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  1. No idea, @DaveC72. Missed the last one and currently in France until Muntil (unless they change the rules on re-entering the UK. Not seen any sign of a meet on here.
  2. Mine does exactly what the OP describes. I always reset the trip meter and fill up at about 360 miles.
  3. "There are only two things you can believe in a newspaper - the date and the price"
  4. It is. You.must have been early. I was just getting the overnight dust off!
  5. A friend who lives in Poole wants to go to Birmingham. He suggested that they go in another mate's Jag EV. Second mate declined. His Jag won't make it in one charge! (My Esprit will on one tank!)
  6. Yep. That is mine. What made me happy today? To finally stop talking about cars after spending three days showing off my two babies! My voice can now get a rest.
  7. What a lovely thing for her to do. Must show that she considers you her dad. If you consider her your daughter and love her like one, why wouldn't you?
  8. Mine was the silver series 2 Elise. The Evoras were on the Lotus Drivers Club stand near the Sporting Bears.
  9. Say hello @windymiller I am on the Club Lotus stand!
  10. A propos lawnmowers: I bought a battery flymo last year for various reasons. I went to use it at the start of this year and the batteries were dead. Flymo are unable to supply replacements and I can find no alternative. So, £300 up the Swanee and had to buy another. Went for a Gtech. They, at least, list replacement batteries (at a third of the price of the whole mower). Imagine when you scale it up to cars!
  11. Thanks for all your good wishes. I will give you the gruesome details of the op when we next meet! I have now given up Doom Bar and will stick to Ringwood, Pete.
  12. Thanks mate but the surgery was only last Tuesday and I still feel pretty rubbish.
  13. Sorry, guys. I cannot make tomorrow. Since the last meet I have had surgery for a detached retina and cannot drive at present. I may be in France next month, so, see you in October!
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