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  1. I'm into RC cars, a lot of those people want custom decals making up. I printed my own 'cos I didn't need white, but I've heard others recommend ScreenPrintDigital for those. I'm into motorbikes too, and ImageWorks are very helpful with bespoke decals for those.
  2. According to the Feb 2013 issue of Practical Performance Car magazine anyway. Interesting that you get a 'project' no matter how much you spend...
  3. I've heard of this being done with a highly-tuned Jap car (over twice the bhp of that Saab) with catastrophic results. Be careful out there.
  4. I went to look at it a fortnight ago. Looks very nice. I'd have had it if I had anywhere to put it. Now at £4990...
  5. That was me. Spent nearly 3 hours there on Saturday afternoon, looking at the car (and his others...) and picking his brains about all things Lotus. Very nice bloke. I can't fault it, it's lovely. My missus wanted to buy it on the spot but I've been hit by a rare dose of common sense for once. We've got nowhere to put it. We've got 3 cars and 12 motorbikes already and going to see the Elite has made me realise I need to rationalise a bit before I can buy anything else. I've put some bikes up for sale this week... I know I'll kick myself later for missing it.
  6. GSX-R750RK, TZR250SP Reverse Cylinder, KR250A Tandem Twin (x4), GSX-R50, KSII-80. And my missus has a Hornet 250, SDR200, TDR80 and NSR50. We have a bit of a thing for obscure Japanese grey-imports... In the past I've had : DT50, AR80, DT125R, KH250, TDR250, 350LC (x2), S3A 400 Triple, GSX-R750 (x3), GSX-R1100. Did anyone go to the Classic Japanese Show at Stafford last weekend ? We were there doing this : More pics and words for anyone who's interested here :
  7. Love this thread. Have seen your Rascal and LandRover 'rod in RetroCars. Love both those Delica's ! Keep the words and pics coming.
  8. Don't pay too much attention to those sites that tell you how many of a particular model still survive. They depend entirely on the exact information being entered onto the log book at registration and maintained ever since, and you'd be surprised how many are wrong.
  9. Well, I'm yet to acquire my first Lotus but I can definitely fit in on this thread. My username might have given the game away... In the past I've had : DT50, AR80, DT125R, KH250, TDR250, 2x 350LC, S3A 400 Triple. Currently got : 4x KR250 Tandem Twin, TZR250SP Reverse Cylinder, SDR200, TDR80, NSR50. And that's just the 2-strokes. I run which seeks to be a haven for lovers of 80's 2T exotica and other stuff besides. OW01 and RC30 you say ? Yep, we do that too. Feel free to join us on our forum on there, and we're always looking for bikes to display
  10. Well worth the trip. Both Elites on show looked great, as did the other wedges. Was stood there admiring them and someone came up to chat - turned out to be Mike Taylor who offered me various routes into Elite ownership myself. And Oliver W was hovering in the background too but disappeared before I could have a word.
  11. Right, that's sorted then - I was 50/50 about going to the show this year but I'm going now just to see your car. Get polishing !
  12. Those 'how many left' stats are interesting but basically useless. They depend on how accurate the make/model was listed when the vehicle was originally registered. I've got a garage full of interesting old motorbikes, taxed and tested, but - according to that site - don't exist any more. Cobblers.
  13. Done. Hope you win ! 'Fraid I couldn't resist giving the Tiger a vote too, gotta keep the 2-stroke dream alive...
  14. Two years in a row now that I've been stuck up in the Lakes for a week, thought I'd cheer myself up with a trip to the museum only to find it closed both times. So we're not much worse off.
  15. Nice one Dan. I've been thinking about that same car for a couple of months now, even arranged to go see it once but it never worked out. Really glad it's found a good home. Keep us up to date on how you get on with it. I really ought to take the plunge myself...
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