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  1. I was impressed with the levels of grip earlier today even in the less than ideal road conditions. Thanks Al, I’ll get some decent photos once I get the car ppf’d/ceramic coated
  2. Yeah Stephen, it’s exactly how I remembered that test drive and I’m glad I went for it over the GTS. I will need to practice my exits from the car, not quite as easy as I recall
  3. yeah I’ve managed to rack up 160 miles already and it was filthy so just gave it a quick hose down
  4. I will take the car and the house Al - thanks very much The car looks awesome with the forged wheels on
  5. Yeah I’ll be through first thing to hopefully avoid the rain. I will let you know how it goes
  6. That is a very nice car indeed and nice x-mas present
  7. Did you go for ppf/ceramic coating or a combination of both?
  8. It’s going to be a struggle for sure but my only other option is collecting after work when it’s dark and in rush hour traffic. I’ve got too much on at work with budgets to be able to get away Monday so the 16th it is Photos and videos of yours will keep me going Blue or black, will he won’t he
  9. Nothing you guys haven’t seen before but unexpectedly my 350 is at Leven already and Laura kindly sent over some photos. It’s looking like the 16th before I can collect due to work commitments so the sleepless nights now begin!
  10. It’s been up at that price for as long as I’ve been watching the market, minimal carbon though
  11. Looking forward to the photos of this one
  12. Very nice, dotty’s mate - get him out for a drive (if he can squeeze in) and see what he thinks.
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