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  1. Ironically I can't make this after inadvertently booking to get my chimney capped at 10am. ><
  2. I was going to take mine but didn't think there would be enough light - I forgot about the lamps.
  3. Yup, shhh the V8 is in my Excel.....I was specially selected for my subtle driving style
  4. What a great meet! nice to meet all the new people and see some cars, even if the car poking bit was short and on the damp side! for those I was boring to death and about wind noise...I think its coming from the bottom now, I suspect a poorly fitting door card.
  5. Just an update that after a change of plan at work, I probably be there around 7pm as i'll be going straight from if anyone wants to get there a little early i'll be about.
  6. I recall speaking to Mike T when I bought my excel, asking if the 'rollover bar' the Excel has was adequate protection and would it be sensible to get it replaced with something stronger. the rest of the conversation went something close to this 'have you ever seen an Excel on its roof?' ...'I've never seen an Excel before now, yet alone on its roof'.. As with the Excel you'd have to be either exceptionally unlucky or driving like a complete pratt to put an Esprit on its roof because of the low centre of gravity. I too have wondered, and been wary of the potentional safety of the car, but fibreglass is strong and the excel acually has a door beam which acts as a side impact bar. But i've come to the conclusion that having a car that is in the best serviceable condition possible, and driving to the conditions is mitigating a lot of circumstances. I fear that anything that could possibly bring it on par with a modern car would be prohibatively expensive. (as the frame is strong you're looking at either electric prevention like ABS / TC etc, or Airbags)
  7. Wahooo! soo glad you are keeping it! i'll pm RE the carbs etc..
  8. Damn that is nice Mark! lots has made me happy today 1) A lovely drive in the Excel in nice weather 2) Kicking around a workshop with a couple of friends 3) Getting the brake pipes changed on my car ready for MOT 4) Getting lovely refurbished alloys on the car 5) Getting a surprise free 2012 Calendar from the Excel forums for my photo submission So i'm a very happy chap today!
  9. Sweet - The pins push out of the terminal so that is not a problem, i'll take a mirror off and bring the bit round sometime next week once i've got my re-furbed wheels on
  10. I'd be curious to know if this has been discussed before, say when shakespere was around?!! Perhaps the English langauge is just evolving? - or people just stupider init? does one have the same opinion of the written word verses the typed word? do you think was the driver behind the degradation of the Queen's English? I'm quite a stickler for it actually...and nothing annoys me more than the sensationalism of the BBC's reporting, and some of the amazing typo's that aren't proofed of their website. however I feel that probably auto-correct and spell check etc make people both lazy, and AmericaniSed.
  11. Just a quick Bump To The Top as a great to see everyone. if Timings are very good I may even have some shiney new wheels on the car
  12. 1) Helping Andy, much more interesting that kicking around with the tv! 2) borrowing a spare set of alloys so that I can finally make some visible progress on tidying up the excel by getting them refurbed this week!
  13. a) The button in the middle of the steering wheel should sound the horn. If it has been stood for a while the compressor may be stuck. the compressor and horns are mounted under the passenger side headlamp pod, but you should be able to get access to the plastic tube supplying the air to the horns, try some WD40 down there, and check electrical contacts etc. The compressor from a normal air horn pack from wilco etc should work fine, so you could just swap and check further if that doesn't work. b) Fuse locations for reverse and brake respectively are both 4 Amps, and are the 4th and 5th horizonal fuses in the middle of the three columns in the fuse tray. This can be accesssed by turned the two plastic screws on the panel under the steering wheel, it is then on your right. If it is not the fuses the micro switches could be broken, or the brake pedal may have 'moved' if you invert yourself in the drivers footwell (get used to doing this in an excel), and then follow the leading edge of the brake pedal up into the pedal box, you can then see the microswitch, push it in and get someone to help to see if the brake lights come on, you should be able to see the pedal has been bent so is not making contact. c) 205s front and 225's rear shouldn't be an issue, it is worth checking the rears for signs of rubbing as this is very possible. They excel was designed for matching tyres, so the ideal solutions is 205s all round. d) It is fairly normal for the oil pressure gauge to read 5 bar until the car is hot, and will read 5 at load, but drop to anything down to around 1 bar when stinking hot. There were two sets of oil pressure gauges a 5 bar and a 7 bar, it is possible you have a mismatched sender, or an electrical fault as you suspect. e) The term dim-dip refers to a '87 year requirement which was short lived, if with the side on, your headlight pods popup, you have a dim dip car. The positions on the stalk for lights are pull forward for main, push for flash. The dial goes off - valet - side - dip. Valet through me out when i got mine, if you turn to side and then back to valet, the pods will stay open but unlit for cleaning. Anything else please fire away PS Valvoline is highly recommended for the oil Mike T is the man for it. I think i've got the full beam the wrong way round, pull to flash, push to stay..
  14. hi John, Feel free to ask away to me, I have the service notes and handbook. Originally they are fitted with 215 all round, but these are difficult to find these days. 225 it a bit wide for the rear, most people are running 205/50 all round as do I. I've Toyo's on, but have heard that newer revisions are not quite as good but have no personal experience. Next set of tyres i'll prob switch to continentals as I run them on another car and am very happy. I run 25psi all round and have even tyre wear. Please please ask any questions and don't break it, the Excels are lovely cars!
  15. I can remember what you look like so will keep an eye out Rache! Really looking forward to this!
  16. Seen as there is a possibility of reasonably warm weather later in the month, who's up for doing this this year? As the Museum is quite small, could possibly go for lunch after? Location: City of Norwich Air Museum Directions: Just off the A140 heading out of Norwich Details: Date: 22/10/2011 Time: 10AM Admission: £4.25 Adult Drive / Lunch possibly at Duke's Head Corpusty? let me know what you think - Can always move date etc if there is enough interest on another date - Sundays opening is 12-5?
  17. Justin - I still always remember my driving instructor telling me to always look in the mirror before braking, I wonder how many accidents could be prevented by people doing this before braking heaving unnecessarily. I always attempt to drive as smoothly as possible, leaving enough of a gap that I can lift off the accelerator to slow down rather than use the brakes (is the usual ebb and flow of moving traffic). In stationary / slow moving traffic, if I can't see the number plate i'm a little too close. I'm far from perfect and will happily admit it, but I try to be smooth and curtious, and that seems to have put me in good stead so far. I've also had the benefit of learning to drive at slightly later age (21/22) when I was working. So rather than trying to impress some girls or whatever my motivation was to get to work and back. My instructor reckoned the couple of years difference in maturity made a big difference in attitude etc. I was also very lucky to have been taught by an excellent instructor who taught me to drive safely on the road and not simply to pass the test. In homage to him i've done 50K miles in 3 years without an accident, so I consider myself very lucky.
  18. could maybe pop round the air museum at horsham seen as we never made it last yr and a few people were interested?
  19. Simon, please follow Buddsy's advise and get in touch with Guy Monday should you need a brochure / resist the urg for that italian thing. They have provided me with excellent service when i've used them (sadly just for a few pounds with of parts, if i get flush enough to buy a brand new car i'd be down there ) I can share your frustration though, to be honest if its on the site it should work properly, if its just an e brochure, it shouldn't take a week to come through, that could have been automated depending on the options you ticked?!
  20. I don't think this is necessarily about the EU, red tape and bickering aside. The problem is the same as with family finances but on a vastly larger scale, down at the very basic level you can only spend more than you have, if someone else is willing to lend you the money in return for interest. The rate of this depending on the likelihood of repayment, etc etc. That system in closed loop works reasonably well, those that have difficulty repaying are locked out of the system after investors get a certain amount of exposure. Any sound business would have limitations on expected defaults and keep them well within margins which the business can absorb. However, when you get into hedging bets, huge ponzi schemes and in reality whole nations of individuals who have grown up with the expectation of easy credit, increases in their asset worth (housing) which is so great over x years, that they can release extra equity to effectively increase their spending power. When this tap gets turned off there always was going to be a lot of pain, especially to those who have not known any different. On an international scale the problem self propogates, very few countries are in a position to lend on the scales required to stabalise countries that have overspent and are unable to meet commitments. In the eurozone and europe every country is in this boat, but because of the scale of the trade inbetween countries, you can't rob Peter to pay Paul, because Paul needs to rob Peter to pay you...So one borrows more money, at a higher cost, to pay a commitment to the other, who is relying on that money, to meet its own commitment. Once people (and politicians if that isn't mutually exclusive) realise that countries cannot grow constantly at 5% gdp, and developed countries can aggrigate to a normal of growth and decline in points of a percent, then slowly things will come back into touch. What scares me most, even more than America's 14 trillion dollar debt, is the effect media coverage / the internet has on the markets. Global shares dropping 3% because an economist in Brussels resigns, that man's signature wiped the value of country off the global markets in hours. We have in the UK very depressed consumer spending which does not correlate with the current unemployment figures, i'm not denying people are worse off, or that many (including myself twice) have had redundancies / had their job at risk. But, a two year pay freeze for the average individual, does not result in a marked difference in discretional spending which has been seen in my mind, due to the continued media coverage of the 'great recession' and ongoing economic fears which are self propogating when combined with a lack of consumer confidence... anyway it's time i put my economies and accountancy to bed...
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