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  1. If we are going to get a beer in, in September, I can only make Wednesday 28th. We can hear about @DaveC72's trip around Europe, @KennyN's latest story on his Emira order and @ADFtelling us about his escapades with his S1 Elise. How about the Cromwell Arms, Romsey? No takers for the William Walker?
  2. There is a Lotus approved repairer in Theale. I haven't tried them yet, but might be worth a look.
  3. Thanks @Arregueti. Judging by the ladies reaction - No it is not just motor related stuff! Thank you for your suggestion.
  4. Hi to all our readers in the South West of France. We have 7 Lotus Cars on holiday just outside Biarritz for another week. Do you have any recommendations for shows/events/museums, please? Thanks for your help! Kevin
  5. No idea about your TV but I think your P key is broken.
  6. The other thing you might find is the "Fan Fail" light coming on. If it does, pull over, open the front bonnet and press the reset button on the passenger side (or at least it is on mine -I assume this is standard). This was a panic with my "new car syndrome". My temperature in hot weather has gone above 90 and it is still going like a train. No damage done. As Barry says, another concern is the oil pressure gauge going to nearly zero at idle. This is normal. All sounds fine in my experience.
  7. I would say this (being an accountant running a practice with 6 people), but don't go to the big firms for this kind of service. Find a small practice with a one or two partners who can help you. You will soon need to use software anyway. Find a local accountant well versed in Xero or something similar. You will need to pay more than £200. Professionals who have studied for years (and are still doing so) will expect to be paid sensibly.
  8. Me too. I drove around on the Lotus in the Peaks for about 5 miles until I realised the view out of the rear view mirror was wrong! I suggest a bt of fettling/lubrication. The key is different to the ignition key. I have four for mine - Ignition, boot, petrol caps and doors. With a bit of adjustment/lubrication, you can close it quite gently. I usually use two handa as @ChrisJ says.
  9. When I bought mine the immediate issues were: Old tyres Turbo wastegate would seize if not used for a while And a hose rubbing on the brakes produced a load of steam in the engine compartment. Oh, and the lights took a long time to pop up for the first time. They got better with use - as has the whole car. As Chris says - change the cambelt if in any doubt as to its age! Other than that - drive it! You will love it!
  10. Soft top won in the end. No date yet for September, but it will need to be in the last two weeks for me. Any suggestions for a date/venue? The ugly word Chr***mas came up on Tuesday as well. Anybody up for the William Walker again?
  11. I am 62. The cataract in my right eye was brought on by a detached retina. Slow growing one in my left will be done in the next 20 years! (sorry for thread drift!) blame @sparky
  12. I had one done recently, @Sparky. I see different colours from each eye now. As you say, what I thought was white is now cream. Really weird. @dave excell. I now have no correction in my right eye and a lens in my left. First time for nothing in my right eye for 55 years! Mind you I cannot use glasses now since I get double vision (left eye is -8)
  13. The only question is: soft top or hard top?
  14. I did this last week - Vibration Free, is the name of the company at Fritwell, just outside Bicester. £120 +VAT for the two front wheels - eliminated completely the shake from the steering wheel that I had at 65mph (or so) on the way up. Dynamic Balancing they called it.
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