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  1. Always nice to have a drive in the hills and mountains. I have done this several times with mine Esprit in the Ardennes and the Eifel. Were always fantastic days. The last years I had no time for it. But I'll be back out of there.
  2. Jeanvm

    The new Esprit is here

    The lower part is kinda weird. The headlights are a good idea.
  3. Jeanvm

    Designer of the S1 Elise

    I can't wait for the delivery, thanks for the inside.
  4. Jeanvm

    People's reaction to the Esprit - what's yours?

    Filip you are a bad boy. The last times I drove around I got quite wild reactions of BMW M's & Merc AMG guys who think I should be go crazy with them. But I'm a calm boy who enjoys driving with the old-timer on the B-roads.
  5. Jeanvm

    Prices Soaring

    The people are hopefully back to their sentences so the real enthousiast can afford this again.
  6. If the rubber is bad it can make 1/2 inch difference in height. Their is also a big washer between the body an chassis at the front maybe you miss it on your car. But maybe the problem is worse and you have to look to the body chassis . Caused by bad repair after the crash.
  7. Is this ok? TOP SPRING SEAT (Rubber)prior 1985
  8. Congratulations with your new car. The rims are specially never seen that before. Looks cool.
  9. Paul you have an early chassis. The tubes have also a dîfferent design than the later ones.
  10. Jeanvm

    Newest caretaker of 348H

    Looks very good. Nice colour. Original Dunlop spare tyre?
  11. Jeanvm

    Sport 300 restoration

    Just wow
  12. Leave it that way. You will also save some weight. And it give it a genuinely sight.
  13. Jeanvm

    someone must have been really drunk...

    I am afraid it is a boxer engine.😞 I know this noise very well, I have a vw Type 3 fastback with such one heavy modified.