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    1991 Lotus Esprit Jim Clark Edition
  1. Hello. Can anyone recommend a shop or service technician for 90-04 Esprit in the VA/MD/DC or Mid-Atlantic states? Also seeking good restoration shop for same generation Lotus. Thanks.
  2. Hello. Can anyone help me or recommend a shop/mechanic to restore a 1992 Esprit in the MD/VA/DC or Mid-Atlantic area? I am also looking for good Lotus service technician to assist in regular service of same generation Esprits.? Thanks, PR
  3. Does anyone know and/or recommend a shop to restore 1991 Esprit Jim Clark Special Edition in VA, USA, or MId-Atlantic, NE, or SE states? Body is fine, but it has been sitting in garage for 15 yrs. I want to get it back on the road. Thanks
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