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  2. Sorry I disappeared for a bit. Was in the process of changing jobs. Update... We made the final evaluation at number 20, with 343 votes and nearly 4000 views. Final judging is based on 3 categories: Creativity, Relevance and Audience Support. Winners will be notified "within 30 days of contest close", so should know around January 27th. Again, thank you all for your support! Hopefully, we'll get our Elite back on the road soon!
  3. 20 hrs 15 mins in this contest, I still need all the votes I can get. And I promise, this is the last time I'll post asking for votes (believe me, I don't like myself for it). Thank you! Also... here is where the votes and views came from...
  4. Last 2 days in this contest and then I'll stop beating this dead horse... I promise.You guys have been a massive help so far, I greatly appreciate it. Please vote, share with your friends, etc. Thank you!
  5. It's Christmas eve, you are on vacation, you have a few seconds, please click the link and vote, then share with your friends. There are only a few days left in the contest and I need all the votes I can get. Thank you! Merry Christmas!
  6. Your weekly reminder to vote for my project. Just 10 days left in the voting. I'm currently in 13th and need to stay in the top 20. Votes and Shares/RTs are hugely appreciated! Thank you!
  7. I don't want to spam the forum (no one wants to be that guy)... at least not yet. If it gets close the last couple days you may hear from me more!
  8. My entry has fallen down to 12th. I need to stay in the top 20 to have a chance at winning, and could really use all the votes I can get. You guys have been a huge help so far, thank you so much!
  9. Sorry, I typed a response on my phone, but must have never click post. The prize and the competition are completely separate. My intention is still to build the car to compete in that competition. A couple changes have come up in the rules which allow for some additional spend without impacting the budget. The biggest is using Kuhmo brand tires. As they are a sponsor of the event, their products aren't counted to the car's budget. The other is a bolt in roll cage. We'll have to pay for the mount points, but the cage then becomes "free" from a budget perspective. OEM replacements on b
  10. Entering the second week, still could use your vote. All the help is appreciated, and to show the appreciation I will put a sponsor graphic on the car / website.
  11. Thanks! Yea, you can vote each day. I already feel bad about asking, and don't want to spam you guys with requests. It is fascinating to see where the views and votes are coming from...
  12. Awesome, thanks for the support. We are up to #6 aleady!
  13. Yes, I lost the votes because I linked to more details on the project. I don't understand the score, but the ranking is related to how many votes you get.
  14. They complained that I had an outside link on it. It's been corrected. Not sure if I am going to lose all the previous votes those. Ugh... Side bar... here is where you guys are voting from: Thanks again for all the support!
  15. Thanks! It shows several votes, thanks to all for the support!
  16. So I got an email the other day and thought it was spam. It was. When I was scrolling to the bottom to find the 'unsubscribe' link (it was from a company that I've bought stuff from, not a random mailing list) I saw they were running a promotion. They offered $10,000 for a project car that had to be in progress now. If you have a second (no login required), could you vote for my project and help me get my Lotus going? Here's the link: For more information on the car and the project.. Build thread: Website: Thanks for
  17. It sounds weird, but I found an Eclat in a field in Boston. It is likely only good for parts, but I haven't seen it in person. Here: I need a couple pieces, a rear control arm, some of the window trim... Anyone close? Want to share the cost?
  18. The Lotus project build is struggling right now. I have the pieces (mostly) to start putting humpty dumpty back together, but am stuck at the diff. The Lotus diff will break, the Mazda diff will break, a Ford 9" is too big. I'm currently looking for a good Ford 8" to cut down and fabricate to fit in the stock mounting points. The engine is almost done. We are going to end up with a Rotary 12A, ported, and tuned to produce ~280hp @ 10,000 rpm! The car should be an absolute rocket. Our target event is on 9/28 of this year, and we aren't going to be ready. So we bought a 280zx track car t
  19. @Bibs... sorry, I'm honestly not trying to take away from anyone's classifieds or sell a product. I'm just a car guy and love cars. I want to see them find good homes. Every post on my site links directly to the source. My goal was just to summarize "some one should buy this" or "found on CL" threads that show up on EVERY forum I'm on. @USAndretti42... the website was easy, it is just wordpress with a few tweaks. The submissions come in, I filter out the junk and spam and click post. Really, a lot easier than I thought. The downside is the Lotus project build is struggling right now.
  20. All- I wanted to share a website that I've been working on with you... yes, it shameless self-promotion, but I'm not making any money from it so don't beat on me too bad. The website is: It is completely based on user submissions; centered around finding and sharing cool cars / projects with the car community. If you get a chance take a look. I'm still working on some enhancements to the site, so it should be improving beyond what is there now, but if you have an idea please drop me a line! Thanks, Brad __________________
  21. Actually I was referring more to the underhood temps of the rotary engine. The exhaust exits on the opposite side which does not have any heat shielding. Just wondering if you used something to protect the fiberglass, and how you routed the exhaust tubing under the car.
  22. Life... busy... just now catching up to this... We are working on a similar project, and I have some questions from your build: 1. What rear end did you use? Lotus / Mazda / something else? We've looked at using a Ford 9", but the space just doesn't allow for it. Our current theory is to use the entire rear axle / diff from a first gen Rx7. The plan is to cut down the axles and diff housing to work with the original Lotus mounts and IRS. We would swap the inboard drums for the discs off the Mazda. Any thoughts would be appreciated. 2. Did you use the front mounting plate, or t
  23. So what rearend are you using with the V8? I'm in a bit of a struggle with that for my project... I'm swapping the engine to a Mazda Rotary (13b). So my options are: 1. Original Elite 2. Mazda Rx7 GSL-SE 3. Ford 9" (sorry for the thread-jack)
  24. Guys and Gals, I'm looking for some help. The paid in beer and good times kind of help. I'm working on a build for the the "$2012 Grassroots Motorsports Challenge". For those of you who may have not heard of it, it is an event where participants are tasked with buying/building a car for no more than $2012. This car will then compete in 3 competitions: autocross, drag race, and concours. Highest combined score wins, with many other prizes along the way. You can read about it here: The event is coming up in 5-ish months, and
  25. Progress has been a bit slow (due to family and work obligations) but the tear down is 99% complete (save a couple pieces of trim and the windscreen wiper). The actual engine for the car is being build now. We are targeting 250hp. In the meantime, I have a core engine, transmission and rearend that I will use to lay out, mock up, and fabricate the mounts. Our original plan was to use the rear end and LSD from the Mazda RX7, but I think we are going to attempt to use a Ford 9" instead. The issue here is fit. It's considerably larger than the Lotus pieces, so we'll have to see what c
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