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  1. My fuel gauge does not work either. I reset the trip every fill-up, and make sure I fill up before I get to 200 miles.
  2. I have a 00 Esprit V8, and I was looking to get the Johan ECU upgrade. What are the safest upgrades out there to increase acceleration? I've heard pro's and cons about upgrading the Turbos. But I also heard if you upgrade the ECU, you should upgrade other things as well, like the Turbos. Is this true? My main goal is to increase acceleration while already going 60-80 mph. I want the back of my seat to feel like the Mission to Mars ride at Disney! Andy
  3. I took the wheel to a second opinion. They said the wheel was definitley bent. I'm sure these wheels are hard to bend. Is there anyway a shop could bend a magnesium wheel? They can't heat it up or it catches on fire, right? So all they did was blast the surface off.
  4. So did they bend your wheels trying to do them? Or was there just a bunch of junk on them?
  5. I have been trying to refinish some sport 350 wheels. Everytime I take it to them, they put it on the balancer and say that a wheel is bent. It started when I took my wheels in to get refinished. They said one was bent and didn't refinish any of them. I bought a new wheel, took it to them, asked them to check if it was bent or not, and they said it wasn't. Then i get a call telling me that the wheel is bent and that they can't work on it. I've driven on the first wheel they said was bent (140mph) and didn't feel anything. Is there something about these wheels that makes people think they're b
  6. How many lbs of air do you put in your tires (V8)? 31?
  7. I just bought an esprit, and it came with sport 350 wheels. I need new tires. What is a good brand to use? Are sport 350 wheels the same measurements as stock wheels on a 2000 esprit?
  8. I avoid 1st gear by just blowing through stop signs, cross walks, Funeral processions, marathons, train crossings....a gaggle of nuns, etc.
  9. So why " if you spin, both feet in?" How does hitting the gas and the break do any good?
  10. I was wondering what kind of Near-Death experiences people have had in their Esprits. I just got my Esprit, and almost imedialtey had a near death experience. Wasn't my fault. I was going threw an intersection at about 40mph, and people who were in oncoming traffic trying to make a left in front of me, were supposed to yield. The first guy cut in front of me was close. The second guy was being stupid but still pulled in front of me, and made his left turn. and then the third lady was an idiot, started to make the turn b/c she wasn't paying attention and didn't see me, would have hit me hea
  11. I'm looking for the best quality and value for a radar detector. Any suggestions?
  12. Does anyone in this forum live in St. Louis, Missouri?
  13. Oh, I just realized that everyone's information is displayed. You drive a '83. How long have you had it? My biggest concern is all the "rumors" I hear about these things breaking down all the time. I do not expect to drive my car HARD. It will be a weekend joy vehicle. But a quote I read really stuck with me, the parts in a Lotus are made for performance, not dependability.
  14. Thanks! My budget will get me about a '99 V8, Bright Red. But by the time I'm ready to pull the trigger, the '00 may be in my budget. You?
  15. Budmanstl


    Hello, I'm soon to be entering the Market for an Esprit. From everything I read so far, I've learned it is a good idea to join a lotus forum. So now I will act like a sponge and soak everything up! Thanks!
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