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  1. I now have a spare entry ticket. (Just a personal entry ticket, no seat, no car pass.) If required, please PM me to arrange collection in Hethersett this evening.
  2. ........... the times kept on changing. By 1985 the invitation posters looked like this. (A bit faded after 33 years hanging in my garage.) From what I recall, it was a fairly low-key event, as much for the local community as the hard-core Lotus owners. That said, the Red Arrows provided an amazing display. If that wasn't enough, Toyota put on an aerobatic display. This was the age of the 'third generation' cars. Although production wasn't in progress, there were Esprit’s and Excel’s everywhere in various states of build. A time when there were no restrictions on the use of ca
  3. Hill


  4. Order just placed, and looking forward to the letter box rattling soon.. Many thanks Bibs for taking the time and effort to supply this special souvenir.
  5. ...... I've just checked the staff log. Apparently it's 1st Officer A Senna. He's recorded FTD. Probably do the same at night.
  6. 14. John Godwin - Elan Sprint (MY 1971 Yellow/White) (No. 8 on main list, and reserve for photo session )
  7. ...... Got room for a little one? 8 - John Godwin - Elan Sprint
  8. ................... and here comes another one Bibs. Elan Sprint Convertible, plus concours entry if possible please. John G aka Hill 113. John Godwin - Elan Sprint ()
  9. By pure coincidence I happened to be viewing the media section of the Group Lotus site shortly after this 'statement' was posted. It's really disappointing that something so out of keeping with all Lotus stands for was allowed to be released. It would have shown more class and more leadership if the author(s) had simply bit their tongue and said nothing at this stage. I'm trying hard to maintain a lifetime of loyalty to this company, but they do test one's patience in recent times. Having said that, any frustration we may feel as observers of this, is probably nothing compared to the anx
  10. ...............I'm guessing that Leigh and his wife, Roger and Bazza were either in the bar or eating when the pic was taken. Yes, really sorry about that we were all test driving the bar menu and missed the opportunity. Great photo to mark the occasion for Nigel none the less.
  11. Thanks Richard, that's very kind of you. Always happy to stay in touch on Excel matters. All the best for now.
  12. Back home with and a feeling of satisfaction having had a day out in K2 and met so many friendly enthusiastic people from TLF. Best of all though was to witness Nigel's suprise and appreciation. Bibs and his helpers did an outstanding job in making a special day even more special for the Birthday Boy. Well done guys and thank you. It was a treat just to be there.
  13. Hi Bibs, What a great idea. This will help make it a very special day for Nigel. I'd like to support this by bringing an Excel SE. Looking forward to meeting you and everyone else at Chieveley. John Godwin
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