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  1. Glad to hear the driver's ok. On the subject of cruise control issues, mine used to be tricky to engage/disengage. After suffering it for about a year, I had the switch contacts on the steering wheel cleaned. It's been perfect ever since
  2. Thanks @agentdr8. It's good to know this hasn't come to and end. I'd still like to see others following in our footsteps!
  3. I'm not sure how the customs charge scales, but the courier normally adds on a handling fee for collecting the taxes. I assume that's a fixed rate, so there might be a saving to be had by combining shipping.
  4. I must admit I'm far from mechanically adept, and I was very daunted by the job. But I gradually got sucked into being a part of this thread, and eventually found myself committed! Since I wound up getting the first kit I obviously felt obliged to just get on with the job, and despite a few setbacks I really enjoyed it. Having said that, I can appreciate it's not a task that everybody will feel up to. I'd be more than happy to assist anybody else tackling the job, but you're not exactly local
  5. Ok, one more update. This may be useful for anybody else attempting this job. I've managed to sort out the captive nut for the passenger seat For whatever reason, I was expecting to find that the nuts are permanently fixed to the floor (probably thinking back to my old Elise). But actually the floor consists of two layers of aluminium extruded with a gap of around 1.5cm. The nut (2 actually) is actually welded to a nut plate ( part 8 in this diagram ). The nut plate is free to slide around through the void under the centre tunnel, though it's prevented from moving further outboard by some insulation. Thing is the carpet is tucked into an opening in the floor, and in my case, the flap of carpet is long enough to push the nut plate out of position. I went for a little drive without the seat in place, and a tight right hand corner was sufficient to slide the nut plate back to the left where I could retrieve it. My solution for mounting it again was simply to put the nut plate in position, bolt the seat down, and only tuck the carpet back in once it was secure.
  6. I'm not sure if they all have it, or if it was part of one of the packs.
  7. One more picture. For anyone wanting to know exactly where that roof harness connector is. It's directly behind the driver's door.
  8. Thanks again @agentdr8. You're right! I love the fact that I now feel much more confident in stripping out the interior.
  9. More importantly, one of the mounting points for the passenger seat is missing the captive nut, so the seat is now held down by only 3 bolts. I had a feel about in the space underneath too try to find the missing nut, but all I found was a decorative polished stone 😀 I had intended to run the wire across the rear of the back seat, but it's not long enough, so I ran it across the front edge of the back seat, tucked behind the carpet. Even that way, it's only just long enough. It may be worth making future kits a couple of inches longer! My difficulties were all centred around my car, and my own mistakes. The kit, and the instructions are truly excellent. Thanks @agentdr8 you've done a great job 👌
  10. It's done! I'm glad I did it myself, but that was definitely close to the limit of the kind of work I want to do myself. Besides the problems I mentioned previously, I ran into a couple of other issues. Firstly, the clips on one of the rear quarter panels came off. On of them fell down into a void next to the rear fuse box, and was a pain to extract, and the other remained attached in its slot in the car rather than the panel. Clearly I pulled the panel away slightly sideways, which allows the clip to slide out of its mounting..
  11. Ok, I don't know what went wrong with that bolt. Having cut the head off, and removed the panel, the bolt unscrewed relatively easily 🤔 The good news is I did a trial connection with the wire trailing across the cabin, and it's all working beautifully. I'm very happy with @agentdr8's kit and instructions! Now to find a good route for the wire, and begin reassembly, and repair the seatbelt lamp connector.
  12. Feeling a little frustrated 🙁 First, I forgot to pull the connector under the driver's seat. Ripped a wire out of the plug, so that's a repair job for later. Now one of the bolts on the RHS rear quarter panel isn't coming out. Feels like the nut on the back is spinning with the bolt. No choice but to cut the head off the bolt. Let's see if I can Dremel it off without setting fire to anything 🤔
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