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  1. Its Micky (mikki) a real fighter. no other cat dare to come near into the garden. Perhaps family from Galore.
  2. Fantastic work you have done, I will use your topic when I need it. Thanks for that. One comment, did not had the car Original the chrome door handles like mine?
  3. I use HR now and it drives very well but when I need new ones it will be VR like this, because of it.
  4. Jeanvm

    New project

    I am sorry to miss that at Francorchamp-Spa:
  5. So the combination would be perfect. Lets bring the new (Esprit) one please.
  6. Weird dimensions of the tires that you use? Uncanny to drive.
  7. It's interesting to read.
  8. That's weird, normally is the pump located on the side of the rh fuel tank on rubbers. I didn't know that that this was different on later S1 & S2.
  9. This gauge is a better option: And to have one is knowing what the fuel pump is doing.
  10. The problem with the new fuel pump is that it give too much pressure. It is better to have a pressure regulator that can reduce the pressure at 2 à 3 psi. See the foto.
  11. Jeanvm


    I just replaced a fuel pump that worked sometimes not and so occasionally made a misfire and under load it gets worse. I could see that because it has a fuel gauge.
  12. Jeanvm

    Esprit questions

    if you get close to the engine. Read a lot about it. Take you time. It is not a difficult engine. You can easily manage it with the engine in. One tip: use a mirror.
  13. you'll want to sell yours I believe? The prices are that high here if its a LHD and a very good one. And if you find someone who is willing to pay.
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