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    Driving my Lotus cars, drinking beer, watching football, eating cheese. Not all at the same time.

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    Kevin W
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    Elise 111S S2, Turbo Esprit
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    Whitchurch, Hampshire. England
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  1. Kevin Wheeler

    Hampshire Christmas gathering

    Table is booked from 19:00. See you any time around then.
  2. Oops. Sorry. Not up to date with modern language.
  3. @pbharcourt - a free upgrade for you - if you can prove you are actually a fireman - rather than just telling us tall tales!
  4. Kevin Wheeler

    Hampshire Christmas gathering

    Cheers Nelly is in. That makes 13 of us - anyone superstitious?
  5. Kevin Wheeler

    Hampshire Christmas gathering

    @Nelly I am checking with the pub but I think that we have until 3rd December to add people, so you should be OK. @DaveC72 Will do. I only need the £10 deposit that I have paid so far. The balance is payable on the night. (The deposit can wait too, if you like!)
  6. Kevin Wheeler

    Grey Evora Whitchurch

    Spotted in the car park opposite my house - in Whitchurch, Hampshire. AU10 **N Let me know if you fancy a coffee!
  7. Kevin Wheeler

    Speed bumps and ramps

    Have you tried driving over them diagonally? This allows the wheel to hit before the splitter. I do this on my 111s with a later splitter added.
  8. Kevin Wheeler

    TLF Indoor/Outdoor Covers for Evora...

    @Spinney your garage is a disgrace! The spacing on those rally plates is completely uneven!
  9. Kevin Wheeler

    Scams and stuff

    Have you tried reporting it to Action Fraud? They deal with online scams etc.
  10. Kevin Wheeler

    Hants meet up

    He has been offered more than he paid for it three years ago and is test driving one on Monday. I think he is keen to get a Lotus again!
  11. Kevin Wheeler

    Hants meet up

    How about Monday 12th? Which country do you reckon @DaveC72 will pretend to be in?
  12. Kevin Wheeler

    Hants meet up

    Nice and easy for me. Even easier for Peter M. He only lives a mile away. He may be in a new Elise since the blue one has been written off by the insurers. Any suggestions for a date?
  13. Kevin Wheeler

    Hants meet up

    I will come. Monday is still on too.
  14. Kevin Wheeler

    Hants meet up

    Evening. Probably for an hour.
  15. Kevin Wheeler

    Hants meet up

    Yep. How many do you need?