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  1. Coming back to the Lotus fold after replacing the Evora with a Porsche Spyder We placed our deposit with Laura on 22nd July. Obviously this has been refunded and order placed with Lotus direct. Due to us being down relatively late with the deposit I very much suspect that we will be a 2023 order which suits us fine. Ensure any niggles (albeit I suspect less than the Evora LE's) will be ironed out by the time that we get ours. Only concern is whether the V6 will still be available in 2023 as I was looking forward to having it with a manual box.
  2. Anyone else's OCD has been bugging them yet or is it just me? 40 participants and the list goes up to 44. Trying my hardest not to re-number George
  3. Will also pop along to Hermiston Gait for the run into town, I will definitely be the odd one out
  4. 1 & 2 bingoking + 1 3 & 4 Al + 1 5 & 6 AndrewC + 1 7 & 8 Gordon + 1 9 Ken London 10 David Boyd (no +1 this time as SWMBO will be in Kiwi-land) 11 & 12 Mike C +1 13 David Darling 14&15 Marge and John 16&17 Alan and Janet 18 & 19 Sharron and Dave 20 & 21 Alan & Tania 22&23 Barry & Suzan 24 & 25 Duggie & Susan 26 Jason F 27 Ian C 28 Jim 29 Brandon 30 & 31 Alan & Gwen 32 & 33 Mr & Mrs Hedgerley 34 Ferg 35 & 36 Innes W +1 37 Arnold 38 & 39 - Marc & Kerry Reserve List Ross and Laura George D
  5. Completely agree. When the Evora does get a facelift Lotus should take a note on the more aggressive styling of the Evora GTE and use that. I believe there was issue with the track on the GTE (turning circle was rubbish) and hence it's not an easy bolt on excercise, but I still can't understand why Lotus don't offer this as the standard look for an Evora. George
  6. Brian, When you said you were retiring, I did not think it was from the LEG's meets :-) At this rate we will have to send out a search party for you!! At least we know it's not a ransom post :-) George
  7. Definitely one for the 2014 Scottish Elise's calendar :-)
  8. The weather was around 7C (hence us Scots had our shorts on ;-) ) Brandon did not mention that it was slippery but did not ask specifically. Car was also being ran in so would have been limited anyway. George
  9. Yep that's Andrew's Esprit. Luckily he decided to take it as it may have been the first LEGS meet that was Espritless!!! Must admit that I was torn between admiring the Esprit and the new Exige V6. Still lusting after the Norfolk Mustard Esprit S4S at Castle Lotus, it would have been mine if Lotus had not got their act together in time!!!! George
  10. Guys, Great meet again and nice to speak to familiar, new and returning Lotus/Vauxhall owners. Took a couple of pictures whilst I was there, not up to the usual Bingoking standards as the grass/car park was too wet to get on the floor. The Exige V6 S was definitely the star of the show although Dom's cocker spaniel also stole Sandra's heart. Reckon we should do a Lotus/Doggy calendar next year. Lotus Exige V6 S
  11. Here's some proof that you can live in Scotland and drive an Exige V6 in winter. The car is Murray's demo: Aspen White with Race Pack, Diamond Cut Wheels, Convenience Pack, Parking Sensors, Air Con and Heated Seats. Forgot to ask whether Brandon switched on the heated seats on the way up? Taken from the LEGS meet on Sunday 6th January:
  12. Derek, Think I have found a company that might be able to help you out Think the shipping cost may be a bit expensive though. George
  13. Could not see where I read it but are we meeting up beforehand to convoy up to Perth? George
  14. Any more pics Bibs, really need you down on the production line taking a picture of each one that comes out
  15. douglasgdmw


    Happy with the fact that the Exige V6 was included and obviously the result but based upon the fact that no customers/dealers have received one, should the Exige V6 technically be in 2013 eCOTY? George
  16. Congratulations, one of the pictures has been selected for the Scottish Elise's calendar. George Ps Make sure you send Karen the picture ;-)
  17. Sandra and I competed at Batak when down at Porsche Silverstone centre - your right that about it being energetic. Highly recommended if anyone gets the chance (although it does get competitive). Yep - big thanks to the Carlton Bingo team especially as they must have come in early to set everything up. George
  18. Brian, Big thanks for organising the day, much appreciated. Really great venue, its amazing listening to you about how much Bingo has changed over the years. Must admit I was so impressed about how the place looked. It was a good breakfast, great fun inside and enjoyed the couple of games. I think I have found how to incorporate fitness and bingo into one activity in case you are interested: I reckon with the concept of the bingo dabber and batak board (as used by the F1 drivers) would allow you play the game and get yourself fit. (just think of the batak board as the bingo grids which you have to hit). It could be the 2013 fitness craze (and not more 2 fat ladies) Apologies that we were not able to join you for the run after the event as we had another appointment that we could not get out of. George
  19. Also agree that unless you are going to be going pretty extreme on the jumps then a full suspension bike will be overkill. Don't know you budget but have a look here and see whether there is anything suitable:http://www.bikeradar...der-1000-29222/ Make sure you try them out (as people are sized differently so some bikes may not be comfortable). Also see whether you can hire one for the day and go out on the trails and get accustomed to it. Also try and go as far up your budget as much as you can as spending a little bit extra can pay dividends in climbs (for the crank/gears/lightness) and coming downhill (in the front shocks). Enjoy :-)
  20. douglasgdmw


    Good news and can't wait to go home to read the article. Means that I have/will be lucky enough to own 2 of EVO's Car of the Year. Lotus Evora and now Exige V6. Just hope that this good exposure starts to turn around the company and Lotus gets some more orders in (although it does mean that us early adopters will be less exclusive). George
  21. At least its not as bad as some of the other forums. Most people are concerned at the price but unfortunately they are forgetting that they can now get a hot hatch hitting £30k nowadays. When compared to some of the other equivalent machinery (using the Evo magizines comparitive vehicles) its definitely looks good value!!! George
  22. I passed my test in 1996 and bought a brand new CBR-600FX in 99. Kept it for 3 of years (1 accident as is the norm) until I sold it to get a 2002 Ducati 748 E which I bought new and will never sell: My wife (Sandra) was sicked fed up of being a pillion so end up getting her a: Suzuki SV650S: However after her off (resulting in a very impressive high side and a fractured pelvis) we decided to sell it. After a little while we bought another bike for commuting: Suzuki DRZ-400S. Must admit it was fun for me but not the best bike for the commute into work. Eventually traded it in for a Ducati Monster 696+ with the hope that Sandra would start biking again. However with me being constantly away with work it never happended so we sold it this year with just 900 miles on the clock in 3 years!!! George
  23. All I have heard is that Lotus have "indicated" that the V6 Exige dealer demo's "should" be delivered this year. Like most people I am hoping that this will happen. I have not heard anything about any knock on effect on my original delivery date of March. However I think like a lot of people with deposits down, once they hear about more slips (or if Lotus is sold in Jan like a lot of rumours say) the cancellations will soon come very quickly. I am even looking at a stop gap Lotus in preparation for further delays. When a Scotsman (and an Aberdonian at that) put their hand in their pocket it shows how much confidence I have in the original delivery date!! George
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