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  1. Wrong night. Unfortunately I don't think I can make tomorrow. Babysitting duties.
  2. The draw is on the official opening on the 29th August. Winner announced shortly afterwards.
  3. Not too far from me or @peteyg. Do you know which Esprit she wants to go in? A Giugario or a Stephen's?
  4. @Simon Fuller If you do not want to post your general location on here, send one of us a personal message and we may be able to put you in touch with someone who can help. (Click on the profile picture and use the message icon.)
  5. Was that you @peteyg outside Whitchurch this morning? With the furious flashing I thought the boys in blue were round the corner!
  6. Whereabouts are you? Some kind soul with an Esprit might take her out for a drive!
  7. I thought I saw you as I was leaving @The Pits. I was trying to be responsible in the New Forest! We had a good day on Saturday. As you say, all Lotus cars parked together. I was next to a beautiful grey GT430. Hope you all got to meet Nigel (the owner) on Sunday too.
  8. @Techyd same as my Elise, Dean.
  9. Oh dear! Hope there was no damage to you or Tommy.
  10. Not via Stockbridge I take it! Missing out on the meet again!
  11. Hi Tony It is still on. We usually meet from 19:30 onwards. We would be delighted to meet another Lotus fan. Regards Kevin
  12. Take the Elise away for a fortnight. That limits your packing!
  13. I know you use it....... ........just not more than 20 miles a time!
  14. As a reminder we agreed on the 15th July at the pub in Stockbridge that we went to previously - the Three Cups Inn - for our next meeting. And the William Walker pub again for Christmas! I will try to sort a date.
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