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    Driving my Lotus cars, drinking beer, watching football, eating cheese. Not all at the same time.

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  1. Fascinating! And to think of one of them running around with his "head" on fire!
  2. Never mind Kenny. We had a good chat and decided the Mayfly on 23rd April. Hopefully see you then.
  3. Meeting with the bank manager?
  4. 2003 S2 111S is exempt! All it has do do is get over the damned speed humps that are spreading everywhere!
  5. I hit a pallet on the motorway in France a couple of years ago and bent my front nearside. I could only carry on with my spare. This was when I found out that only the spare would fit in the front boot and the front tyre had to go in the rear boot. I had to take all my packing out to put the spare in the rear, then repack everything in the front. So, if you are doing the same sort of trip make sure that you factor that in with the size of bags that you are using. I drove around for a fortnight on the spare and had the front wheel fixed when I got back to the UK. Thank goodness for a spare wheel and for a mate who had a tyre brace (I had a jack but no brace - I have fixed that now!)
  6. Bought from a gypsy encampment?
  7. I applied directly to Beaulieu, pointing out that the Turbo Esprit was a Supercar and they said "fine" and gave me a two day drivers pass. Try it.
  8. 2019 now up on their Facebook page.
  9. I wish I could do the spannering. I just lack the skills and the tools. Probably the time and the facilities too. Oh -and the knowledge. But apart from that.........
  10. Hi Mark I am not sure f this will be helpful in your situation but my right hand motor (1984 Turbo Esprit) would occasionally keep rotating so that the light would keep popping up and down. Quite amusing but not very practical! I swapped the right hand motor out for one that I had lying around (that is another story) but the same happened. I then put the old right hand one in the left hand position and the problem was fixed. (I say "I" but I mean Cos at Sportomotive - he tells me that it is quite common for one motor to cause a problem on the other side) As I say - probably not helpful to you, but thought I would share it! Cheers Kevin
  11. And my wife learnt to drive in an automatic Metro. About as far removed from a St Tropez Esprit as you can get. (She cannot drive my Esprit as she passed her test in the automatic!)
  12. Picked my 30 year old Esprit from Rochdale in November and drove back to Hampshire. Hardly any problems at all. Do it! You will love it!
  13. Is that better? The scan isn't brilliant but the pictures were probably taken on a Kodak Brownie! I had no idea this was so rare when I snapped it
  14. Looking through old photos I came across these from, I think, a Silvestone GP in the early eighties. This is about thirty years before I bought my first Lotus and I didn't really know what I was snapping S22C-819012822381.pdf S22C-819012822380.pdf Hold on while I try to work out how to upload files!
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