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  2. depending on the amount you will pay for...
  3. This LEGO Project needs your support - go and vote for it!!
  4. Does anyone have a usable set of the light pod springs? (my ones got lost during galvanisation... ) Or has knowledge of any source to buy one?
  5. i have an american one, it's the same but written on it :" unleaded gasoline only". probably you prefer a european version....
  6. as it looks in my gearbox too! important is, that the plastic bit is unworn!
  7. Which is the correct adjustment? In which angle the metal arm get fixed on the flap axle? Version A Version B (The spring an the bolt holding the flap within the plastic part is not fitted to visualize better on the pictures) Many Thanks
  8. I was wondering already why you had two cooling fans fitted and I couldn't see any aircon parts...
  9. I'm looking for a oil cooler, incl. hosing, sandwich plate and the metal bits for fitting. anyone?
  10. They used still the Salisbury 7HA Diff? Higher means 4.1:1? Is it possible to get just the gears! (Shipping reason)
  11. Take a good quality mineral oil (not synthetic) 20W50 (as castrol classic or so) If you change to sythetic oil, it will free all bound carbon particles in the engine - which is not good!
  12. I see i have to plan next hollydays for south wales....
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