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  1. Ben - Have you messed with the idle speed on the injected cars? Mine is idling just a tad too low and I want to bump it up a bit. Is it fairly easy or should I not tinker?


  2. Glad to hear. They really look nice on the car without being "blingy" or too much. Almost look like a factory rim. Post pics when you get some new wheels, I want to see them!

  3. Greetings, I saw that you were from upstate, NY and I am as well. I love the color scheme of your car! Where exactly are you located? Me and a few other Esprit guys always look for other people to meet up with and do rides and all that stuff. I have an '87 Esprit HCi.

    My name is Mike - looking forward to hearing from you! Im in Churchville, NY, about 15 minutes Wes...

  4. Hey Ben - If you havent yet, I suggest posting some of your trouble-shooting questions on the Yahoo Turbo Esprit group. Those guys are very good with these cars and usually reply quickly. Just wanted to make sure you knew of that resource. Just go to and search for a message group called "turbo esprit".


  5. Where is that going to be held? Is that the one in gettysburg PA?

  6. Im just west of Rochester, NY. Not Montreal...????

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