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  1. Hi everyone, anyone know who is making these ? Aftermarket specialists are charging alot for them, if I could just figure who is manufacturing them, perhaps I'd get a better price. Thanks for any guidance. Ken
  2. Hello everyone, I'm in need of a timing belt for my 1994 S4. Can someone provide the correct part number for it rather than buy from Lotus ? I've been searching on here and elsewhere with no success :-} Thanks for any guidance. K
  3. Hello, I bought an S4 3 year's ago this month, I don't think they are Brembo calipers, it is a 1994 car but perhaps early in the year. I just want to replace like for like for now, the front left began sticking and was virtually seized on the hinge pin. I don't think it has seen any maintenance from when it was fitted to the car, even athough the car has a full Lotus service history !! ? I still have my Excel, as it has been quite well behaved I thought I'd treat myself to the S4. Thanks for any advice/ help K
  4. Hi guy's Quick query, I have seen comment the standard front calipers are infact from a Toyota Supra mA61. Is that correct ? Before I get reconditioned ones from Budweg. Thanks in advance, cheers. K
  5. Hi Mike, With reference to the S4 ABS sensors, can you give me your telephone number as I would like to discuss those with a view to purchase. Thanks, email [email protected] Ken
  6. Hi G Reaper, Are the wheel sensors suitable for my 1994 S4 ? Are they new or 2nd hand ? Regards and thanks Ken
  7. Hello all :-) I recently acquired an S4 1994 car, I've been reading various posts on here about the brakes. I hope someone can help me with some information. My ABS light was on flashing initially but then constantly. I decided to remove wheel ABS sensors to inspect/ clean them, managed one front out, the other broke. Now a rear has also broken as was seazed solid , have to drill out the remnants, anyway !! Does anyone know of the part numbers for these ? I rang PNM who wanted 42 pounds for one, seems excessive :-( Other thing I have noticed is the brake pedal, under braking seems to push back against my foot. Is this normal ? Also went out for a drive the other day, a little scary :-( under heavy braking on approach to a corner, pedal suddenly went well down and brakes didn't work very well, eek !! oh sh**** I thought at time. Now not confident of driving it fast and then expecting it to stop before hitting something solid. I hope someone can help ?? Oh ye ABS light now out on having broken 2nd wheel sensor, thanks for any guidance given Ken
  8. Hi Guy's, Thanks for your responses, tried your suggestions, as yet haven't resolved the problem. On another question ? The driver's door handle and catch have all but given up/ fallen apart !! Anyone know what they came off of to acquire replacements ? Thanks again :-) Ken
  9. Hello all, Car Excel Se, registered 1987 I have a question for ye's all ; Driver's side electric window switches aren't receiving power, all relays and fuses are ok, passenger side window working as normal on it's own door switch. Not working from switch on driver's door, neither is driver's window. Intermittant operation on driver's side prior to failure, prior to this fan blower stopped working also. ??? Drivers motor works when powered bypassing switches. No power to switches in yellow cables. According to service manual and wiring diagrams there is an electrical junction point somewhere in the loom but alas the diagram doesn't tell me where :-( Can anyone help ? guidance please Ken
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