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  1. My car has been running fine with 511.5 HP at the wheels for quite some time. Still running strong and nothing has broken yet. I beleave these cars are MUCH stronger then given credit for. As long as you tune the car well, and dont power shift.
  2. I still have the car, and it is still running tip top. The car is still for sale, but I still drive it. It is a VERY fun car to drive. I have been occupied with other things, my Dodge Stealth sed a new world record for a stealth/3000gt running a [email protected] (and did it at 3600ft!). Blowing away the old record of [email protected] And By the way I did it on a STOCK mitu short block. Vid of the pass (right click, and "save as") Time Slip
  3. holding up just fine so far, just no power shifting I think is the Key. A former VR-4 owner I see. cool
  4. Up-date, to all those that thought "the stock motor will never last at those power levels" Well I have been driving the car at those boost levels and even a few trips to 20psi every time I drive the car. Still running like a champ not even a hick-up. These motors are allot stronger then people are leading you to beleave. Just stay away from detonation and thy hold up just fine. As soon as I get some time I m going to be installing some 310cc injectors in my quest for 550+ RWHP Those who say it cant be done are most of the time interrupted by those that are doing it.
  5. I used the right side rear o2 bung. Yohans ECU removes the rear o2's from the ECU
  6. there is the pulls on a split graph with HP on one and TQ on the other comparing the 2 runs, (the 494 RWHP from befor the AFC, and the 511 After the AFC) here is the latest chart by it's self
  7. Still on the stock MAP sensor for now. On the boost, I'm running 18psi. On the Blitz DSBC electronic boost gauge. Before installing the DSBC on the car I had 16psi Waist gate Actuators on the car being allowed to be controller by the cars stock boost control. I had checked the boost back then one time buy running a boost line in threw the window hooked to a cheep Automeeter boost gauge and according to that I was getting just shy of 17psi. But I did not really trust that boost gauge. So out of curiosity I hooked up the DSBC boost line to it so just the gauge would work and boost contr
  8. No real way to tell, I installed it and the AFC on the car at the same time.
  9. The cars current up-grades installed on the car are DR-700L turbos "red" ECU program Boost cooler Water/meth kit K&N filters Blitz DSBC ID 3 boost controller HKS twin power DLI Ignition Apexi AFS-2 fuel controller FJO wide band
  10. As most of you know last month I dynoed my Esprit and got 494 RWHP and 406 RWTQ SAE (502 RWHP STRD) The car made Grate power threw the hole power band despite the "red" ECU's crazy rich A/F and my water/meth kit making it even richer. The A/F would drop off the charts past 10 to 1 and would stay that way till after 6000rpm were the stock injectors were past maxed out and the car would start to lean out and the car would get a power surge and power would climb even more. Well from that time I installed a APEXI Super AFC-2 fuel controller allowing me to tune the fuel curve. Well let
  11. Instillation was striate forwards, requires removing the intake plenum to get to the coils but that was the hardest part. The car idles much better now, as well as it has totally stopped the high RPM spark blow out stutter the car had at boost levels past 15psi. Throttle responce is better now also. All and all I love it, and was well worth the investment and install time. can be found at
  12. I cant figure out why so many "lotus" guys some how thing there "cast" pistons are so much weaker then everybody else
  13. Hello sounds cool! there is the link to my 502 RWHP dyno vid I should be heading back to the dyno next week for my quest for 550 RWHP. my E-mail adress is [email protected] if you need to get ahold of me. PS I love the way your car looks in white!
  14. lol thats funny:) ya we will for shore be shooting vid of the Dyno again.
  15. Well I got the Apexi S AFC-2, FJO wide band o2, and Blitz DSBC ID3 boost controller installed today. Tomorrow, we are going to bull the plenum and install a HKS twin power DLI ignition. Hope to get to the DYNO next week in search of 550+ RWHP. Will keep you all posted.
  16. Hay man THANKS!! Now to hook up this S AFC-2 I'll be doing some more dynoing soon, looking for 550 rwhp:) I'll let you all know how it turns out.
  17. The only ECU info I can find is "lotus Service Notes" Dated 6-20-96. the ECU pins I am trying to find are Power suply RPM Signal Knock Signal (Detonation sensor) Throttle Signal Ground Wire MAP sensor
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