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  1. It is a very professional job. It belongs to my mate, Terry. You are correct Jim, he had to extend the body by (I thought it was 4 but it may have been) 6 inches. I believe that he got the engine from a Jensen, but I am not sure how it got into the Jensen in the first place. Did they use them for a period? @jonwatis correct, it is not the original dash. Terry is a carpernter and did all the veneering by hand. The centre console is a thing of beauty. You cannot see it on the photo, but I remember there being some wonderful inlay in there. I haven't seen it for a year due to the "you know what", but it is a thing of beauty - if not at all original!
  2. Perhaps a mod could just rename it Hampshire Meet?
  3. Mine was in the public car park on Thursday.
  4. Just to confirm - my ceritficate of provenance has the factory fitted sunroof noted in the options section. The white one's doesn't.
  5. Thought I would put this on here too, since the Virtual thread may not be appropriate any more! How about Tuesday 17 August at the Cromwell Arms in Romsey? Fuller's pub. Is that OK with you @peteygProbably serve a nice pint of HSB.
  6. Indeed. How about Tuesday 17 August at the Cromwell Arms in Romsey? Fuller's pub. Is that OK with you @peteygProbably serve a nice pint of HSB.
  7. Good. Don't know where it was then. Maybe a train to London/Wembley last week then.
  8. Did anybody else from this dinner get told to self-isolate from their Covid 19 app. Pete M and I did. Don't worry. We have tested negative. We do not have it. Just wondering where we went to get pinged. Can only think it was Friday. Hope everyone is OK.
  9. Just back from the Christmas party. We decided the next meet would be at the Bull at Ovington on the 13th July.
  10. They are playing Christmas music for us!
  11. Yep. 19:30 Me, Simon, Pete Gentili, Pete Mussellwhite, Dean and Kenny. Think @DaveC72 and @pbharcourt need to book a table for the two of them! I could not book a second table chaps. Sorry. Or I could delay the booking a month?
  12. Only thing arranged at thte moment is the Christmas Party on Friday week. However, that is fully booked for 6 of us! Nothing else in the calendar. If you would like to suggest something? Perhaps in the New Forest so that @StonerUKcan join us?
  13. That would be great, thanks, @peteyg. If you could manage an hour this week, I would be really grateful (I am going away on the 27th with any luck). I will have some beer ready!
  14. Read up about. Wonston Arms on Wednesday.
  15. Thanks Paul. What I actually need to do is tighten the bottom Allen bolt in the (near vertical) guide rail. So I think that I need to undo the motor so that I can slide the arm out of the runner so that I can lift the glass over the Allen bolt to tighten it. I may have a go myself and see how many bolts I can lose before handing it over to someone competent!
  16. We did this (and more) last September. We stopped in Shap, but I would recommend just going a bit further to the lakes (Windemere looks lovely). We then stayed in a hotel overlooking the flight of locks just outside Fort William. I would recommend that (can't think of the name just yet but there is only one!) I did it from Hampshire in my Esprit. You will love it in your Evora! The Loch Ness Experience is a bit touristy but very well done.
  17. Hi Pete Did you get your motor removed and how easy is it to do? I need to access one of the Allen screws in the lift guide bar (is that the right way to describe it?) behind the glass to tighten it up since it is fouling on the lift mechanism. I can get the door card off to see the problem, but is it worth a numpty like me trying to fix it or is it best just giving it to the garage and paying someone to take away my headache (and cold right ear)? Or is there a better way to do it, such as, lift the glass out of the mechanism, then slot it back in again? Thanks Kevin (the confused numpty)
  18. Not jealous at all Brent. You obviously had a great day! Congratulations!
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