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  1. I am sorry that we did not see the three of you last night. I hope that your Covid is mild and passes quickly Dean and Pete. Hope your work calms down, Dave. Sorry, weldng? Me? Hee hee! Next month - Tuesday 22nd? It was suggested that we go to the Plough at Longparish again? Any takers? Problems? Better ideas?
  2. Never mind "newtwork" - wonder what they do there?
  3. Romsey, Simon
  4. If you have not driven a Turbo before, perhaps I can give you a warning based on my experience: the turbo gauge is not supposed to go all the way round! If it does you are overboosting and could do all sorts of damage. In my case add a wet road, 10 year old tyres and an enthusiastic right foot and you may end up going backwards down a dual carriageway. I cannot remember the numbers, but my gauge starts at the 7 O'clock position. Don't let it go past 1 O'clock. If it has stood unused for a while you may find the wastegate is seized, which was the problem with mine.
  5. I have both a bag and a wind deflector. I have only taken the roof out once. Never again in case I break it and cannot replace it! I did, however, work out how to get it into the boot, which is a bit of an exercise!
  6. Quick Google search P0420 code indicates a problem with the catalytic converter. The purpose of the catalytic converter is to break down harmful pollutants created during the combustion cycle. ... If the downstream oxygen sensor is working properly, and there isn't an issue with the catalytic converter, its readings should remain steady. I have on 03 K series Elise and have replaced several 02 sensors. (My mechanic - Cos - actually traced it to a broken wire.)
  7. The sunroof on mine is glass, I am pretty sure. It was a factor fitted option. Not standard. Mine is an 84 Turbo. Sorry, I don't know when they started to be fitted.
  8. As far as I am aware, no Esprit had a targa top. Mine has a lift out sunroof, but I don't think that is what you mean.
  9. The one night I have something arranged. Sorry.
  10. My other car is a Lotus (so the sticker in both my cars says!)
  11. That happened when I edited it! Perhaps a mod can fix it fo rme! Also forgot Paul Sartin from Bellowhead is a current resident.
  12. I wouldn't drive with only that in place. The wind would get under it and it would be away on its own!
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