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  1. Not too far from me or @peteyg. Do you know which Esprit she wants to go in? A Giugario or a Stephen's?
  2. @Simon Fuller If you do not want to post your general location on here, send one of us a personal message and we may be able to put you in touch with someone who can help. (Click on the profile picture and use the message icon.)
  3. Was that you @peteyg outside Whitchurch this morning? With the furious flashing I thought the boys in blue were round the corner!
  4. Whereabouts are you? Some kind soul with an Esprit might take her out for a drive!
  5. I thought I saw you as I was leaving @The Pits. I was trying to be responsible in the New Forest! We had a good day on Saturday. As you say, all Lotus cars parked together. I was next to a beautiful grey GT430. Hope you all got to meet Nigel (the owner) on Sunday too.
  6. @Techyd same as my Elise, Dean.
  7. Oh dear! Hope there was no damage to you or Tommy.
  8. Not via Stockbridge I take it! Missing out on the meet again!
  9. Hi Tony It is still on. We usually meet from 19:30 onwards. We would be delighted to meet another Lotus fan. Regards Kevin
  10. Take the Elise away for a fortnight. That limits your packing!
  11. I know you use it....... ........just not more than 20 miles a time!
  12. As a reminder we agreed on the 15th July at the pub in Stockbridge that we went to previously - the Three Cups Inn - for our next meeting. And the William Walker pub again for Christmas! I will try to sort a date.
  13. Love it. Not sure about the dodgy photo (and I don't mean the car!) Happy Birthday!
  14. "Hoping to get the cars out soon, they are sat in the garage looking very neglected!" Does this mean we will see @The Pits on Thursday? Will it be the Esprit or the Evora?
  15. Just to confuse matters, my 84 TE has the aerial on the passenger side!
  16. I can confirm that Cos is still awesome! He found and fixed the wire that caused me a problem. No more lumpy running, no excessive fuel consumption. The drive back was wonderful through the Hampshire countryside. The drive down was a different matter - stuck on the A34 (3 miles in one hour twenty minutes) in a Renault Clio.
  17. I agree @jep. Trying to save two two hour round trips just gave me grief! And I will confirm Cos' awesomeness once I have driven the car tomorrow!
  18. Thanks for your advice, people! I have taken it to Sportomotive in Bournemouth who had the correct piece of kit. He looked at the machine and found that the MAP sensor was giving incorrect readings at idle. Cos had had a similar fault with another Elise recently and the problem with that was an issue with the wiring loom. He has just phoned me and let me know that it was the same intermittent fault with mine that meant that my VVC valves were in the wrong position for idle, so when I was giving it some "beans" it was acting fine, but when I slowed down it was running really rich and lumpy. Apparently: fix the loom problem - fix the running problem! Brilliant! Hopefully, I can pick it up tomorrow and see if that has fixed it all! On the bright side I should not need any sensors changing for a long time now!
  19. Kevin Wheeler


    I am taking my Turbo Esprit. Probably not going on track but I will take my tin can to reduce the db to under 100 in case I change my mind.
  20. Thanks Eric. That does seem to be what the car "thinks". Oh, for a carburettor!
  21. It looks like they fitted the ECU coolant temp sensor - which presumably should tell the ECU the right number even if the dashboard is showing the wrong number. Thanks Dave. I think it is a trip to the specialist needed! Thanks Dave
  22. Hi there I wonder if any of you people can help me, please? I have an 03 plate 111s with the K series VVC engine. A little while ago I noticed that the display was not showing much of a temperature after a decent trip. Usually the display comes on at 71 then goes up to around 86 on the move, rises slightly into the nineties, when stationary, then the fans cut in. However, now, I am lucky if it reaches 80 degrees on the move. Recently the car started to cough and splutter when stopped at the lights and I had to keep revving it to stop it stalling. I have also noticed that my fuel economy has decreased from 32 - 35 mpg to 25 mpg. It has been into the local garage (not a Lotus specialist) and they have replaced the pre and post cat lambda sensors and the temperature sensor. They also changed the spark plugs because they were rather black with carbon. They have checked the coil and the leads and the fuel regulator. All seem to be normal. they tried a new MAP sensor and this changed nothing. I have just taken it for a run (about 15 miles) and the temperature again only displayed up to 75 degrees on the run. Back on my drive it reached the early 80s whereas it normally reaches 95/96. Again, the engine was running very lumpy on tickover and needed a bit of encouragement to stay alive. Basically, it feels as if the choke is permanently out and the engine is over fuelling because it thinks it is cold! I also noticed that on tickover both exhausts pipes were exhausting, when I am sure that the drivers side should only come on once the engine reaches 4,500 rpm. Both exhaust pipes are black with carbon. Again, this is unusual. Does anybody have any ideas what might be wrong please? And what else to try? (It will go to the Lotus specialist next!) Thanks Kevin
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