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  1. Thanks @DBG. They're currently scheduled to start work on the 5th of July. Still a bit of wait, but could be worse!
  2. Ok, I've now seen an estimate for the work, and already paid for the friction plate. I can say the total cost for the clutch replacement is going to come to around £3k, and with my new front brakes, and annual service I'm looking at a nice round £4k bill. Exactly what I expected, but still painful to see it in writing.
  3. Good news! The nice people at Bell & Colvill (thanks Chris Stewart!!!!) have managed to get me a friction plate. I understand it was the very last one available, one of a handful that Lotus recalled from the US, so it's quite well travelled already! Now, I'm just hoping Lotus Silverstone can fit me into their schedule sometime soon!
  4. @mik I agree, Lotus are being very cautious. But I can understand it. They put a lot of work into ensuring the ECU calibration works not just for a single car, but across all the cars they produce with all kinds of tolerances. Even so, they've run into problems with some cars stalling unexpectedly. Changing the flywheel for something significantly lighter is likely to cause stalling in a percentage of cars, and that's something of a safety concern! I have a potential source of a standard clutch, and I'm happy to wait a few days to see if that pans out. If not, I'll have to consider other options. Ultimately, I'm being cautious because I don't want to pay a lot of money for something that might not be 100%, and then feel the need to do it all again!
  5. I assume they're readily available. But Lotus are strongly advising against fitting them to an N/A car
  6. 22 weeks is indeed crazy. I'm hoping to have one in the next week. Otherwise, I'll gradually widen the net. Certainly I'd consider the non-OEM options rather than wait 6 months! I'm sure there's nothing special about the standard clutch, but I'm not keep to try anything relatively untested unless I get desperate!
  7. Smart move! I’ll be in touch if my source lets me down
  8. Is there some stock in the US? That would be good to know if mine doesn’t show up.
  9. At 22 hours labour, I don’t want to take any chances that it might need to be done again any time soon. I’ll go OEM, thanks
  10. In no way did I mean to imply that @au-ytwas calling it a competition clutch. I appreciate his input. Sorry if I came across badly, I was tired, and a little drunk! In fact it’s all the other information I have about that clutch that suggests it’s designed for more extreme use. Apparently, it’s rated to 400 lb ft.
  11. They didn’t say anything about vibration. The issue is ECU calibration. Presumably the ECU is tuned to let the revs drop to a certain point before trying to control the idle. The lightened flywheel will change the rate of rpm drop, and likely catch the ECU napping, so the engine is more prone to stalling. Im not looking for an uprated competition clutch, I just want something robust enough to deal with spirited road driving for many miles, and years.
  12. Well, I have an 'interesting' update on my clutch situation... Lotus Silverstone have confirmed again that I should expect a long wait for a genuine Lotus replacement clutch. They also informed me that Lotus advised against fitting an S/400 clutch as the flywheel weight can cause 'calibration issues'. Not sure what that means, but I'd guess that means the engine is more likely to stall as the ECU has been calibrated to match the expected hardware. Silverstone have however found an alternative clutch option from a company called Oztilia Xtreme. These claim to have tested their clutch on the Evora, but I can't find any reports on actual customers out there on the internet. I'm not sure what to do: waiting it out seems to be the sensible/safe option. I've heard a number of reports here that the S/400 clutch is fine, but it would be just my luck to be the first person to run into problems. And it seems to be that the Australian clutch is every bit as much of a risk as a 400 clutch given that it's unlikely to have had a great deal of testing over an extended period. All advice/thoughts welcome!
  13. Sorry, didn't see your message until now. I'd say the bit point has always felt fairly normal, not too sharp, or too vague. It's very subjective, and depends a lot on what you're used to.
  14. My clutch failed. Looks like I’ll be waiting a few weeks for a new one
  15. I'm glad it's sorted. Hope you can just enjoy the car now. Wish I had mine
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