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  1. cool! i watched it in my living room, not quite as exciting!
  2. I have a pentax too Alex , not part of the crowd, but i liked the colours of the images it produced and it met my price / performance point. Its a K200d and put my sisters canon to shame, but to be fair her camera was a few years old then she has since bought a new one after seeing the pics from mine. I'll now probably buy pentax in the future, a) because i really like the camera, b) because the smarmy git in the shop practically refused to sell it to me, stating that 'canon and nikon are better', he quoted the fact that a) other people bought them, b) as a result there was more s/h lens choice etc. I had done my research and pointed out two points; a) this was my first dslr it was more to get a decent camera for family pics as i now have nieces and nephews and i pointed out if i really got into photography, i could buy another camera b) I pointed out that any pentax K mount lens will fit my camera, so plenty of s/h choice. He had no answer and to really **** me off said 'are you sure you don't want a canon?' imho its a bit like tv's the colours / images produced are subjective not objective, so have a play and buy the one that creates pictures you like.
  3. even though its from a dealer it may be worth one of those checks about the cars history so you know there is no outstanding finance etc, i'm not sure i'd pay for a mechanical check due to the warranty you SHOULD get and sale of goods act, having said that when i bought the corsa its warranty was limited to £250 worth of repairs...was not impressed when it had a faulty egr, but water under the bridge, lesson learned!
  4. Excellent!, now, try not to go round corners sideways at 8000rpm with this engine
  5. in that case I apoligise for pointing the very excited chap who asked me 'is that your lotus?!?!' when i was picking a tuna sandwich, in your direction!
  6. Saw you fill up! - Was buying lunch but was in my Corsa ><, late stevens I guess as had afterburners?
  7. iceberg - just about to send you the instructions for the excel!, sorry got snowed under the past couple of days! From what i recall the dash is not that different!
  8. oi, just cos i'm too short to push the accelerator all the way I have a how to guide for fitting to an Excel but pretty sure it'll be just a suitable for at least the 'G' Esprits Just drop me a pm and i'll email it over.
  9. if you have an alternative mode of transport you can use that? we don't make fun of you (much) for not turning up in a lotus, or one of us can give you a lift if you are worried ! it is galvanised and made of plastic, sorry, GRP, so out of any car....
  10. Hi all, The module is now available for purchase from the link below £20 + P&P! It has been tested as working on my Excel, and i've driven the car to within a smidgen of empty recently and it's showed the amount of fuel correctly. Comes complete with instructions, and if you wish to replace your low fuel warning circuit it has one inbuilt to come on at 1/8th of a tank, and an LED to work with the circuit is available for £1 to add to your order.
  11. keep at it Mike, will be worth it on the drive after! at least with the engine out you can inspect for any other issues and resolve them now (rather than putting it back and taking it out again for an oil seal!)
  12. found the source of the water gushing up the windscreen then ? I'm hoping to have my alarm removed and my new immobiliser fitted hopefully preventing the lockout and alarm sounding scenario that occured when on display at duxford
  13. So whose all popping along for this then? usual 7.30pm time? 1) fitz
  14. I hope by the sounds of it thats congrats on getting your new job? great to hear that and that the esprit is being kept... i'm not 100% happy with my brakes either, but get the impression i don't require them to perform in the same way with my 'sedate' driving! Mine work fine and slow the car down ok, there is just something about the feel of them...don't have the bite of a modern cars brakes so it doesn't feel quite the same...difficult to describe really.
  15. Great fun really enjoyed it! made it gingerly back to norwich with the trip reading 290 miles on this tank of fuel, and i forgot to reset when i was filling up at the pumps, away for the weekend but when back will find out how close to running out i got?!
  16. Hi Guy, worth giving these chaps a shout, had a good rep when I had my minivan, sadly it was too far gone for my budget so passed it on!
  17. I have £1.77 in pocket, do you think that would get me one?.....Lovely sound
  18. sounds good, plenty of time to vote and head down!
  19. i'm in, not concerned about venue either. if it helps though i'll vote black bull.
  20. jim, I'm guessing you use this machine for you professional printing? the folder holds a copy of print drivers and logs etc. you can clear it out and should be ok. you'll need to. start > run > services.msc. find 'print spooler' and right click and 'stop', keep this window open. find the system32\spool folder, and delete contents, click start again. that should work, in worst case scenario you may need to reload the printer drivers.
  21. had a great time, nice to meet those i met! and to see such a collection of different models + the other clubs on display, now if only my bank balance would cover my shopping list...
  22. fitz

    C__ DAC

    I am, so will see you tomorrow!
  23. fitz

    C__ DAC

    I thought that was the special 'tractor edition' carb turbo? I hear the extra torque of the turbo allows for smoother ploughing...
  24. fitz

    C__ DAC

    that'll be newts! - u weren't the BRG Elan that was at halfords just before lunchtime?
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