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  1. This is where I keep my Esprit. And, yes, it is on a slope!
  2. I met my granddaughter (born on Friday) today.
  3. Hi Simon Sorry you haven't been following this thread. I have a few contacts in the aerospace industry, ask Tommy to ping me his CV. I cannot promise anything but I can try for him. I will PM my email for him, To all: Shall we go for the same venue on Wednesday 15th at 19:30 or did you want to try for a pub? Stay safe, stay well, drive a Lotus!
  4. Oh no! Looking forward to seeing the Armoured Landy next time!
  5. Didn't understand the last one but thanks!
  6. Weather is looking good for Wednesday night. How about the car park for the Bramshaw Cricket Club just outside Brook on the B3079? Come off Junction 1 of the M27 (Cadnam turn) - go north under the Motorway, through Brook then take the left fork just through the hamlet? About half a mile on your left, just over a rise, is the car park. Take the left fork in the car park. Bring a chair and your own beer/latte! 19:30?
  7. I have just changed the suspension on my 53 plate Elise for the first time at 122,000 miles. You probably have a few miles left.
  8. Who else thought the last line was slightly over the top?
  9. To use a technical meteorological term: weather looks a bit iffy this week. What about next Wednesday or Thursday?
  10. A real meeting! Two Lotus, two beers and a quick blast! Who is up for a meet now then?
  11. I have a 17 year old S2 elise that I have had for 10 years and still feel like that ^^ when I drive it. Welcome to our world. Buy one. You won't regret it!
  12. So it is all round to @peteyg this weekend then! How much beer did you buy Pete?
  13. Very nice indeed! Can't wait to see it! Now six of us can meet somewhere - we could take our own pop up pub!
  14. Had you been drinking when you took your photo @DaveC72?
  15. I know of a yellow over white Evora in Poole. Not sure if he would have been in the New Forest early. That is the closest I could get.
  16. I am sure the x-ray will be fine thanks @C8RKH. It was a 6 week check up after pneumonia. The Esprit came out of the factory as Ice Blue. I have a suspicion that it has been painted but I think it is still pretty close to Ice Blue. Even though I say so myself it is stunning in the flesh!
  17. Went for a chest x-ray today. In my Esprit! Took the long way home!
  18. Errrr..... would an 84 Esprit be allowed on the road trip? I will try not to hold you up too [email protected]
  19. I am improving day by day thanks @DaveC72. Apparently it takes two months to get over pneumonia and I can believe it. i am not furloughed, nor are any of my staff. Believe it or not, accountants are quite in demand at the moment, since we seem to be able to help people get free money. Strange that, isn't it? My wife is quite safe with me since she won't let me unload the dishwasher and is even threatening to mow the lawn again on Saturday. The cars have come out of their garage a couple of times, but only to be cleaned and a tiny bit of maintenance. Like you I am just going to go for a drive soon. If I drive Deb to Tesco's and wait while she is in the shop, that is OK isn't it? Looking forward to dragfest or whatever you call it! (I might need a comfier field though.) ...... and a pint! Cheers. Look after yourselves!
  20. I finally got round to glueing my boot carpets into my 84 TE today. Does that count?
  21. Definitely my top two live bands. Springsteen first Meatloaf a very close second. I hope you have more Springsteen in your top 12. Certainly no more Meatloaf. The rest were just the same again.
  22. With you there Paul. Although I have only seen him 8 or 9 times. Pretty sure I was at the Wembley one in 85 too. The other tape I wore out was Bat out of Hell. My parents must have been really fed up with my music.
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