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    350S wing, front splitter, carbon engine cover, chrome ringed face level vents.
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  1. Are you sure that’s wise? Gloss looks lovely, but will reflect badly in the windscreen. I had a gloss carbon cover on my Exige S1, but soon decided I didn’t like the reflections. Good news is a few minutes with very fine sandpaper soon to the shine off.
  2. I've only had mine a couple of weeks, not done any long journeys in it, but yes I do feel I start to get a little lower back pain after driving. I think it needs a little more lumbar support. My first Elise came with an inflatable bladder behind the padding in the lumbar region. Can't help feeling these seats need the same. Following this thread with interest!
  3. Does anybody know how easy it would be to re-route the USB cable in the trinket/stowage tray to have it just come out under the dash? I’ve installed a MagSafe phone mount under the dash, and would like to tidy up the cable running to it. Tried removing the cover above the small passenger side cubby to see if it’s accessible from there. Removed the two screws at the rear of the cubby, expecting the panel to come away easily, but it didn’t budge.
  4. It’s done! Had to brutally disassemble the two centre vents. Doubt they can be saved now, but whatever! Very pleased with the results 😀
  5. Not a very good picture I'm afraid. The car's in the garage, and not well lit. Will try to get better pics later.
  6. Update: the new vents arrived this morning. Driver's side vent was tough to remove, but it's done. Passenger side was relatively easy... the two centre vents just don't want to budge It feels like I'm going to tear the whole panel off! On the plus side, it's all symmetrical, and the two outer vents do look much nicer!
  7.|parentrq%3A6051e0c317c0a4b712f8becefffd1056|iid%3A1 There's a few second hand ones around, but most seem to have suffered with flaking chrome. I just searched for Alfa 156 air vents. I believe the same ones are used in the Europa and S1 Evoras Also available from Lotus via your preferred dealer, or online with DeRoure/Bell and Colville:
  8. Thanks for confirming that Dave! Was worried the flexible ducts would just get pushed out of the way.
  9. Seriously considered updating to the Mercedes vents like GFWilliams did before he went to Ferrari stuff, then saw the amazing new Komo-tec aluminium vents, but decided to keep things simple and affordable with a straight swap to the standard Alfa vents with chrome trim rings. Parts are ordered, but I'm wondering what's involved in fitting them. I'm led to believe you can remove the original vents with a firm tug, but is fitting the new ones a simple matter of pushing them in, or is there any difficulty re-fitting the hoses on the back of them?
  10. But it's ok to criticise anyone who chooses not to take an entire picnic? Can't argue with that
  11. Am I the only one who uses a cup to to transport a coffee to my destination? It doesn't need to be about drinking whilst driving!
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