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  1. NCL 465V. Didn't get shot. Terry McCann did!
  2. Brief glimpse of a series 2 Esprit. Just about to get its windows blown in, I think.
  3. It looks like the ICO is gradually getting through all the Limited Companies that have not either registered or informed the Commissioner that there is no fee to pay. So, 100% of Limited Companies. I get 4 or 5 a week, then have to explain to clients that it is not a scam (well, not a criminal one - OK not an illegal one) and that they have to do it to avoid getting into more trouble. Takes up a lot of my time that the client is not going to pay for!
  4. Imagine how many letters the accountants are getting! (Clue- loads!)
  5. No. It is not. Yes. I am. You would only pay tax if you were a trader. Then it would be income tax.
  6. I have just had a call from my mechanic telling me that this needs to be done on my 84 Turbo. Looks like I should expect a big bill.
  7. Wish I could, but 20? that ship has long since sailed!
  8. It is the 3 Cups. Ignore Dave. It is a shame when it takes them so young!
  9. You are most welcome at the Christmas Dinner Michael. If you could PM me your choices from the menu above, I would be grateful And I could also do witht he choices from anyone esle who has not let me know, please. November is disappearing. Any suggestions for a beer meet?
  10. It can wait until the next meeting, Paul. Any ideas for that, anyone?
  11. Thanks for posting this, @DaveC72 Now I am back in the country, can you please PM me your menu choices. So far, I have Chris, Dean, Kenny, Simon and Paul. Thanks
  12. I did but I can't do anything just now. I am sure it is on the website. Further details next week!
  13. They are probably not on this forum.
  14. This morning at Thruxton after the rain had cleared away.
  15. Sorry to hear that Kenny. Hope she has a better day. Deb and I managed to get there.
  16. Sorry to hear that Kenny. Hope she has a better day.
  17. Deb says to leave my jangly bells out of it!
  18. @DaveC72 you need to get to Whitchurch quickly. Your favourite form of entertainment is happening here. There is the faint jangling of bells as men in white gather to dance the Morris in memory of Paul Sartin - recently departed member of ths parish - in a folk festival this weekend. If you prefer, I could video all four hours of it for you to savour at your leisure? (Morris Porn!)
  19. There is one just come up on our local Club Lotus newsletter - 62K miles MY2010 - £27,950.
  20. Beer on the 25th, anyone? The Goat? Any other suggestions? Slight problem with the William Walker. We can book a Christmas Dinner any time up to 17:30. Then it is a Christmas Party with a minimum of 10 people. We struggle to get 10 each month, so have not booked anything yet. If we meet on the 25th, bring your ideas for a Christmas do, please (or how to find some more friends!)
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