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  1. It's pickling now. Couldn't get Caustic soda but got oven cleaner instead, it's NaOH. The ali is merrily fizzing away just suspect it's not quite as concentrated as it could be. Ah well it'll just take longer.
  2. Thanks guys - I've ordered all the required bits washers, nuts, etc and will get the caustic to work tonight. Few hours work (and checmical reactions) plus oil change and I'll be running again. Cheers Rich
  3. That will be athe next option if the caustic fails for any reason Cheers Rich
  4. Nice one thanks guys - Will give it a go.
  5. Hi guys, been a while. Not long put the Esprit back on the road and I've got a rather large problem... it's sprung a rather large leak from the OS oil cooler (It's had a damp patch for a while) so I decided to remove it and replace... but both fittings have snapped off leaving ali stubs in the pipe nuts. They are stuck fast and I can't shift them at all. The lower one rotates but as there is nothing to grip it just spins. The upper one has a longer stub but the ali nut (that was part of the cooler) is too soft to grip. Usually I'de just heat them up but obviously this will damage the hoses. any ideas on how to remove them? Or a work around? Thanks Rich
  6. Thanks guys, Ordered some new bearigns form a reputable supplier so should be sorted now thanks! Discovered that my discs are knackered now too (WTL) so need a pair of them too. But while it's in bits I might change the ball joints, and TRE and ARB bushes and and and....
  7. Nice one thanks! It looks like I have S1 bearings I reckon. Going to order some proper ones now! Cheers for the help! Rich
  8. Thanks, I'm not sure what I've got but they are definately too small for the hubs!
  9. Hello all, Hopefully someone can help! I need a new set of front wheel bearings... I've got a new pair of bearings allegedly for S4 but they are far too small. Are the bearings different for Brembo/non-Brembo brakes? Thanks Rich
  10. Read the SA CAA report. The UK CAA would not allow it to fly in the UK due to it's in-service safety record. They applied to fly ZU-BEX down to SA but weren't allowed. Noise would have been a problem too but could have been managed as necessary.
  11. The CAA report is very damning of the Thunder City organisation There is a lightning being put back together in the US slowly but I suspect it'll never get clearance as a result of ZU-BEX. They were lethal enough in the hands of the RAF with proper maintenace organisations.
  12. Periscope along the wall would be ace. Made a little one the other day
  13. My porsche makes a noise like you describe - I'm pretty confident it's piston slap. It fades as the engine warms as the pistons expand.
  14. Mine is in the boot, the reason being if I can reach it safely I'll be able to fight the fire with a single extinguisher If I can't reach it I'll stand back and video it burning... A single extinguisher will not help if it's properly alight.
  15. I'm pretty sure Halon and it's derivatives (And BCF) will not be available in the UK Our aircraft firefighters at work are not even allowed to train with it as it depletes ozone rather effectively, but they do carry it as it's so effective. Dry powder is good as you can clean it up more easily should your firefight be successful, the foams can be corrosive. Don't use one into the wind though... I can attest for that... Also they have a certain rapid effect on the digestive system should you ingest any... I can attest to that too... Another option would be Fireflex its a permanently installed plastic pipe pressurised with foam that ruptures when it burns and sprays directly onto the source of the heat. Had a search but it seems to be hard to find, I wonder if they are still available?
  16. Can't you just move the seal away from the worn bit? There is loads of room (OK A few mm) to do that on the 4 pot...
  17. If the cambelt was fitted then absolutely no problem. Ideally don't turn it backwards but it won't hurt it.
  18. If it was part of the deal for the car and you paid the dealer to sort isn't it the dealer you need to approach? The dealer didn't fulfil the contract to get the belts changed?
  19. Cheers was thinking similar thoughts. It passed it's MOT with flying colours so I'll have a crack at the weekend if I get the chance. Ta Rich
  20. Thanks will haev a go. It's in for it's MOT today so may haev higher priorities but will haev a go next week Ta Rich
  21. Yes I was planning on having a go but I suspect the leather has shrunk which will make it a nightmare. Is the screen bonded in?
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