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  1. Jeanvm

    lotus @ oldtimer/car trade shows.

    The same on the MECC Maastricht this year. There was a white S1 same as mine had a full resto done but miss some pieces. Asking price 69d €! It is rarely to see one on a show. So I am glad to see one or two on the same day.
  2. Jeanvm

    Esprit Picture & Video Thread

    Nice duo. I would like to have such a tidy garage but I have too much pieces lying around weird I see no Opel.
  3. Jeanvm

    Esprit Picture & Video Thread

    Why other lightclusters? The front could better cosmetic.
  4. Jeanvm

    '81 dry sump distributor help please

    You can use an other bigger seal that sit in between the engine block and the distributor. That works fine. I have used that also on the Original one because of leaking.
  5. Jeanvm


    Normally the reviera's are fully equipped with leather and air conditioning. The bonnet of yours is not riviera like. Never seen yours.
  6. Jeanvm

    '81 dry sump distributor help please

    I have a year ago installed a distributor and coil from 123ignition. Hightech ignition systems don't see any difference in the original one. Very happy with it.
  7. The car looks very nice. Those wheels very cool. With the gear linkage I would check all the moving parts. A little adjusting can do the trick.
  8. Jeanvm

    Esprit Picture & Video Thread

    That's ESPRIT experience and tell some stories. Nice cars.
  9. I have good V rated front tires so that isn't a problem.
  10. Jeanvm

    Lotus Esprit HC Project

    S3 HC love. Nice colour combination. The stick needs to be wood.
  11. Lotus used soft springs in those days
  12. Do someone know this tire? It has V rating. Not too expensive. Retro Classic 001 - WW 205/70 R14 95V WSW 20mm WSW 20mm In het geval dat op de foto een bepaald type velg is afgebeeld, is deze afbeelding uitsluitend ter illustratie. Retro Classic 001 - WW 205/70 R14 95V WSW 20mm Bandenmaat 205/70 R14 95V wijzig Voorraadstatus Op voorraad Banden Zomerbanden Snelheidsindex V: deze band is voor snelheden tot 240 km/h toegelaten. EAN 4717622049985 Artikelnummer R-305498 109,24 € 112.10 + 2.86€ Eco taxe = 112.10 € Gratis levering* 30 dagen retourbeleid Meer dan 500 montagepartners Aantal:1\n2\n3\n4\n5\n6\n7\n8\n9\n10\n
  13. Jeanvm

    Future of Lotus

    In a good sharp wedgy way?
  14. Great story & pictures. The G Esprit is indeed an iconic design and hopefully will the wedge style return in some form to Lotus with the following new models. I don’t see it really that the car has smaller wheels on the front. A good idea to lower the car. The bigger wheels on the S3 had some raison. It was for the stronger engine (turbo) in need for an other gearing.
  15. Jeanvm

    Picture of the Month

    I can understand why julian Thomson was irritated when the S2 came so fast. S1 was his baby and it had a big succes. So why so fast? Probably the new staff of Lotus wasn’t so keen with the so called restro design and wanted to go forward in new design.