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  1. Had good and bad reactions The bad was a chav walking his dog spitting at it whilst parked up on the drive, I caught it on the ring camera. I just don't understand that type of mentality. However, the good vastly outweighs the bad with lots of enthusiasm, a woman and her children came onto our drive and took a couple of photos of her two excited boys in front of the car. I gave them a cheery wave and all was good with the world.
  2. Join the club, i to have sinned and not taken either of my Lotuses to a track day. Although i did a car limits day in the elise. I live and work in London so there is zero point in driving to work, its a strictly leisure use vehicle.
  3. Hi, thanks for the answers! I also posted the issue on seloc, Bruss and Inkhorn pointed me in the direction of it being a faulty Clutch sensor which Rapid Mechanical Services in Harold Wood sorted far so good.
  4. I was driving in traffic accelerating in 1st, changed up to second and my car nearly stalled/hesitated. When car starts up the wrench (issue) comes on but goes after 30 sec. Anybody have any ideas what the issue may be. Evora S 2011 on 45k miles and original clutch and just over 12 months since last service
  5. Hi, thanks for the card!
  6. When I have my sat nav on the screen doesn’t stay on, it still navigates and announces turns etc but I have to tap the screen to turn it back on. is there anyway of having the screen staying on whilst driving? The head unit is the w520r. i have searched in the manuals and online to now avail!
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