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  1. New PIAA horns arrived today. I’ve done a test fit, and I’m happy with the sound. Don’t like the ugly connectors that came with the Eliseparts kit, and the wires are stupidly long. The PIAA kit only comes with wires to connect one horn, which they suggest splicing into the car’s harness. Don’t want to permanently modify the car’s wiring, so I’ve ordered a nicer set of connectors and a crimping tool. I’ll make my own harness adapter to finish the job properly. Also looks like my ventilation system could be improved by clearing some of the adhesive from the intakes 😂
  2. Ok, tested the Eliseparts horns tonight. My digital ammeter only officially reads up to 10A, but it shot up to 13A, so I'm officially scrapping these. PIAA Superior BASS horns ordered!
  3. Thanks @Bibs think I’ll just treat them to some beeswax, and just enjoy them 👍
  4. Thanks Bibs. I managed to tighten than bolt up, so no longer any panic about how to access the nut. Eliseparts actually say they provide a bigger fuse with the horn pair, though it was missing with mine. I'll check the current draw, and consider switching to those PIAA horns if it's too much for the wiring 👍
  5. I got carried away with my little winter maintenance job of cleaning inside the front intakes, and decided to upgrade the utterly pants horn. I bought the twin electric horn kit from Eliseparts, and it doesn’t come with any instructions. Should be an easy job, but when trying to remove the original horn, I stupidly started slacking off the bolt that fixes the mounting bracket to the crash structure. It just keeps turning, so I guess there’s a nut on the other end. Anybody know how to access it? I’m guessing it’s either behind the wheel arch liner, or I’ll need to remove the front undertray?
  6. I’m sure there’s much better roads around the highlands. I’m not ready to plan anything yet, but I’m sure to check in with you guys when the time comes 👍
  7. Yeah, I’ve always found France a lovely place to drive, though I haven’t explored enough of Wales, Scotland, or even the Lake District
  8. I almost did the NC500 last year. Lots of stories of broken roads, too many caravans, and a heavy police presence rather put me off 🙁
  9. Holy shit! Sorry to hear about the blowout! Hope no real harm done!? Honestly thought those tyres were all good. I feel really bad about that. Definitely need to plan some kind of road trip to make proper use of the luggage 😀
  10. I’d appreciate that mate 👍 @RamboI saw your reply, was thinking of trying shoe waterproofing spray, but wondered if something like the more traditional beeswax treatment might be better for this type of leather. Hope you’re doing well, and making good use of those wheels 👍
  11. Hey @Bibs! Sorry to bother you, but do you know if there’s any guidance on waterproofing the leather luggage? Just a little worried what would happen if I got caught in a downpour with them.
  12. Took almost a year to decide on the tool bag set, but my missus bought them for my Xmas pressie. Quality is absolutely beautiful, and they fit very nicely in the Exige boot. Highly recommended at the reduced price! We did think there was a problem with some of the stitching, but I pulled out the excess bits, and it looks fine now. @Bibs Julie accidentally sent her draft email about this. You can safely ignore it 😀👍
  13. The screws nearest the windscreen are a pain to access with a normal screwdriver. I bought a mini ratchet screwdriver, which made the job much easier.
  14. Did anyone ever get a definitely answer to this? Replies earlier in the thread suggest the answer is both "yes" and "no". Has anybody actually tried it? It's fairly annoying having to either guess, or remember the state rather than being able to see at a glance!
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