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  1. Hi Mike, when you say raise the heater take off, do you mean by lifting the back of the car up, or by adding a lenght of hose hose to the y pipe a lenght long enough to go above the motor and refill through this extension.
  2. ok that’s better than draiining the system too much. How about when I want to refill. Whats the technique to refill before I start the engine.
  3. Does anyone have a way to drain down the coolant system just below the thermostat housing. Last time I had the thermostat housing off they were in place and thermostat as well. I’m scratching my head on this.
  4. I have done it twice and o rings not pinched and thermostat in place properly. I have dye in coolant system to trace leaks. I have trued up the bottom of the thermostat housing on a flat plate with 300,400 and finally 800 sand paper. The top of the engine where the thermostat housing is bolted looks good no pits but its not perfectly smooth because due to its cast aluminum. The hoses are not leaking. I can see the thermostat opening when I drive as themperature on temp gauge drops just past 80 degrees and then continues to warm up. Can anyone tell me if I should be using a sealant on the housing to help seal for leaks?
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    jamie c

  6. Looking to purchase a flywheel locking tool. Will need one that can be used with trans axle still installed to engine. Where to buy one that works with Esprit V8. Suggestions, what to buy, costs etc, Thanks Jamie.
  7. Hi, I have had the same problem. My car is a 2002 V8. The plastic arm is striped on the drive of the stepper motor. To remove the step motor you need to dismantle the dash a bit. there are three bolts that hold the motor in place. You may be able to get at it through the radio hole and remove some of the controls below that. Remove the seat for sure and you can get at two of the bolts but not the third one. I had a machinist friend make a new arm with aluminum and used set screws to attach to the motor. So far been in place for two years and stays on. The motors don't seem to be the problem. The arm is, and when actuated rotates and opens the flap then stops. I tried epoxy to repair the plastic arm and no luck! Its a operation of patients to remove the stepper motor.
  8. Have a intermittent speedo issue. First off its a VDO speedo with digital odometer. The speedo works fine registers speed properly needle is steady.The odometer is acting up when driving it starts to flash but nothing you can read just hash. It comes and goes. I have played with the button on the front I know how to calibrate the speedo for up down adjustments. None of this helps. Looking at wiring to gauge now can't seem to find any issues. Could it be the circuit in the speedo any ideas or others with similar issue. Any recommended repair people in North America for VDO gauges or replacements of gauge.
  9. Anyone holding a set of OZ Nova wheels, full set needed for 2002 Esprit V8.
  10. Hi Dave do you have any info regarding the stepper motor buried in the dash which operates the flaps for defrost . Mine wants to cycle amd not shut off when in defrost mode. The arm has fallen off do to crack in plastic. I aquired an other motor from recylcler and it wants to cycle as well. I had only just plugged in the second motor, do you think it needs to be in proper installed.

  11. Hi folks, have removed stepper motor buried in the dash. When I select defrost with selector on dash motor keeps cycling back and forth and does not come to rest in the open postion. When I move the selector switch to other postion eg vents it does not cycle but I think goes to the closed postion and stops. Does any one know where else to look eg. switches or ACU. I have switched stepper motor with another it does the same thing. I don't know if the second motor is perfect as came from recycler. Regards Jamie.
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