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  1. Paul, you're missing out. The Exige is a wonderful experience with the roof off! Sure, this time of year, a woolly hat and driving gloves are important, but I just love the exposure to the outside world. I hope you've at least tried it!
  2. My car very rarely has a roof in place, even at this time of the year! I need my hand heaters
  3. That looks pretty good Paul. I wouldn't want to block the vents like that as a little heat on my hands is very much appreciated this time of year. Wish I could find something similar with a much smaller screen. CarPlay is the only thing I really miss from my Evora.
  4. Anybody got a clue what wiper arm they're using. I've never been a fan of the weirdly bent arm of the Elise Exige wiper. Wonder if this would be a drop-in replacement.
  5. Thanks Paul. I’ll just set it vertical, and live with it for a while before inverting, and see if I can spot a difference 👍
  6. @Paul_Djust bought some Phillips bulbs like yours. Which way is the best orientation? I guess the blade should be vertical, so light is spread over a wide pattern, but they have the LEDs either side of a circuit board that’s visible through a notch in the side of the plastic case. I’m not sure if the notch should point up, or down.
  7. @ChrisJ This is just for emergency use. I have a corded tyre inflator for regular use. Just didn't want my big one taking up any valuable boot space when doing big trips.
  8. Just bought this tiny little Ring cordless tyre inflator. Designed primarily for bikes, but will do car tyres albeit slowly. The size is ideal for our less than generous boot space, and I love the fact you don't need to spend 25 minutes trying to tuck the power cord away after use As it comes with a bike mount, I bonded the bracket way up in the top corner of the boot, so it effectively takes practically no boot space. Also doubles as a power bank for charging phones etc.
  9. Thanks @Bibs! I'll bear that in mind 👍
  10. Thanks @GoldenGun I’m very tempted. Noise is such an important part of the Exige experience!
  11. Fantastic looking car, with an excellent set of modifications. I’m interested to know more about the sound with the 380 exhaust. I have a standard 350 V6S, and want it to sound more like an Evora 400. Does the 380 exhaust system make a big difference over standard, and will it sound like the higher powered variants, or does their noise result more from other changes?
  12. Detailing kit just arrived, looks a great selection. Thanks for sorting that out, @Bibs👍
  13. I have a custom Anker MagSafe mount attached under the dash, so the phone forms a kind of bridge between the gear selector and the heater controls. I really wanted the most aesthetic, minimally intrusive option I could find. As standard, the ball joint didn’t allow enough rotation to tilt the screen upwards, so I had to cut it off, reshape it, and bond it back in place, then I painted the whole thing as it came in a nasty shade of grey I’m very happy with the final result, though the slender arm does mean it’s a little wobbly on rough roads.
  14. Oh, I’m sure this is just an oversight/stock shortage, or something like that. No suspicion of anything sinister, despite @Bibs looking a little shady 😉
  15. I signed up for my gold forum membership a little over 7 weeks ago, but I’ve seen and heard nothing about the free detailing kit. Does anyone know if these normally take a while to come through? I used the “contact us” form on the site to ask the admin team about it a week ago, but received no response.
  16. I can't speak for Exiges without sound insulation, but I did have an Elise Club Racer as a loan car a few years ago. Hated the combination of noise with lack of performance. Not my kind of car for road use. I'd always spec noise insulation for a car to be primarily used on the road. Obviously the Exige has a nicer engine sound, but I just don't want to listen to the tyres and suspension any more than necessary.
  17. Just added a simple but handy modification - boot and engine bay illumination when the lid’s open. Just a cheap rechargeable lamp with PIR motion detection so it comes on automatically. Attaches magnetically to a small metal bracket which is held in place with double sided tape. Also doubles as a handy torch since it’s so easily detachable. Not sure I’d recommend this particular product as it’s a 2 pack, and one of them comes with a broken switch, seemingly as standard 🤣 The good one seems very good so far.
  18. You're actually suggesting a yoga move? Surely the Lotus position is more appropriate
  19. One small detail has irritated me a little since buying my car. The DPM mode switch felt awful in operation. The entire switch moved around in the dash panel. Had a look at the weekend. Removed the two retaining screws at the back of the cubby under the switch panel, and with a little struggle, pulled the panel away from the dash. The switch is simply held in place with a cable tie which prevents it from pulling through the panel, but does little to stop the whole thing rotating. Just wrapped a strip of insulation tape around the join between the switch and the panel, and it now feels much more solid. The actual switch movement doesn't feel great, so I thought about buying a replacement. At around £300, I'll live with it as is!
  20. Are you sure that’s wise? Gloss looks lovely, but will reflect badly in the windscreen. I had a gloss carbon cover on my Exige S1, but soon decided I didn’t like the reflections. Good news is a few minutes with very fine sandpaper soon to the shine off.
  21. I've only had mine a couple of weeks, not done any long journeys in it, but yes I do feel I start to get a little lower back pain after driving. I think it needs a little more lumbar support. My first Elise came with an inflatable bladder behind the padding in the lumbar region. Can't help feeling these seats need the same. Following this thread with interest!
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