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  1. thanks for the offer andy, i expect due to my dodgy speedo and sedate driving i'll probably make my own way down, at least this time i'll newts for directions to the pub
  2. see you tomorrow colin, money well spent, even if it wasn't on a lotus , opened up a savings account for the next one yet ??!!
  3. i haven't heard from newts so i guess he's away / otherwise engaged.....will see andy + richard at thetford BP...
  4. if newts wants to pm me address + phone number and i can happily pick up....6.30 sounds good to me....see you there!
  5. Well I tipped up to uphold the lotus name! were very pleased to see me, fete was really quiet tho...
  6. yes would like to come for this - sorry for the late exit from monday, but i was intially planning to make it from brancaster until i did the journey up there and it took ages behind sunday.... I'm happy to pick up newt en route...
  7. The Excel sounds like an owner on another lotus forum who is selling / has sold the car.
  8. looking good for me to make it + mrs, do we know a) what else is going on?.... is there cake? b) what time do we need to be there to park up etc? Should we bring anytihng / drinks / picnic / toolkit
  9. I'll be there see irrelevant post above where i have got the dates wrong.... LOL... in the lotus hopefully....
  10. please ignore...i can't use a calendar...
  11. i'll do a deal Andy, i'll clean your car if you can fix my central locking, much as i appreciate the extra security of a car that doesn't unlock..
  12. myself and Til will hopefully be available , i'll confirm nearer the time.
  13. I'm ebaressed to say, that i quite like it at least from the angle in the first shot, not sure about the tacky decals tho, smirks of someone buying one of those 'turbo' badges and sticking it on the back!
  14. There is an Elite buying guide in this very forum pinned to the top If you're not willing to get your hands particularly dirty I would buy the best you can afford rather than looking for a "geat deal" - problems may snowball and suddenly its not so rosey! Dave Ward is selling his Green Elite at auction soon - but its got Chapman history and may not be what you are after (whether you want a car of that provenance) I'd say if you can wait, keep an eye out and look for one for sale from an owners club, or perhaps ask someone like to source one for you? Hope that helps!
  15. Good Luck on the sale Dave! Hope you get better soon and hope you can still pop down for the odd meet
  16. ppffft, surely its just take the old one out put the new on in, can't take more than 1/2hr surely Waiting to see when a bbq i'm attending tomorrow is, then will let you know, else pop over sunday afternoon maybe, i'm intriuged that the wires for the mirrors seem to run all the way into the doorcard, is the whole door harnessed up? Rich
  17. Ooops, I would have come had I A) Not been on friday B) Not run around the weekend like a mad hare C) Joined this forum earlier !! next one then...
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