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  1. The problem with the new fuel pump is that it give too much pressure. It is better to have a pressure regulator that can reduce the pressure at 2 à 3 psi. See the foto.
  2. I just replaced a fuel pump that worked sometimes not and so occasionally made a misfire and under load it gets worse. I could see that because it has a fuel gauge.
  3. if you get close to the engine. Read a lot about it. Take you time. It is not a difficult engine. You can easily manage it with the engine in. One tip: use a mirror.
  4. you'll want to sell yours I believe? The prices are that high here if its a LHD and a very good one. And if you find someone who is willing to pay.
  5. You didn't payed him enough now that he can see how beautiful the car has become.
  6. Once an other S1 that comes out of the gutter and is going back to shine. Good luck with the resto.
  7. A year ago I have seen a black SE with a kit like the V8 End Edition included the wheels! Must be costly. Do you know it Filip?
  8. Very good what you're doing. And yes, it's true: You Only Live Once. Enjoy 👍
  9. Indeed very nice car and that interior is super! Its a shame you can't see the engine.
  10. I was thinking the same thing, I compare this with the time as when the Miura and Countach were launched.
  11. I would like to know if this prototype is going to make a tour through Europe? (next motorshow at Frankfurt) I want it really see it in the flesh.
  12. Lovely Design, good proportion and that interior is also very smart. A beauty. That promise much for the next coming Elise, Exige and Esprit. Bravo!
  13. Why would you need power steering if you keep the tyres 205? I do not need it.
  14. Looks lovely, more pictures in august please. The wheels wolfrace style 17'' 😍
  15. It's the same like the S2: 7J width. Much more isn't possible.
  16. Good work, and those HC heads.👍 I am curious about the new paint.
  17. I think the width or ET of the front is not correct. Because the S3 and turbo have the same size of tyres.
  18. I know, for such kind of a photo I need a lift. And maybe I try later when the sun is less stronger.
  19. I took a photo a bit simular like this S3.
  20. Nice car but where is the Esprit "S1" in this?
  21. That's a lot of love to the colour of green.
  22. The Italian guy Cocco, perhaps?
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