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  1. quite agree john, it is often politics that get in the way of a companies success, or the recent desire to quickly grow at an unsustainable rate and sell after a couple of years rather than running a longer term concern and plan. There also seem to be very few uk people investing locally...probably for the above reason busy chasing quick wins in the emerging markets than looking for a stable return.

  2. It really frustrates me to see companies commit hari kiri like this with creating board room drama. All it does it drive fear and speculation with demotes the workforce, puts talent off from applying for positions with the company and scares off investors it might well need if it goes on the market or a mgt buyout is attempted.

    He and his team were obviously fairly competent to deliver such a strategy and get so far along, i believe it was the wrong move at the moment.The high end market it already crowded and with the world in throws of a deep set recession and facing spiraling costs of car ownership especially in terms of insurance and fuel which sportscars are particularly succeptable to. Without the cache of the classic marks which is the main reason a fair amount of top marks are sold, it would be difficult and expensive to break into.

    I think lotus missed the oppurtunity to make the most of the out of the reputation for being an exceptionally handling sportscar within the reach of a fair amount of people once the second hand market was taken into account. It totally baffled me that after years of Lotus promoting simplicity, lightweight and fuel / power efficiency, that right when we are in the grip of spiralling fuel costs and fiscal restriant something thinks, yes lets just throw that all away and lets do that enourmous V8/V10.

    The main marks already each have a niche market brand, and i think the benefit and value of these halo brands are shrinking (I could be wrong). What i think Lotus needed to do was to focus on getting deals in place to get the expensive to develop items off the shelve and focus on the design and build. They are never going to be large scale so i think 5 models was too ambitous. 3 well placed models spread across the market specrum would hedge bets nicely and could provide something for the type of person that can't meet the cost and compramise of an out and out sportscar. The average petrol head is facing the death of a reasonable cost version.

    My business model would be; ditch the in house engine development, i'd be the first to love it, but in their current state and with modern regs its a pipe dream, sign a deal for off the shelf engines and make each of the 3 models able to accept multiple engine in your 'bin'. The engines need to be spread to help minimise the cost of the ever increasing environmental regs. I'd limit it to 3 powertrains across the range, a small bore 4 pot turbo - this keeps the emissions down and the economy high, you can also easily alter the power/torque to suit the application and pricepoint, a well balanced petrol V6 and a (hides now) advanced v6 diesel.

    Model range;

    Elise £25-40k- i'd turn this into a duel purpose chassis, have a version based on the current popular softop with the 4 pot and petrol v6, a race edition (exige) and a longer wheelbase small coupe which is more mainstream, two seats and a hatch boot comparable to a supermini and to be a comfortable cruiser with go kart handling.

    ?? £40-60k - Higher price point 4 seater coupe, with all 3 engine options. Excel type model, luxurious but without excessive toys(weight), having the 4 pot and diesel variant means it can be a potential company car option.

    Esprit £60-80k - basically hark to the back to basics sports / super car, a turbo v6 will have plenty of oomph for the price bracket. Pricing in the band means its more accessible, but in the reduced lineup would still be a suitable halo car.

    Whilst the elise' are popular and great cars there isn't the margin in them and lotus has missed out big time after the demise of the excel and espirt where it had no high margin high price point cars. The more practical variant of the elise coupe opens up a much wider segment than the second car / trackday market and re-introces a lotus which a much larger section of the population could aspire and achieve ownership..

  3. What i'd really want from a lotus....the car i'd really want but no-one really makes anymore.

    small coupe, modern version of the honda crx 87-91 shape would be great. comfortable interior with necessities and no gimmicks, today i guess that means, airbags, basic aircon, basic abs and traction control. Sporty suspension but not that totally compromises comfort completely. Fiberglass body, have no issue with re-using parts bin stuff, if it brings the price down all the better. Engine wise, 1.4 turbo, something that has between 7-8 secs 0-60 with some midrange punch from the turbo, Still returning about 40-45 mpg.

    small rear bench which split folds for a reasonable boot (small engine in the front).

    at a £30k price bracket...

    Like Alex, I have no issue with a halo car or two, but it would be a real shame if it was at the expensive of a fun car for those less well off, i'd also love to see a more practical cheaper fun car like above, i'd like an elise but its just too much compramise for an only car.

  4. yes sadly does, was selling before the timing chain went on the corsa so not an impulse decision or anything, do you have the mirror and adaptor? i'm not sure what i've done with it!? someone who buys it might want it? - would pass on details with your permission if they wanted a second one to swap mirrors for the rover 200 ones!

  5. Right here's to a good 2012 for lotus motoring!

    16th Jan 7.30 pm onwards,

    Suggest Larling as the usual haunt this time?

    Shall we try and make this a mini AGM where we can try and put a plan together for some structured things to do?! Perhaps each of the Regional Co-ords' should be allocated a couple of events to organise to spread the load.

    Also seems to be a fair bit of interest in fixing up each others cars, So could maybe setup a couple of mechanical adventures to help get cars closer to the road?

    Look forward to seeing you all again

    1. Fitz

  6. will probably be down in the vauxhall, taken the excel out for a spin today (not literally thankfully) was absolutely fine but i'd prefer the extra security in the darkness of a car that couldn't pull the skin of a rice pudding..

  7. I've had no direct dealings with the Police, but on driving around Norfolk quite a bit for a previous job I saw a lot of the local police about. I gave them no reason to bother me, and they didn't. They were always about quite a bit, and would happily park up on the slip roads to the A11 and pull anyone excessively speeding, not hawking out for the person that edged 75 on an overtake. More importantly I've seen them many a time helping a broken down motorist or someone with a broken tyre - the other half of their public service task. It really depends where you are and who you deal with, every force is going to have some jumped up individuals, they'll also have some excellent and curtious officers.

    As a younger individual, I must say i'm upset and astounded at the attitude many of my kin have towards the police and authority in general. I don't know whether it is the something for nothing culture or what. I'd have no issue being politely stopped by an officer for a routine check, I spend a lot of money insuring my car and making sure it is roadworthy. I have nothing to hide and don't think its hilarious to waste their time by claiming i'm called mickey mouse. I work in IT and treat my colleagues asking for help with decency and respect, I don't walk up and wet myself when they've forgotten their password or the power cable has fallen out the back. I wouldn't be expected to be able to do their job so why should I expect them to be able to do mine. The amount of times i've watching someone on roadwars or the like talk themselves into an arrest, when some public decency and apology would have seen the issue last 5 minutes and they'd be on their way...

    surely i'm not the only one to think this?!

  8. Hope you get well soon Andy! - let me know if you are well enough to attend but not to drive and I can pick you up on the way if you wish..

    So a reasonably split on venue...not much of a consensus! >< Are we trying for food or should i have something before heading down? - remembering its Christmas dinner time

  9. This winter i've just had a programmable thermostat 7 day timer. so I run the old 24hr timer on constant and the thermostat controls temperature via a set back, 21C when i'm in, 16C when i'm out. It certainly seems to keep a much even temperature than the old mechanical one that was probably broken. Not had a bill back yet but its much more comfortable than the old setup, boiler does not seem to be on as much as before.

  10. it is fairly standard from what i recall. As Andy states provided the work is carried out but an insurance approved repairer, which I think are inspected/accredited to provide a competent level of repair. At the end of the day the insurance is there to repair the car to the condition it was in before the accident it doesn't matter who does it as long as the standard is acceptable. If you wish to pay the difference for a preferred workshop you have the option of doing so, if you are bothered about it, the extra few hundred quid would be worth it in the event.

    if you are not happy, then change within the period as has been mentioned. I don't think they can discriminate if they price is the same, but i'm not sure.

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