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  1. Hi, I write Buying Guides for the UK classic car magazines and my next subject is the Stevens/Thomson era Esprit, 1997-2004. We need a representative example to photograph, with a keen owner who can talk about the ownership issues. The car should ideally be a V8, in a bright colour (yellow, red, blue) and in visually unmodified specification. Due to location of writer and photographer, if possible we need a car in central southern England - i.e. to the east of Bristol, south of Birmingham, west of London. The photo shoot takes place on a weekday, usually about three hours 10am - 1pm, and
  2. Hi all I hope you can help! I've been asked to help source British classic cars for display at the splendid new event on the Goodwood estate, Vintage at Goodwood, on August 13-15. For this event, display cars should be absolutely standard or mildly period-modified, and Goodwood would particularly like a 1980s Esprit (model not important - it's the looks - so a bright colour would be fab), to be represented - so I'm hoping you can help us locate a suitable car...Vintage is not strictly a car event - it's a Music Festival + Celebration of British Style, Music, Culture and Design from the 1940s t
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