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  1. Hi guys, been a while.


    Not long put the Esprit back on the road and I've got a rather large problem...  it's sprung a rather large leak from the OS oil cooler (It's had a damp patch for a while) so I decided to remove it and replace...  but both fittings have snapped off leaving ali stubs in the pipe nuts. 


    They are stuck fast and I can't shift them at all.  The lower one rotates but as there is nothing to grip it just spins.  The upper one has a longer stub but the ali nut (that was part of the cooler) is too soft to grip.  Usually I'de just heat them up but obviously this will damage the hoses.


    any ideas on how to remove them?  Or a work around?




  2. I'm pretty sure Halon and it's derivatives (And BCF) will not be available in the UK

    Our aircraft firefighters at work are not even allowed to train with it as it depletes ozone rather effectively, but they do carry it as it's so effective.

    Dry powder is good as you can clean it up more easily should your firefight be successful, the foams can be corrosive.

    Don't use one into the wind though... I can attest for that...

    Also they have a certain rapid effect on the digestive system should you ingest any... I can attest to that too...

    Another option would be Fireflex its a permanently installed plastic pipe pressurised with foam that ruptures when it burns and sprays directly onto the source of the heat.

    Had a search but it seems to be hard to find, I wonder if they are still available?


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