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  1. We are now booked for the 11th December at the William Walker pub in Winchester (upstairs room). Can you please order your meals using the following link: Food order So far: Me, @techyd, @kennyn, @Simon Gooding + Tommy, @michaeljt ? if he can make the 11th. Waiting to hear from: @peteyg, @pbharcourt, @eeyoreish, @The Pits, @DaveC72 and anyone else I have forgotten - Nelly? anyone I have not met from the meetings I have missed..... etc .... Pete the lampost fiend! See you all tomorrow!
  2. Hi Chaps It appears that they want to put us in the bar on the 12th, which is not ideal! Can we do the 11th when we can have a table in the room upstairs or would you prefer another venue? Thanks Kevin
  3. If I knew anything, I would resent that remark. This is the ultimate interior - everything I need and nothing I don't
  4. I will be there tomorrow. Currently experiencing some issues with a table, so we might need to change things a little. Leave it with me and I will update!
  5. I have booked a table for 8 of us on the 12th December. Latest start I could get was 7 p.m. on the website. I might be able to negotiate a later start time when I speak to them. I suspect the usual food booking malarkey will happen! I am sure that I can increase/decrease the booking as we go. A lift would be good, please Kenny. Not sure if you can get Pete in the Exige too, though!
  6. Oops! I have been reminded that I have not booked the usual Christmas dinner at the William Walker in Winchester. Anybody up for it on 12th December?
  7. Do you need them because the original lugs are broken? There is a great fix for that if you replace the lugs with Terry clips.
  8. I take it Dean came second and is just shorter than Paul?
  9. Talk to @DaveC72 he might lend you his! Talk to @DaveC72 he might lend you his!
  10. Hi David I bought a 40,000 miler k series 111s in July 2000 (53 plate) I drove it monthly from Hampshire to Norfolk for over 3 years and did not regret one mile of it. Even driving on a motorway was a pleasure and, sitting in traffic, it only took a glance at the logo in the middle of the steering wheel to bring that grin back onto my face. I still have that car and am going to Club Lotus in it this morning. It now has 122,000 miles on the clock. There is no reason it cannot carry on. There are cars on here with more than 200,000. The feeling that I get from driving it has not changed. It is a fantastic car! You will see from posts by Exiges and Evora owners that, no matter how good or fast their cars, they respect the ability and sheer fun of an Elise. The car has not been trouble free. You will have heard about head gaskets and radiators, but once these have been sorted, these cars are relatively low maintenence. But bear in mind that they are low volume, hand made, high performance sports cars and do need looking after. In my opinion you seriously need to buy one. It is great fun on a motorway it is unbelievable fun on the twisty bits. And youe eyesight will improve looking out for speed cameras (sorry, safety cameras) and gentlemen (and women) wearing blue uniforms. Buy one. Have fun. You will not regret it. Kevin
  11. We can't go to the Race Centre without Paul. What competition would we have? (Apart from Tommy, of course).
  12. That is the one! I am glad that I cleaned her!
  13. You can just see the Esprit in amongst all the others!
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