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  1. Thanks for the good advice everyone. I put Redline MTL 90 in about a week ago. Castrol TAF-X seems to be the other option. Best regards, Todd
  2. Hi Fred and Andy, Thanks for replying. Fred - I have two fans behind my radiator, and the car also has A/C. The original owners manual states that there is a drain, and the bleeder valve is accessed from the front luggage compartment. The manual even shows a diagram showing access to the bleeder valve in the left side of the compartment just right of the left headlamp motor. I can't see any plug or valve when jacking up the front and looking into the wheel wells, and there is no hole or grommet in the luggage compartment that I can see. Sighting along the top of the radiator from the wheel well, I see no valve. Frustrating. Fred - can you tell me exactly where your drain plug is located on the lower right side (bottom, side, easy to see, etc.?). Also, do you jack up the back of the car when you change your coolant? Todd Tack så mycket for hjælpen! Det er også godt at vide, at min bil har "familie" lige på den anden side af Øresund. Det kunne være hyggeligt at træffes en gang.
  3. This is an elementary question, but I cannot seem to locate the radiator drain plug and bleeder screw on my LHD 1987 S3HC. The owners manual does not indicate or describe where the drain plug is. The bleeder should be accessible from the front luggage compartment, but I can see no access. Any help much appreciated!
  4. This is probably a banal question, but I am still learning the ropes with Esprit ownership. I plan to replace the gear oil in my 1987 Esprit S3HC, which I believe has a Citroen gearbox. The manual requires API GL5, SAE80. I have also read somewhere that it should be non-hypoid. I found a Castrol oil called EPX 75W-80, and already bought three liters. Castrols website notes that this is acceptable oil for the API GL5, SAE 80 requirement. It is mineral-based. I think this might be a hypoid oil, so am a little confused if I should proceed. I have researched a bit online, and apparently it's impossible to find a non-hypoid oil with those requirements. What do you guys use in your Citroen gearboxes? Do you think the Castrol EPX 75W-80 okay? Also, words of wisdom regarding the gear oil replacement process would be appreciated. Thanks! Kind Regards, Todd Verwers
  5. Hi John, Thank you for the comforting comments. When the light comes on as the engine returns to idle (yes, at 1,000 rpm!), the pressure is about 20psi. Pressure at 3,500 rpm is approx. 65psi. I just checked the manual, and this all seems normal. Does this all sound normal to you? I plan to change the oil and filter, and hopefully that will rectify the tell tale lamp issue. The problem suddenly appeared while driving in very warm weather (in Denmark, anything above 20 deg. C is considered very warm), so something is causing the lamp to light now, when it did not before. Can a change in the oil viscosity have anything to do with this? It feels good to be on The Path, as you suggest! Thanks again, Todd
  6. Hi Michael, Thanks for your comments. Haven't heard from anyone else, but perhaps someone will chime in today. I have attached a few pics of the S3HC... Todd
  7. I have a 1987 Esprit S3HC with 93,000 km (57,000 miles). Recently, the oil pressure light started coming on when the car is idleing (approx. 10,000 rpm), but goes off again as soon as I step on the accelerator. The light typically starts coming on only after the engine is warm. There is plenty of oil in the engine (dipstick reads about 5mm over max). I am no mechanical wizard, but have researched a little and assume the problem lies in either:- the oil pump (hopefully not)- a clogged oil filter or other lines- a faulty oil pressure sending unit (unsure if this part is relevant for my car?)- a faulty oil pressure gauge- oil viscosity (the problem appeared only recently, so not sure how viscosity would be a factor). I bought the car last year, and plan to change the oil and filter asap. I have no idea when the oil was last changed or what viscosity it has, but it looks clean on the dipstick Changing the oil would rule out the filter (and if too much oil in the sump could be a factor). The original manual recommends Mobil 1 Rally Formula 5W-50 for all temperature conditions, so this is what I plan to use. My hope is that those of you knowledgeable about this issue might offer some advice as to how to proceed? Insight into oil pump replacement/servicing, if this turns out to be the issue? Confirmation of oil replacement specification? Your insight is much appreciated! Todd1987 Esprit S3HC
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