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  1. That's the same problem I have and with a lot of parts lying around... I wish I had the space like that: I woundn't go that far because with a decent electronic ignition you can get that almost what you saying here.
  2. Jeanvm

    New project

    Fantastic time to get it dirty.
  3. Nice project:
  4. Geert, it's only a wash and go
  5. I believe that the guy has parkingson.
  6. From there the idea is born to the Evora. V6 2 + 2 seater.
  7. Roy, have fun but it will take some time to get it like this: But it is worth every penny.
  8. I wonder if I would swap a BMW for a Lotus in the future. Not if it's an SUV but maybe if it's a 4 door coupé. (don't understand the hype for SUV's)
  9. as sharp as it seems, worth every penny.
  10. Mechanical condition is not that important. The important thing is that the car is complete. You know with these photos that there is a lot of work to do anyway. I believe 10K is way too much.
  11. Do you have the special pieces such as on the cannonball run still on the car and will you keep it that way?
  12. Jeanvm

    1986 SE For Sale

    Car looks ok but need original air filter.
  13. There is someone who has done his homework. Thanks fore the inside.
  14. Allways the same with this: "The dreaded camshaft cover leak " there for I have mine changed to the HC version. But LotusBits have now better ones for the 907. I love your car (like mine). Happy Holidays.
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