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  1. Could always take a second table. #The B Team
  2. We have a day (20th) and a time. 19:30. Just need a venue. Stockbridge is always popular?
  3. I paid a bit more than that (not PNM) but bloomin' heck does it make a difference? Yee Haa!
  4. Shall we decide on the 20th before they change the rules again? Any idea on a venue? (What are the rules, anyway?)
  5. We are going through much the same thing at the moment. Our Molly has a very large tumour that is growing. We can do nothing about it and just assess her on a day to day basis. Previously, we had Champ for 10/11 years. When he died, about 12 years ago, we replaced him fairly soon after with Molly and Roxy. Roxy died about two years ago. It is a horrible situation to go through and I hate it. We have decided to have a break from dogs after we lose Molly. We have enough going on with looking after elderly relatives and grandchildren at this stage in our life. Adding another dog wo
  6. Did you see 5 Lotus heading in the opposite direction? That was me and four mates.
  7. We also have several Rogue Galleries around our house of our ancestors!
  8. Sounds like you had a great time Brent. Can I suggest that you use one of the online services to print your photos into an album. They are really good quality and much better than printing onto normal A4 paper.
  9. The £1,000 that you reference is a round sum amount that the Revenue brought in a few years ago to use instead of actual expenses and to save small businesses keeping records. The wage that you mention would, actually, be your profit - on which you should pay tax. If it is a business, then you do need to keep records. As mentioned above, if it is a hobby and you are only selling small amounts of personal items, then it is not a business. A simple spreadsheet would be sufficient while this is low key. You will need to get a bit more complicated if it turns into something more substa
  10. My 1984 Turbo has done 110K miles. I fix everything (actually pay to have it fixed) as necessary. I have just done 1800 miles in 10 days. No trouble at all. They need to be driven.
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