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  1. They are supposed to check the warning lamps come on initially... but a 555 timer and a little box of tricks can sort that... As above relying on owners being good at stuff isn't a good thing... When was the last time you checked your number plate bulbs worked? Would you/can you really check everything that the MOT checks? Rotten sills, worn ball joints, steering rack play, brake efficiency, brake disc condition, etc. Everything suddently become fix it when it stops working. As above very bad idea and will benefit virtually no one. Fatal crash of a clapped out non-roadworthy pre 1960 heap bought by a yoof will be the tell.
  2. Yes, check the oil pressure directly. Never assume it's a gauging problem - prove it's a gauging problem!
  3. TL;DR Ant laquer is a spray on ant killer that can be used anywhere. It's an insecticide so won't kill anything else. Just spray it around the entranceways to the nest.
  4. Regular R12 isn't available over here, 'drop in' gasses are but that's it.
  5. Steady on now, speculation is pretty pointless could just have easily been a crushed mains cable or somesuch less exciting but more probably source. I very much doubt they will ever know for sure given the extent of the damage. The stuff that burned is potentially pretty scary stuff though burned carbon fibre resin can be nasty.
  6. Mine does that. Looks pretty gloopy in there... Been looking at the options but not convinced on any of the R12 drop in replacements.
  7. Did you build it yourself or did someone build it for you? If the latter get them to take it back ASAP
  8. Even if you could would you want to? Where can the debris go otehr than deeper into the rod bearing? Blocked rod bearing oil passage = knackered bearing in no time flat. Blocked rod bearing hole usually indicates a spun bearing. also the debris would have had to come through the oil filter plus debris is highly unlikely just to be in the rod bearing. Why would you suspect a blocked oil feed?
  9. They have no idea at all... I found a useful bosch stockist who tried hard but ultimately failed to find anything useful
  10. They get my vote but with a touch more 70's sidewall
  11. Awesome. Free the brakes off, new fuel and roll it like that
  12. injectors all giving a nice conical spray? Pull all the injecotrs out and put them in a bucket Jumper the fuel pump relay so the fuel pump runs Lift the fuel meter plate and all the injectors should fire and give a nice conical spray pattern
  13. And if it doesn't and bungs up the rad? Sorry to hear but bite the bullet and change the HG. Snake oils might work for a bit but are not a permanent solution and might make a right mess so you still have to change the HG and you will have been driving with an unproven/untested gunk in the coolant.
  14. My build thread hasn't been updated for a while - it's working for now!
  15. Big lumps of the back end of every JSF is being made in Lancashire actually...
  16. Hello Bruce RR Lurker (Scruff) and sometime poster here Rich
  17. 'The specialists' reckon the inner joints are not replacable - seeing as they come off with just* a circlip I suspect they don't want the job! *I realise this is probably not as easy as it appears....
  18. OK thanks. It did seem to be the inners that were moving. Have found a local refurb place and dropped them a line, if the inners are just Espace might be able to get mine refurbed. I've asked if they can ident the outers but I'll proceed with caution (!)
  19. I thought as much, thanks. Any idea on the outers? I'll check the cross refs. Found loads of new Espace driveshafts for around £50 and I was wondering if the outer joint might fit too... But I'm getting the distinct impression that driveshafts are rarely a problem.... Going to check the hub nuts first.
  20. OK interesting that the hub nuts could be the cause that would be nice! I'll check this weekend - thanks. The drive shafts are available complete - £600 each!
  21. No backlash in the diff I could feel when it was out a few moths back. When you say axles...? Are the joints available?
  22. Rich H


    Joe Public: I'm very cross and I'd like to make a complaint about the noisy jets overhead!! Jonny Pilot: I'm sorry to hear that, can I just ask were they in RAF or Luftwaffe markings? Joe: RAF! Jonny: Good, you can thank the RAF for that then - bye!
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