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    Driving my Lotus cars, drinking beer, watching football, eating cheese. Not all at the same time.

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    Kevin W
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    Elise 111S S2, Turbo Esprit
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  1. Kevin Wheeler

    Turbo Esprit!

    Well done mate. Shame about the colour!
  2. Kevin Wheeler

    Hants meet up

    SO2 3LS. Wonston arms. Just north of Winchester.
  3. Kevin Wheeler

    Hants meet up

    Ok. I will let you know if i get it back on the 25th.
  4. Kevin Wheeler

    Hants meet up

    If you recall from driving it - a small amount of play in the steering - maybe the UJ and the brakes judder a bit. Since I am taking it round the Le Mans Classic track in a couple of weeks I thought I would get them fixed. I am away next week so hopefully I can get it back on Monday 25th. Assuming so you can come and drive it after work. I will PM you on the 25th.
  5. Kevin Wheeler

    Hants meet up

    I'll be there. Definitely in the Elise. Maybe @eeyoreish can bring my Esprit if I get it back from Sportomotive on Monday 25th (steering and brakes!) Perhaps @Spinney can make it this month?
  6. Kevin Wheeler

    Fuel Level Warning

    Your balance pipe (I think that is the right term!) must be blocked . My tanks both empty together and it does not matter which side I fill up from. These days I just wince at the price! £97 last time!
  7. Kevin Wheeler

    Fuel Level Warning

    My fuel gauge is pretty useless too. So, I always: take both filler caps off; fill up to the top; let the tank vent several times and keep filling; reset the trip meter; think about filling up after about 320 miles. Then fill up anywhere in the next 60 miles. I usually then get 65 - 75 litres in. Which leave me about a 10 litre margin. This has worked so far, but one day, I am sure I will come a cropper!
  8. Kevin Wheeler

    NA Esprit S3 choke operation

    Quite true, Andy. I have a roundabout about 50 yards away to the left and you do need to be a little careful with the throttle to avoid stalling. However, if I turn right out of the driveway - it is about 8 miles of country road to the next junction, so much better!
  9. Kevin Wheeler

    NA Esprit S3 choke operation

    I have a 1984 S3 Turbo with Dellorto 45's. My choke cable has always been disconnected, so have never used it. My starting procedure is: Turn on ignition Pump accelerator 4 times Hold accelerator half way down Turn key Engine turns over 6/7 times Hey presto! loud noise out of back of car Neighbours complain about loud exhaust SWMBO tells me to keep the noise down. I drive off with great big smile on face.
  10. Kevin Wheeler

    Esprit Picture & Video Thread

    Was Ermintrude original too?
  11. Kevin Wheeler

    Hants meet up

    Can't do the 7th or the 18th to the 22nd otherwise any time! 1974 GP cars suits me fine. Not so sure about being put in a steel tank. Is there a door? And a bar?
  12. Kevin Wheeler

    Pretty Esprit Spotted (Thatcham)

    Thank you!
  13. Kevin Wheeler

    Pretty Esprit Spotted (Thatcham)

    Yep. That is me! My brother in law in the picture and the window does need a little bit of help. Must get round to greasing it!
  14. Kevin Wheeler

    Hants meet up

    Sounds good to me. I can make the 21st this month or the 4/11/25 June.
  15. Kevin Wheeler

    Hants meet up

    The clutch went on the Esprit on Sunday so I am not going to Ypres tonight. I am, however, going to the Sir Alec Rose (in my wife's Yeti!) to see my mates off. If I get the clutch fixed this week, I will go to Ypres on Friday using the tunnel instead. Another one of the cars has had to drop out too (lost passport) so the line up looks like: Baby Elan, M100 and 2 x Elise tonight!