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    1991 Elan
  1. Racerstev

    91 Elan

    It looks like I'm good to go on ELC, thanks for the help all!! BTW, do you know how hard it is to type with all this brown goo on your hands! LOL
  2. Seems you got it working, thank you!!

  3. Hi there fella,

    We are working on your Problem, we believe it's an issue with Inter Explorer and the LEC , if you use Firefox or Safari these should work.

    We're still fixing The IE to LEC link


    Dave (AKA Specky on the LEC)

  4. Racerstev

    91 Elan

    Wow, thanks for all the replys! As far as what's wrong, it's a bit of a list... Right now I'm working on the dash cluster, seems someone was in there and most of the mounting points are missing. Is it normal to have a brown goo holding the dash together, it's sticky as can be and runny in this heat (104 yesterday).. At least everything seems to work on the dash, so nothing needed there, just need to secure the cluster. Other issues I havn't gotten to yet: Drivers seat mount, it's held in with a peice of wood right now!!! Didn't notice it till I went to move it.. The brakes are just awful, lots of travel and it really dosn't stop very well, looks like the car has been sitting and the rotors are wasted. Need to adjust the gas pedal, no way to heel and toe the way it is. Some cracks in the body, mainly the hood and right font fender. Engine idle has been an issue, there's no IAC on this engine?? All I found was a big screw on top of the throttle body that seems to be rigged. It was idleing at 2500=3000 rpm. I have it down to 1200 now. The top hardwear seems to be mis alined and worn.. Passenger headlight motor works when it wants to but most of the time gets stuk half way up and wiggles. Other then that the car is in great shape!! LOL On a posative note, I've always wanted one of these and am so pleased to finally own one! Now I just need to make it right! Steve
  5. Racerstev

    91 Elan

    Thanks so much!! The more I get into the repair of this car the more it's looking like I need help!
  6. Thank you so much! Screen name is Racerstev password is sccaitc

  7. Racerstev

    91 Elan

    I have tryed everything to register on that site with no luck... The mods won't even write back..
  8. Racerstev

    91 Elan

    Hello, I just picked up a very very used 91 Elan. Were is a good place to look for parts for this fairly rare car? Thanks! Steve from the US
  9. Hello, I need your help. The VIN # of you car was listed in a Craigs List add as being for sale in New Jersey. Is your car for sale?

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