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  1. Yeah, something like that. 19:15-19:30.
  2. Club Lotus and LDC (wessex branches) have their club run starting from there. There should be 20 to 30 of our cars, I should think.
  3. How about next Tuesday (10th) at the Goat in Timsbury?
  4. @pbharcourt can't do Mondays, @Simon Gooding can't do Wednesdays. What Tuesday/Thursday are you in the country @DaveC72? Where and when shall we go next? Thursday 19th? The Goat at Timsbury?
  5. We were very pleased to join your group for a chat and display. You have some great cars! Hope you enjoyed your drive out. The roads in NI are epic!
  6. Hi Ryan The three of us are still planning on arriving in Ballyclare (from Hampshire) on Thursday night. Apparently, our mate has a trip round the Antrim coast planned for us on Friday. Assuming that we are back in time, we should be able to pop over to Junction One. It is only half an hour away, I think. Cheers Kevin
  7. Mine are plugged in the distributor 3 (your 2 on the dizzy) 1 (your 4 on the dizzy) 4 (your 1 on the dizzy) 2 (your 3 on the dizzy) Looks like the same order that you have, just starting at a different place - which I assume makes no difference
  8. Fine by me too. I could be there by about 18:30, I reckon (Zoom meeting at 17:30!)
  9. Over to you @peteyg. I think it is your contact at the Wonston Arms. Easter Monday or the one after?
  10. Well, we missed March. Have we given up beer?
  11. I use Footman James. 84 TE. Agreed value £40K. Premium under £300. 10,000 miles p.a. Plus £75 for European Breakdown. Best £75 I spend each year! (Peace of mind while I am in France!)
  12. Yep that is Simon in the Baby Elan and Mick in the M100.
  13. That would be Mick from New Milton and Simon from Christchurch. On their way to or from our Club Lotus meet. (They are not on TLF)
  14. We have lived in the same grade 2 listed property for nearly 30 years. My advice would be to involve the Listed Buildings officer if you need to do anything. We have: turned a Coach House into an office; replaced a 60's lean to with a light airy garden room, replaced the drive and just finished refurbishing a porch. Plus other stuff I don't want to/can't remember. It is a bit more expensive to get stuff done. But I live in a house with lovely dimensions, great big rooms and great decorative plasterwork/fireplaces etc. It is worth it IMHO. Much better than living in a new build (not that I ever have - other than the 60's council house my parents moved into when I was born!) You are welcome to pop in @Bibs when you come to Thruxton if that is not too late. Or ask me about it when we are there. (And the VAT saving on improvements went many years ago!)
  15. Nothing arranged @Simon Gooding. Anyone any suggestions?
  16. So it is. How about the cricketers just down the road towards Whitchurch? Still in Longparish.
  17. Great to hear. Hope all goes well!
  18. Looks like we need a beer to celebrate someone's 50th! @DaveC72 See you next week at the Plough, Dave?
  19. Happy 50th Dave! We need beer! When are you in the country?
  20. Sorry. I do not understand concepts such as "half term". Since that will affect a lot of you youngsters, would someone like to suggest a different date?
  21. I am sorry that we did not see the three of you last night. I hope that your Covid is mild and passes quickly Dean and Pete. Hope your work calms down, Dave. Sorry, weldng? Me? Hee hee! Next month - Tuesday 22nd? It was suggested that we go to the Plough at Longparish again? Any takers? Problems? Better ideas?
  22. Never mind "newtwork" - wonder what they do there?
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