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  1. I was thinking the same thing, I compare this with the time as when the Miura and Countach were launched.
  2. I would like to know if this prototype is going to make a tour through Europe? (next motorshow at Frankfurt) I want it really see it in the flesh.
  3. Lovely Design, good proportion and that interior is also very smart. A beauty. That promise much for the next coming Elise, Exige and Esprit. Bravo!
  4. Why would you need power steering if you keep the tyres 205? I do not need it.
  5. Looks lovely, more pictures in august please. The wheels wolfrace style 17''
  6. It's the same like the S2: 7J width. Much more isn't possible.
  7. Good work, and those HC heads. I am curious about the new paint.
  8. I think the width or ET of the front is not correct. Because the S3 and turbo have the same size of tyres.
  9. I know, for such kind of a photo I need a lift. And maybe I try later when the sun is less stronger.
  10. I took a photo a bit simular like this S3.
  11. Nice car but where is the Esprit "S1" in this?
  12. That's a lot of love to the colour of green.
  13. The Italian guy Cocco, perhaps?
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