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  1. That's a lot of love to the colour of green.
  2. The Italian guy Cocco, perhaps?
  3. Apparently I am waiting too long. I didn't receive the may/june issue so I will send them a mail. Thanks.
  4. Isn't about time for a new issue from the Absolute Lotus Magazine?
  5. This interior is not Original but nice:
  6. I do think this Countach is a challenge to be able to drive.
  7. Hi giorgetto, You can have mine for 1M euro. To fund the hypercar 130.
  8. Hi Roland, Can you clarify for me why you did this, any reason?
  9. I am hopeful that Lotus use this lay out from the old Esprit again within new technics for the new coming cars. Why, I'm very comfortable in mine Esprit even fast cornering so the new one must be the same.
  10. After the wintersleep a year ago I had the same feeling. I sprayed the u/j's with release fluid and it solved the problem.
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