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  1. Thank you for putting it on show, a highlight for me! Looked absolutely perfect for the winding mountain roads nearby. Also spotted a grey Elise dabbing the throttle to pass my Alfa Sportwagon on the A465 by Abergavenny, perfect weekend for it.
  2. ... on an AA flatbed Near Chippenham around half eight. Eye-catching car, I don't see them often and would've slowed for a closer look if I'd been in a nearer lane! Get well soon.
  3. Looks like we stayed in the same hotel for the night? Just saw you pass my Esprit on the way out... trailer scraping the asphalt, car nicely saved from the bumps!
  4. I was gently overtaken earlier this evening (not in the Esprit) only a few streets from home by a red M100 with the hood down, in what felt like perfect evening weather. Thought I heard a wastegate, so turbo model? Anyway, nice to see one, thank you whoever you are!
  5. Lady driver, Medina Green I think - I was in my X180 behind the car behind you turning up Cambridge Road on Sunday afernoon, but I don't think you saw me! It's been a while since I've seen an M100, looked great.
  6. I dropped by the Bristol Classics show today and spotted: - a red Elan M100 - looking good too, which I think has converted the Mrs! - a black Europa with a case of the gel-coat crazies, but absolutely a treat to see - a maroon Excel in the visitor car park, up for sale Fairly sure I spotted an Elise lurking on the way out too.
  7. JayTwo


  8. Parked up by the river on a fine bank holiday evening, roof off as it should be! Lovely to see.
  9. This might get me grief, but I don't know if I completely hate it! Maybe it's the couple of pints I've had this afternoon, but I imagined it was made in the US (although it wasn't) and it's got a little... restraint, as home-brew redesigns go. I love the Esprit/Renault Alpine/XJ220 shapes individually, so it's interesting to see a mix. Of course, I guess a handsome original body died for this, and since that longer rear is still hiding a 2.2 instead of some previously-unfeasible V12 I'm equally lost as to why they went so mad with the angle grinder. And the price!
  10. Yesterday (Saturday) early evening, southbound just south of Stoke-on-Trent. I wasn't in my Esprit, rather a Saab 9000 carrying a puppy passenger, but your motor looked very handsome, that smoothed wedge front a delight for sore eyes after a motorway day surrounded by endless silver and grey German saloons!
  11. Tim, I was over the start line when you arrived... tried to get a photo of the cars together, this striking motor must be yours! Looks like a cracking car you've found, I hope the weather holds for you tomorrow. J
  12. Yellow Europa, Red Elan, an Exige and a handful of Elise's including a yellow S1 that seemed to have a bit of a scare!
  13. That's a shame, if I'd arrived a little earlier I'd have walked round the car parks as there I'm sure there were plenty of Gems hiding! That makes sense about the Excel, sounded like gunshots before the esses, I think he ran it back down on the motor though so hopefully it'll live to fight another day.
  14. - Glimpsed the tail of a late yellow Esprit in the public car park, maybe S4 or early V8 - White Exige in the members car park - Yellow Europa competing - Red Excel (I think) competing, unfortunately failed to reach the top despite my cheering, mechanical problem? - Plenty of Elises competing, including the first hottest lap for a while since the air ambulance left I wasn't there to Lotus spot but we were well represented, a good day out!
  15. Esprit Turbo SCC082910JHD13144 August 1988 Calypso Red - Grey leather
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