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  1. Those look gorgeous! What type of retainers do they have? My V8 has no retainers in the floor and my mats end up scrunched up under the pedals in short order!
  2. you just need a short length to drop any overflow down below the car. I, too would be sure it doesn't drop onto anything that can fling the overflow coolant around.
  3. Pad material is a huge issue! Most EBC pads up to and including yellow, just have a narrow temp band. Ferrodo and Hawk pads of more racing nature are suited to the V8. The Brembo setup is adequate, but good brake fluid and pads are required to get excellent braking. I have Brembos on my 99 and with Hawk HP Plus pads up front and EBC yellow on the rear, my seat belt will choke me from 120mph when depressed suddenly. The idea that you can only get stopping power from more Pistons is not accurate. Yes, it can improve the clamping force but improvement in pad material is a giant leap forward
  4. I Love that Audi V8! The new wheels look great on your G Body! Some nice wide wheels! What size tyres?
  5. Thanks Dan! How is that Audi V8 holding up? I remember following your build very intently! Thanks for the compliment! I thoroughly have enjoyed getting this car up to speed.
  6. Cheers Mates! It has been a while since I have visited this forum. After selling my 89 Project off a few years back, I anticipated getting a V8 Esprit at some point but last year I found one. I have been busy with some family things this year and have visited somewhat sporadically to LT forums but forgot my password here and have been too lazy to reset it! I picked up this '99 Esprit from Guy Therien last February and have been massaging it over slowly as time has allowed. Glad to be back behind the wheel of an Esprit! Love this car and have missed the banter here! Artie 99 V8 E
  7. That's odd Lou, not sure why you'd only get certain values unless your interface cable is faulty. Also, did you pressurize your wastegate actuator to see if it holds pressure and opens properly? When I first got my Esprit I ran it hard from a stop sign once and the wastegate got jarred open and stuck partially open. It behaved as you describe. Very low boost and poor acceleration. I pulled the downpipe off and saw that the flapper was cocked back and jammed open somehow. I stuffed rags into the turbine opening to prevent damage to the blades and I pryed the flapper back in place. I then
  8. I think the words are "Bloody Awful" Scott! Hideous is an understatement! Artie
  9. Wow Dave! That is so beautiful it's a shame it's going to be all covered up with a body. By the way, there is a bolt missing from the table! Lol! Artie
  10. I do too! And don't even have a V8! Nice engine cover!
  11. Definitely keep us posted on what you find!
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