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    Driving my Lotus cars, drinking beer, watching football, eating cheese. Not all at the same time.

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  1. Kevin Wheeler

    Hants meet up

    He has been offered more than he paid for it three years ago and is test driving one on Monday. I think he is keen to get a Lotus again!
  2. Kevin Wheeler

    Hants meet up

    How about Monday 12th? Which country do you reckon @DaveC72 will pretend to be in?
  3. Kevin Wheeler

    Hants meet up

    Nice and easy for me. Even easier for Peter M. He only lives a mile away. He may be in a new Elise since the blue one has been written off by the insurers. Any suggestions for a date?
  4. Kevin Wheeler

    Hants meet up

    I will come. Monday is still on too.
  5. Kevin Wheeler

    Hants meet up

    Evening. Probably for an hour.
  6. Kevin Wheeler

    Hants meet up

    Yep. How many do you need?
  7. Kevin Wheeler

    The Evora 400 Diaries

    This wasn't Jonny. He still has his. Maybe I misunderstood the post.
  8. Is this any use to you, Steve? It is a bit battered!
  9. Kevin Wheeler

    Esprit fuel economy

    My 84 G Turbo does between 20 - 25 mpg. 32-35 on a V8 sounds great. How did you manage to keep it down to 80? Was that through a village?
  10. Kevin Wheeler

    Hants meet up

    Sorry. I was looking at November. What about the 15th October? Since my son gets married on the 20th I definitely would be in the doghouse if I went out on the 19th!
  11. Kevin Wheeler

    Hants meet up

    How about the 19th of October? We can still do the Chairmakers if you can assure me that it is in Hampshire! ☺️
  12. Kevin Wheeler

    Hampshire Christmas gathering

    @Bibs has booked his meal, so he is coming! Turkey and Christmas Pudding are proving pretty popular at the moment. @The Pits seems to be maintaining radio silence. I did try emailing him too!
  13. Kevin Wheeler

    Hampshire Christmas gathering

    Cheers Dean. It is a good menu IMHO.
  14. Kevin Wheeler

    Hampshire Christmas gathering

    Just follow the link to order. It worked for me. I have no objections to your son coming. I will just need to increase the numbers with the pub, but we have plenty of time. Yes, you can give me the deposit at our next meeting.
  15. Kevin Wheeler

    Hampshire Christmas gathering

    Dear All (I see that @davec72 has included his Bibsness, but I am not sure if this is true!) It is time to choose your December dinner. Please use the following link: If you could bring £10 for your deposit to our next meet, it would help my drinking fund. Thanks. FYI @The Pits has not responded to email or the thread. My mate Peter who does not do Forums is coming too, if that is OK with everyone. Cheers Kevin PS Somehow I could not send this as a PM, so @Simon Gooding please note!