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  1. Jeanvm

    Dry sump for sale

    I do not get it why someone want to sell this
  2. Jeanvm

    Esprit Picture & Video Thread

    And HC even more
  3. Jeanvm

    Absolute Lotus magazine

    Very heavy going? I like it when it is going in detail, more of this please.
  4. I have the original brakes with green fast road pads. That works well enough for me. No need for upgrade.
  5. Jeanvm

    RIP Burt Reynolds

    Smokey and The Bandit was mine favorite yep, we getting old.
  6. Jeanvm

    Should I upgrade to HC?

    The best thing of this is that the cam covers at a HC are leeking less or no oil. The extra power is not that much only if you going the route of tuning.
  7. Jeanvm

    912 NA HC ignition timing

    Hello, I use on the 912HC na engines 10° BTDC and 32° at 3000 RPM. Works fine without any trouble.
  8. mine has a small opening, provides the necessary cooling. This way I can open it.
  9. Jeanvm

    Evora Picture & Video Thread

    Esprit S1
  10. Don't forget Bibs has 40 rooms booked at the Hotel Dunston hall.
  11. Jeanvm

    Prices Soaring

    That's a very good price for a good S4, isn't it.(47000 euros) The black one will cost much more.
  12. Jeanvm

    Converted to gas!?

    Where do you place the tank? I cannot imagine that this is on the front where the spare wheel is.