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  1. Dave - More than happy for Aaron to use my car to do an Excel video + will do my best to answer any questions he has on the Excel, Never been to west sussex so quite happy to visit the area during a long weekend and pop over and take you both for a spin etc :)

    Also want to try and make it to a couple of shows this year...must fix my alloys first tho :(

  2. Investing £750m into a company you're about to sell isn't very clever. I'd imagine that this is a filler story, calm down :)

    very true, but neither is shooting yourself in the foot and plenty of people have done that!

    Still likewise I think you are right, they're unlikely to just abandon that amount of cash at the moment. However I *could* see them doing it if there were production issues with the new models, eg they can't get something working right or at the right cost balance. or if we are still seeing a very subdued global economy by the time the new lineup comes available. However i'd only really see that at the end of the decade if the new cars didn't sell well.

    In regards to kimbers comments, I'm not sure if its toyota's thing nowadays, I think with the amount of cash they could call on if they wanted they would have bought them back now if it fitted in with their model. I agree, I don't think VAG would be interested at all. I could perhaps see Honda being interested as they don't really have their own sports lineup anymore, could be a way into a higher margin area, especially with their drivetrain expertise I could see that being a nice combo of honda drivetrain and lotus handling. However I think that like most of the main car manufacturers, they are too busy focusing on competiting in the mass production market and getting new tech etc into the passenger cars asap to realise a competitive advantage, especially if it makes the car more efficient in terms of the power / economy / emissions.

    If a new owner was needed / required I'd hazard maybe chinese or indian backed. It seems most of the larger players have totally lost interest in the relatively small but high margin performance car sector. Especially seen as a fair amount of people are quite happy with ford / vauxhall supplying a fast hatch / saloon varient with its added practicality, leaving the real sportcar market to the incumbents.

    Lotus until now has held a relative niche, but its apparent that it wasn't paying the rent, for whatever reasons. Sadly I think with the increasing cost of motoring the amount of people looking to buy either a lotus under the recent model of relatively affordable fun, or as an out and out sportscar is going to dwindle.

  3. continentals are good in the wet, i don't have experience of them on the lotus, but they are very good on the corsa, have toyo's on the lotus which seem pretty good although it does loose grip in torrential rain / standing water.

    Conti's have a lot of splurge about aquaplaning prevention and consistently come top / very close to on braking distance tests.

  4. i'd agree with Simon, the real danger with limiting to a low power car - whilst it seems great in theory if you can't go fast enough to get into trouble..

    a) it does not have the power to get you out of trouble which a more powerful car (not necessarily fast, just a good power/weight combo) would, ie, if you misjudge at a junction / roundabout and a car approaches you faster than you allowed for, in a 500c car you are going to just sit there and might get t-boned. in say a 1.2 corsa (which i have experience of passing my test in) its nippy enough to get you out of trouble or safely down a slip road, but soon begins to run out of puff at motorway speeds...probably idea in a sense, my 1.3 diesel corsa is similar, lots of torque to get you out of a fix, not enough power to drive stupidly.

    b) if isn't of a fair power wieght combo then they get used to flooring it to get anywhere, especially when the rest of us are so impatient and expect cars to pull away and accelerate to the speed limit promptly, and get very frustrated and tailgate etc if not, which only encourages bad behaviour elsewhere. And also, when they then migrate into a more powerful car, it can take quite a lot of re-adjustment to get used to a more powerful car. for those with kids of the age perhaps you can remember driving their 1.0 clio, standing on the throttle everywhere and then getting in the excel / esprit / elise / evora and standing on the thorttle and doing a james bond g test impression?

  5. Thanks to Bibs for organising it, and to the school for not minding that lesser cars started parking all over their field too...

    Think you'll find round here, and any other lotus forum or people i've met, its not how fast it goes / how much it cost / how much its worth / weather someone famous sat in it / what model it is, its the fact that you have / have had one and that you join in! :)

    All the cars look great! i'm annoyed that due to working at schools, I couldn't make this :(

  6. are they specifically labelled as such Felix? on mine there are three wires on a triple connector. Looking a the gauge from behind, it is the top of gauge wires, just below the two wires for the illumination, one of which should be piggybacked to the 'middle' or 'side' connector which is the ground, the bottom one is the + and the top one the 'signal' feed from the sender.?

    can be seen if this pick, green wire spliced to red


  7. Please see below instructions, hopefully they will help!

    1. Remove the instrument panel by; removing the 4 screws holding the veneer bezel in place and removel the bezel. Then remove the 4 screws securing the actual panel to the dash, you may need to remove / push aside the plastic side cover on the left to move forward. This is made much easier by dropping the steering column to its lowest point. Reach around the back and unscrew the speedo drive and disconnect the multi connector. Then carefully remove the panel out the front.

    2. Place the removed panel on a good working surface that won't scratch / damage it, and is suitable for soldering or crimping if you wish to do it that way. The first picture shows the panel face down ready for working on.

    3. Cut into the green wire from the back of the fuel gauge at a suitable point for making a good join. Solder a suitable length of wire for where you wish to mount the module onto each 'open' end of the wire. Screw the Fuel gauge end into the fuel gauge terminal as marked on the module instructions. Screw the other end into the Sender terminal on the module. The next two pictures show the broken into wire and the new wires soldered on (best option for a reliable connection)

    4. You then need an earth connection, Matt picked this up from the instrument lighting earth. Take any of the black wires from the back of a bulb holder, and strip some of the insulation off at a suitable point, then make a join with some wire. Run this to the Ground connection on the module.

    5. Finally the ignition switched positive feed for the module. This was taken from the postive feed to the voltmeter, the thin green wire on the terminal marked + on the gauge. 'Tap' into the wire as in step 4, and run cable to the positve terminal on the module.

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