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  1. sounds good andy, will be dragging buddsy along in the passenger seat, and hopefully have shaun along as well
  2. It's something i must also get round to doing, i'm happy to pay the money, heck these days thats cost of two people going to the cinema! At the end of the day there is no such thing as a free lunch, sure perhaps they did it free in the past, but it still costs them peoples time to show you round and talk to you. Ben - no need to lock up the beer! Norfolk ale is fantastic and your more than welcome to as much of it as you can stomach
  3. Was great fun why not come along next time GED? i'm pretty sure none of us would care its a would be nice to have a snoop around one i have a couple of pics, i'll try and get round to uploading them shortly....lovely drive back on the Holt the haywagon..
  4. yes of course gumin! - will try and look out for you JED - although going on last year i'll probably be the one that got lost again delayed start jed will be running ay least half hour late
  5. does this mean i'm going to have to dance at a wedding reception pretty much sober? oh dear!
  6. I definitely want to come, but may need to cadge a lift if i'm drinking a few the night before...
  7. sounds like a plan, although i have just remembered i'm at a wedding reception the evening before
  8. ok in order to be decisive 4th September, 9.30 am start, meeting at longwater carpark by Pizza Hut. Going to Cromer. Open to ideas on the route? perhaps not as complicated as last time!?
  9. Sorry to hear that Colin, hope he has a swift recovery. I guess we'll rally for the run at the end of the month, then
  10. So whose all popping along to the usual pub meet this month? 1) Fitz
  11. Happy Birthday John, quick get those wheels on the car!! (or you'll never hear the end of it!)
  12. was good fun! - apart from the ending when i stalled on the A11 slip road due to the aircon kicking in at a very inopportune moment, fortunately; a) I had let the coach doing 60 MPH pass before trying to pull out b) it died before I reached the carriageway otherwise Matt and I would be smears on a windscreen must get that throttle jack sorted...
  13. I don't watch it anymore for the reasons stated above, its all childish humour and pratting about, which is fine but its always predictable and i'm very very bored of it now. On the other hand, i've only caught a couple of episodes of 5th gear, but i've found them to drive and test more realistic cars for most enthusiasts to own which appeals more to me, nothing wrong about doing a show about supercars, i'm just not that fussed about them (lotus aside). One i did enjoy watching was VBH taking an mx5 round a track with an owner and comparing it to a modern one etc, verdict was they got it right the first time...and 5th gear does have VBH!
  14. mc, any car is welcome! can do andy, I hopefully I can show off my newly illuminated window switches, if they haven't broken when I put them in ><, I may also have a window that goes up as well as down...who knows!
  15. So whose all popping down as usual then ? 7.30 ish onwards, Angel Inn Larling 1) Fitz
  16. if he likes / enjoy's lotus', and has singed up or paid his money to be a full member, i couldn't care less what car he currently owns, if he has taken enough pride in it to polish it nicely and take some pictures and share i'm going to be the last person on this forum to berate them, I drive a 1.3 diesel corsa as a daily, its a nice car, horses for courses, i love my Excel too
  17. Welcome Tara, Enjoy your car
  18. how about the Esprit Lesheavi ? I'd agree, please give it a british moniker, don't car what it is but lets not play sheep Lotus...
  19. Welcome Jim, look forward to you getting it on the road again! - plenty of picks please!
  20. Lovely car and welcome, we're a nice friendly bunch here
  21. Keep passing you on the daily commute, you're going the other way each time! mostly in my black corsa, but most fridays now in the Excel
  22. I'm an IT Support Analyst at an engineering company in Great Yarmouth. Just been there a month now after leaving the public sector (timing!) Normal day consists of checking the backups have run, doing a few preventative and pro-active (good buzzwords) actions, checking logs. Have a look at any project work i've been assigned....and spend most of the day fixing stuff from servers, to laptops, sorting out network issues and helping people with their day to day issues! I really enjoy my job so and take the Excel along most Fridays now
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