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  1. You could alwasy fit a s'charged after the warranty is expired, I don't see why not, you could even have more power than the S model.
  2. Did a bit of work using the posted graph from komotec and our results: Seems that max bhp is pretty much the same, but the komotec kit has more grunt in the low-midrange and reach max power sooner. I guess it's the ecu map that makes the difference. Keep in mind that the DIN and EWG correction factor differs a bit, DIN gives a bit more power. The complete exhaust graph is incomplete because we couldn't use sport mode on the dyno, but on the road the limiter was on 7200. Seems the komotec stock car was a bit low on power over 6500 rpm. About the komotec exhaust, it there a picture of the complete system? If i'm correct they leave the original manifold cats and remove the second one? What is the diameter of the all the pipes?
  3. I think 350 bhp is the magic number if they want to sell any of them, any less and you'll hear complaints about how it has less power than a old M3, and it'll take a beating from A LOT of lesser cars.
  4. I've never seen the komotec headers, only the rendering on their website, did they actually build them?
  5. I can't talk about commercial info (yet, we're planning to become advertiser on TLF), you can ask directly to our sales department, look on the official website.
  6. I wonder if these exhausts are tested for counterpressure and horsepower..i guess not, there's not trace of a dyno on their website. Just sound? 6000$ for a stainless catback it's crazy money, for around 4500 you can get a complete exhaust with headers, sports kat and catback, all 1st quality stainless steel components and a 20hp gain...
  7. Teaser picture: long headers, metallic HJS cat, racing muffler 299,9 hp, no warning lights. It's the prototype, so some details may change, but it's pretty much done. What do you think?
  8. Some updates. The manifold setup has been decided. It has much longer primary tubes! There will be only one kat, a 100 cpsi HJS, and the lambda wires will be lenghtened to reach the metallic kat. We've decided to use two sliding pipes to keep the two main pipe seperated and garantee longitudinal engine movement freedom, to merge them after that and then use a spherical link to permit flex and torsional movement. It's a design for independence, very different from the stock one, which has short primary tubes to make the first kats to reach high temperatures as soon as possible. The rear exhaust is very similar to the lotus stage II exhaust, as you can see in the pictures. I'll have some better pictures of the manifold and of the complete exhaust soon. Standard front and rear manifold: Exhaust: Fitted manifold: Lotus Stage II with fake titanium tips:
  9. Sorry can't edit the post...let me explain a few points. 274 hp it's with the stock exhaust. The stage 2 lotus performance one is a catback, , its main advantage is in the weight saving. The "titanium" tips aren't titanium at all, it a thermic/chimical procedure that give it the blu/violet-ish hue. This is the stock engine, the manifold isn't the best at all: The kat is close to the engine as in many new engines that need to comply with euro5 regulations. This solution brings the kat at operative temperature very fast, but it's not the best for performance and heat dissipation of the engine bay. The evora presents a "chimney" over the rear manifold with an exit on top of the car, where there's negative pressure and it can "suck" out the heat. Here's an example of a manifold for a car with small longitudinal space.
  10. We have a launch edition Evora here, we're using it to develop our complete exhaust. By now we've tested it on the dyno with the stock and with the stage 2 lotus performance exhaust. Results weren't bad, i'll post the graphs as soon as possibile, with the exhaust it runs 274 hp, with the stage 2 around 280. We're planning to make 3-1 manifolds, may step-headers, metallic kat and the rest of exhaust, hopefully to relase some good V6 sound and get close to 300hp. I'll keep you updated on this!
  11. Hi, my name is Roberto and I'm from Brescia, Italy. I'm not a lotus owner (maybe in the future), by now I drive a Clio 172, a Mini Cooper and a Nissan 350z (when it's available). I love cars and anything with an engine! I work in a sport exhaust company here in italy, I'm concluding my study in aerospace engineering working on the development of an exhaust manifold and trying to have as much experienxe as possibile in the sport exhaust area. One of my job in the company is to partecipate on discussion forums, giving technical advice and informations and get feedback about products and ideas. I'm not here to sell anything! I hope to be of some help and have fun here...cheers!
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