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    Driving my Lotus cars, drinking beer, watching football, eating cheese. Not all at the same time.

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    Kevin W
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    Elise 111S S2, Turbo Esprit
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    Whitchurch, Hampshire. England
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  1. Kevin Wheeler

    '85 TE checkover

    My 84 TE is about 2 mm down all the way round. Never noticed before!
  2. Kevin Wheeler

    Hants meet up

    It will be good to see you Brent. It is Stroud on the A272.
  3. Kevin Wheeler

    Hants meet up

    Fine by me. See you there.
  4. Kevin Wheeler

    Evora GT430

    The early part is in the New Forest. The last part looks like Salisbury Plain. It also looks like my wife's Skoda!
  5. Kevin Wheeler

    When/Why did you Fall in Love with (Your) Lotus?

    I had one running when I took my Esprit down the Mulsanne straight at 120 mph . If I could work out how to chop the video down, I would post some of it up. Sorry for the thread drift. I fell in love with my Esprit as soon as I saw it in the dealers in Rochdale (just to try to get back on topic!)
  6. Kevin Wheeler

    Waving and/or giving a thumbs up

    I always wave at a Lotus or flash my lights if I am in the Elise - Evoras definitely included. I don't flash the lights in the Esprit - they have usually got half a mile past me by the time the lights come up!
  7. Caistor Hall - interesting! Maximum of four people in the Bridal Suite. Double wedding perhaps?
  8. Kevin Wheeler

    Hants meet up

    I can do Monday and Wednesday that week. Seven Stars is fine.
  9. Kevin Wheeler

    Hants meet up

    Sounds Good. I can make it by about 18:30.
  10. Kevin Wheeler

    Hants meet up

  11. Kevin Wheeler

    Finally have an Evora!

    @techyd - welcome and have a look at the Hampshire section. Some of us are meeting at the Drift Inn near Beaulieu on Tuesday.
  12. Kevin Wheeler

    Hants meet up

    Fine by me. See you there. Anybody else coming?
  13. Kevin Wheeler

    Hants meet up

    Sounds good to me! Sounds good to me! Monday 23rd? Monday 23rd? Drift Inn? Drift Inn?
  14. Kevin Wheeler

    A favour in Stockholm, 11th August

    Sorry, mate. I am in Oxfordshire that day and even the Esprit is not fast enough to get there and back in time for the concert! ☺️
  15. Kevin Wheeler

    Camping Chargers

    Use a battery pack and ask some soft southerner (such as me) to charge it in his hotel overnight!