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  1. I've been reading about these cars for over 10 years now and still learned some new things, thanks for posting it!
  2. They've had my Esprit a couple of times for belt changes. I don't think they've seen many older cars, but were happy to take it on and co-operative about early drop-offs and pickups in the nightmare Bristol rush hours. I'd use them again for the same work. They had some pretty serious Elise projects in their workshop, I imagine newer (to me!) models are their real strength.
  3. If the incinerator floats your boat then the suspiciously-similar (but differently-finished) Severnside energy recovery centre on the near side of Bristol might too... Severnside Energy Recovery Centre - WikiWaste
  4. First time I've glimpsed under an S1... there's a *lot* on that car that doesn't look the same as my X180, never mind 90s and 00s cars. I'm wondering how many parts in common there are between first and last!
  5. Not sure how others feel about it but I also took the Dremel to my radius arm shims while that bush was off. Copying the later V8 style allows them to be swapped out if needed for geo setups without removing the bush again.
  6. JayTwo

    Le Mans 2021

    I was also booked into last year's (and then this year's) Classic but I gather it's now 2022, either the first or second weekend of July again. Fingers crossed we'll get there eventually eh?
  7. Hey guys... tail between legs here, I'm feeling glum and stuck with this job tonight. The hub nut and six bearing bolts are all off and the driveshaft moves freely in and out but I've failed to budge the hub+bearing from the carrier despite no fixings remaining. Partly it just feels like a bad day. Three decades of corrosion I guess... any tips for budging this with the carrier still on the car? Is the slide hammer alternative suggested in the workshop manual safe and effective this many years down the line? Is it worth trying to use something as a drift on the rear of the bearing or would the drive shaft have to come out first? I can give the penetrant a few more days while I do something else, but otherwise I'm just feeling sad... I've already done all the bushes so have nothing more to gain from taking the carrier off 😢 I'm going to have a beer now and just hope one of you can save my day... TIA
  8. Cheers @2GOOD, great connections! Between our alternating lockdowns it might be a while til my eyes spot your Exige around too... I only moved to Blaenau Gwent this summer but I think this is the second time already that I've heard about the South Wales WhatsApp group. I'll PM you my number, thank you 👍
  9. Waiting at the lights just now. I was setting up the Satnav so we could go pick up a wardrobe in my partner's Qashqai, so I very nearly missed you, but she asked me what cars we were driving past and I looked up to my surprise to a glimpse a red Esprit (maybe an S4 or GT3, didn't spot a wing) preceded by a yellow late-model Elise or Exige - must be someone known to here?! My Esprit is parked only a few streets away from where I saw you, but in yesterday's torrential rain I didn't have as much fun as you all must be having today! Head-turning pair, wish I'd been looking out the window to begin with 😅
  10. Fixed link for anyone else struggling with this one... either @pete or his computer may have been on the blink 😄 1983 LOTUS ESPRIT TURBO
  11. I haven't measured my garage door frame but I suspect it's the same - the 1989+ Citroen mirrors are awfully tight. That said, I've found it easy to live with as long as you've space outside to line the car up before entering the garage - visibility down the sides of the car is good if you're going straight, you can see the rear arches easily. The bigger deal is escaping the car once you're inside... hopefully your garage is a lot wider than 82 inches and doesn't have pillars near where you'd get in and out, I've been in garages where you can't!
  12. I think that's where we were, I'm still learning my way around here! Gorgeous machine, very purposeful and clean. Cool plate too. Made me ache for getting my Esprit back on its rear wheels - it's only been three weeks but I was missing it hard after seeing you in perfect driving conditions!
  13. Good point @sailorbob - on reflection this was a tip I'd picked up on the ARB thread, and wasn't unanimous there either. I'll revise what I'm doing for the lowers, thank you, and re-inspect these. Got the nightmare of extracting the lower studs from the hub carriers to deal with first, no hammers no hammers 🔨🚫
  14. I don't know if this will make someone shudder (tell me if I'm being a plonker) or whether I've stumbled across something useful for a change... but I've put in a couple of polybushes tonight using a 35mm-28mm copper reducer, just a few quid from the eBay plumbing dept. Dremelled at the midpoint, those are internal diameters on a reducer but 28mm is still smaller than needed. No damage to the tool or bushes so far, and didn't feel like I was using too much force through the ratchet, with a bit of washing-up liquid for good measure.
  15. Good morning Jay, thank you! Yes, you're not far away, I look forward to crossing paths. I think WhatsApp groups are invitation-only, I've not found a way to search for them? I'll keep an eye out for any mention though. I've a fairly high-miler X180 Carb Turbo in the garage that's been with me nearly ten years now. It does have some S4 parts on it but no doubt Ken will spot plenty that aren't! Haven't joined LDC yet but I met Rob (Sport 350, Cardiff maybe?) a few years back at Castle Combe and someone else from the club let me join their stand so I know they're a friendly bunch. I've a lot of new roads to explore here too... have you any stand-out recommendations?
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