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  1. Where's the "Yes, twice... and awaiting a 3rd replacement" option? 🤔
  2. Wow, Transforged seem to have dropped off the grid entirely. Deleted their social media accounts as well.
  3. I had 5 Esprits, Stevens N/A, SE, S4, S4s, and V8. Loved them all, but the S4s was clearly the pick of that bunch. Later moved on to a number of Elise/Exige variants, which were obviously more fun, but harder to live with on a daily basis. Then I got my Evora LE. Honestly, I wouldn't consider going back to an Esprit now. I still have naughty thoughts when I see that lovely wedge shape, but things have moved on. The Esprits were never especially reliable, and I can't see that the years will have helped in that area. The Evora is just as special for me, but with the advantage of vastly better brakes and handling. Of course my driving has improved over the years, but I was always wary of oversteer in Esprits, but when I do get a little slide on with the Evora, it feels so progressive and natural that it's something to savour more than fear! The big thing for me, having learned to enjoy the purity of the Elise is that I never want to suffer turbo lag again! I'd definitely consider an Elise/Exige again, but the Esprit has been ruined for me by the newer models.
  4. Pretty sure I've posted them before, but these are the ones I use: Plus a silver one for people with the wrong colour car
  5. I got really lucky with mine. Many years ago, I needed to replace the ancient remote for my garage door. It was unavailable, but I found this aftermarket solution: It's a piggy-back receiver module which attaches to my garage door opener, and I got a couple of different remotes with it. At the time, I used the mini keyfob remote on my keyring. Years later, I got the Evora, and the Homelink system actually works really well with the Seip receiver!
  6. I'm glad to hear your car is sorted, @Gareth44. I'm still having some slight problems with my car, but I'll be back with a more detailed report when I know what's going on.
  7. Mine’s done just short of 60k miles. Mostly enthusiastic driving on country lanes, with a couple of long road trips around Europe. I’ve always been wary of abusing the clutch, so very few aggressive standing starts.
  8. @Gareth44 good luck getting yours sorted. Mine’s now booked in for September 14th, so yours will probably be done before mine.
  9. Simple explanation for that is the AA bloke gave me bad information. Subsequent examination of the pipe suggests it’s still a very good fit when connected properly.
  10. I think you’ve been lucky! I’ve had 10 Lotus over that past 30 years and I’m sure most of those have broken down at some point! I’ve definitely found my last two to be the most reliable - Toyota power seems to be an advantage!
  11. Sorry, the connection is directly underneath the throttle body, really hard to see it, yet alone get a useful picture. Honestly, don’t even worry about it. It seems to be just a total one-off following the engine-out job.
  12. Nobody else has experienced this in the Facebook group either!
  13. I’m really not sure. The AA guy said something about the pipe having a moulded shape so it should click into place. He said that removing a refitting the pipe takes the edges off so it doesn’t grip so well. No mention of a clip. I’ve been advised to get the pipe replaced urgently, and Mike Kimberley told me on the Lotus Evora Owners Group on Facebook that Lotus need to issue a service bulletin.
  14. Had a little excitement this morning. The high pressure fuel pipe popped off, and sprayed petrol all over the engine bay! Fortunately, I saw the spray immediately in my rear view mirror, and I stopped the car as soon as I could in a small lay-by. The AA were able to reattach the pipe, and get me mobile again, but I'm obviously very concerned about driving the car now until I can get a new pipe fitted. Has anybody else heard of this happening on Evoras in the past?
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