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  1. I had the same issue, as mentioned the only thing that solved it for me was to take the car a blast after washing.
  2. Thanks Stephen, certainly turning everyone’s head but I’ll put that down to the Ti exhaust
  3. At long last a break in the weather for a few blasts in the car and a much needed clean. I couldn’t take a decent photo if my life depended on it so these are as good as it gets:
  4. Drilling a hole in the Ti exhaust
  5. Lovely car and yes sounds like the resistor issue on the rear lights, Greg would be able to confirm.
  6. Yeah I think that’s going to continue to rise there are quite a few out there.
  8. Looks as though warranty work won’t be that simple after all
  9. On lotus ecosse it also says ‘and for authorised service bookings’ so I’m guessing that’s warranty covered?
  10. With the continued poor weather the car isn’t going anywhere so sorted the shortened plates today Thanks to @MrP for the spare front bracket. Random carbon shots:
  11. Would you have the same issue with the tillet if transferring straight into a 350 and in which case I assume they offer a 350 variant? Not that I’m after such seats but interesting to know. Good job putting it all back together!
  12. That’s the plan, just waiting for a break in the weather to go out a good blast
  13. Yeah at best expensive toy indeed, I blame @stephenwhyte
  14. Manning came in at £678 with £250 excess. If track days were a must then that seemed ok to me but looks like I’ll be sticking with admiral another year.
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