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  1. Wow .... tubes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... lets start a tubes-fan club You are like Marcus he also loves tubes ... his whole house is full of tube equipment ... Mainly tube amps for music reproduction ... Recently he even started to occupy the whole office with his tube projects ... Sabine
  2. Hi All, Not all "older" UN1 Esprits have a bad gearchange ... my 1989 SE shifts like butter ! The gearchange is just great. Honestly its better than the 2001 V8 which actually is more notchy Sabine
  3. Ohhhhhhh Cliff, Thanks for putting this right ....... I knew it was something well known in the science fiction genre and just got it wrong out of scratch ... Yours Sabine
  4. Hmmmmmm ... Günther ... didnt you mean 42 as a quote from "A space Odyssey" ? ... dont worry HAL will tell us .....
  5. Ohhh Mat, Please dont open this can of worms here ...... But, you are absolutely right. The mechanical pump is engine driven and roattes 1/2 the engine speed. Yes, you are absolutely right, the mechanical one actually has an intelligent bonus vs. the electrical one ... however its very little. Sabine
  6. Hi, Ohhh, P0328 is quite common. IMHO, it comes from a quite sensitive programming (in the ECU code) regarding the knock sensor. Of course a reprogram to a less sensitive algorithm is a great idea. If someone out there also has this code P0328 issue from time to time you may try to use a more viscous engine oil when you do your annual nex oil change. Our V8 also had P0328 from time to time with Castrol RS 0-W40. Now we use Castrol RS 5-W60 and no P0328 came up anymore ... maybe I'm totally wrong, but it might be related to the engine oil viscosity ... who knows ? Sabine ... out for a drive now
  7. Hi, From my experience the original impellor is just ok ... of course, it wont last too long. After some time 2+ years the fins break and come apart from the core. First one then two and so on ... you will experience some performance loss when 5 or more fins are missing. I keep the fingers crossed .. the SE now has a yellow PU-impellor installed for at least 4 years and the chargecooler is still cool to the touch. I hope it will continue like this ... Sabine
  8. Governor, I mean that there are many original Lotus parts that are simply overpriced and donot last long ... Sabine PS: Please dont call me Marc !
  9. Hi All, I have the PU impellor in my SE for a couple years now and its working perfectly. Price for it was around 100,- Euros including gasket. The standard rubber ones periodically failed every two ydears after winter storage. If my memory is correct, the Lotus original black rubber part is not less expensive. Sabine @ Governor: Glad that there is no Lotus official parts guy on this forum, you would have to ban him too.
  10. Hi Chris, Does it also have the fans (behind the radiator) running right from startup, when you turn the ignition and the engine on ? If so, then your engine/ECU is in limp mode ... it will run way too rich and will like to stall whenever you hit the gas pedal ... and of course, it runs very poor in limp mode ... Sabine
  11. Hi Carl, Yes, you are absolutely right ! The K&N (or other green fabric/textile oil filters) actually do improve air flow, because they have less resistance compared to a yellow paper filter ... what actually is open for discussion is the question "do they actually have a similar or equal filtration ability ????" Sabine
  12. Hi, Rectifying the infamous 3k stumble may be quite a bit of a task ... Here is what you should watch out for and check: - I suspect that spark plugs, ignition leads, fuel filter, fuel quality (no old fuel) are 100% perfect, right ? - the original ECU software has quite a noticable 3k stumble ... this is normal and can only get minimized with the later enhanced S4s code (BTW, the original 3k stumble mainly is created by a lean running condition especially around that 3k RPM range) If everything is perfectly fine with your engine setup it will be still noticable, but if some or more parametres are not spot on, the 3k stumble will get worse and worse ... - check if your minimum air rate screw is set correctly (Freescan should show around 35-40 IAC counts when the engine is warm and idling correctly around 1000 rpm) - check your wastegate mechanical minimum boost setting. The correct setting is 0.65 - 0.70 bar. A bit on the higher side towards 0.7 bar wont hurt ) - check your fuel pressure. A clogged fuel filter or a lazy fuel pressure regulator can do many wired things ... Just have a look at your integrator values with Freescan. This will tell you if you are on the high or low pressure side (= if the integrator is higher than 128 than it tells you that the ECU is constantly adding fuel ... hence maybe low fuel pressure ...) Yours Sabine
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