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  1. Paul, I wanted to Thank you for all the advice and your offer . I guess what I've decided to do instead is to settle for a really cheap car for the next 2 years until I have a steady income to maintain Esprit. These next 2 years I will be doing my rotations and after that I will start my residency when I start getting paid. I live in Sacramento and I've saved your number. I will be hollerin' at you when I get my first pay check. Also, I've noticed most of these cars are located in LA area. So it will be easy to find a good car with your help. Once again, Thanks for your help.
  2. also, I forgot to mention that this will be my primary car since I don't own another car.
  3. I was wondering if I do decide to buy a lotus, for example the link below. What kinda unexpected but most likely expense can i to run into provided I keep up with the fluid levels and everything? Also, is there a reason I haven't seen even one listing with more than 50,000 to 70,000 miles? Its a 1989 with 12000 miles listed at $18000. Although I can't pay more than $12k for this.
  4. Thanks for the responses guys. I think you are right. I am better off putting it off until I can really afford one. For now I was thinking of settling with a used 1998/1999 BMW M3. what do you think m3 a good option?
  5. I am not rich by any means. I am just a medical student who won't start getting paid until 2 years from now.
  6. Thanks for the input guys. I live in California and I see a lot of listings in the area. Most of these cars have less than 50k miles. (not in Cali) This is perhaps the only cheapest listing I've seen for a 1994 year car. Also, the only listing with around 70k miles. What are your opinions of this listing?
  7. I searched around but didn't find such poll. could you provide me the link? thanks,
  8. Hi, I am thinking of buying a used Esprit anywhere from 1990 to 1994. I was wondering if it was possible for a student like myself to be able to maintain the car in terms of expenses. I am buying it from the perspective of being able to depend on it everyday and with the hope of using it until 100,000 miles at least. Are these cars even able to make it to 100,000 miles? If so, what kinda maintenance cost am I looking at every year? I am just a student who has been taken aback by the looks of the car. Any help/input would be appreciated. thanks,
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