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  1. Try this website.
  2. Presumably you have tried using the going in at an angle trick?
  3. If you get a valuation from, for example, Club Lotus i would expect the insurance company to agree to that. I agreed a value a few years ago and will need to update it this year.
  4. That has cleared it up then. Has it?
  5. You are probably thinking of the wrong Whitchurch. I would know if there was a pub called the Shepherd and Flock in my one. I am between Basingstoke and Andover.
  6. There is no Sainsbury's in Whitchurch so I had to go to Basingstoke. B Road on the way there. A303 on way back. Got the Turbo guage unstuck!
  7. No just a big set of loppers and a lot of grunting.
  8. Saw you on the ring road today (28.02.21) while in my Esprit about 10:30. On my way to Sainsbury's (eventually)
  9. Go to Sainsbury's. Preferably 4 towns away. See "What made you happy?" thread.
  10. Has anyone ever tried to get one off of a Noble? It is at the bottom of the engine and is taller than the clearance between the car and the drive. It took two of us four hours to get it out!
  11. If you are then do you need to see the effort on my Choisya Bush over the last two weekends? The exposed soil is how far I have cut back.
  12. Went to Sainsbury's this morning... In the Esprit!
  13. I use the cheaper Puma driving shoes (£40?) usually from JD sports. They look somewhere between a trainer and a formal shoe with a very thin sole. Size 10/11 feet and they help me fit in the pedal box of an 84 turbo Esprit. Very comfortable and mean I only hit one pedal at a time - unless I want to do otherwise!
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