fareham at 7am heading to SWL, at about 8:30 just outside Dorchester ... rear view mirror full of what looked like smoke. Opened engine bay, coolant everywhere... looks like a water hose or knowing my luck something more expensive :s Anyway plans for syncro on hold till we see whats happened .... car now being looked at by my localish specialist .... Sportomotive Salisbury
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