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  1. HI Kim I am just north of Winchester. If you do not get a better offer, I have a Blue Turbo Esprit that everyone (not in the know) mistakes for the James Bond car, and would be happy to take your husband out for a ride. I am probably three quarters of an hour away, so if there is anyone closer who could do it, that would be better. Regards Kevin
  2. Hi Dan I am so glad that you got in touch. I absolutely love the car. I bought it last October and I have driven 8,000 miles in it since. I have taken it all round the country and up to Gretna Green for my brother's wedding. Then in September my wife and I went to the Dordogne with 7 couples from our Club Lotus. We then met up with the National Club Lotus is Normandy. That was 1,800 miles in three weeks. Unfortunately, the clutch gave out on the last day but one and it had to be recovered. Otherwise a fantastic three weeks! I would love to hear more about the car. I have lots of invoices from your time with the car and I realise that the engine has been changed to an HC. When did you do that? I have only had to have a couple of things done to it since I have had it - a wheel bearing and the Wastegate was stuck. I think that the overboost was giving me somewhere near 300 BHP. It was a bit of an animal. I have also had the air conditioning changed to the new gas. I need to replace the driver's door mirror since that looks like it was broken in the dim and distant past and repaired several times. That is my next job when I get it back - hopefully tomorrow. If you can work out how to send a PM then we can talk offline. Kind regards Kevin Wheeler
  3. Hi Martin I live in Whitchurch and my Turbo Esprit is currently in Sportomotive having the clutch sorted. I have been going there since I got my Elise in 2010. I would recommend them most highly. Cos and Dave are always working on Lotus cars and seem to know everything about all of them! If you get together for a tyre kick with Peteyg let me know and I will bring mine! Cheers Kevin
  4. I took my 84 Turbo to Castle Combe this year. (It is pictured in the Club Lotus mag) I only bought it in October 2013 and it still has some problems from standing in a garage for the last fourteen years. So, I do not recommend driving one in a monsoon round Castle Combe with a wastegate stuck open and with 20 year old tyres! Mind you, you do get to see parts of the track from a different perspective to usual. I will probably take it again next year and hope for better weather (wastegate is now fixed - new tyres soon, I think!)
  5. Hi Dean I have now registered on you website and paid for four of us to come up from the Wessex Area, Cheers Kevin
  6. Hi Daz I don't go to Goodwood very often. I belong to the Wessex Club Lotus group. We meet on the first Sunday of very month. In June we are meeting in Blandford then driving to Bowood House. Bit of a trek for you, I should think, but a very pleasant few hours drive for me - especially back along the A4. Looks like Wickham is closer for me than Guildford. You never know, one sunny Monday evening..........
  7. Hi Dean If you can let me know the cost and to where I can send I cheque, I will gladly cross your palm with Silver! Cheers Kevin
  8. HI Jason I have a Series 2 111S with the K series engine. The head gasket did give out at about 60,000, but, as Bibs said - £500 fixed it. It is a fantastic engine for the car. Revs very easily up to the limiter and I have had very few problems other than the head gasket. I have done 46,000 miles in 3 years and still get a smile on my face when I get in - and a bigger smile when I get out! Cheers Kevin
  9. Hi Jimi I went to Nice in 2011 in my Elise and, after allowing for meeting up with some mates and some dallying around, I did 1,700 miles. I am not sure what mileage you would get in your GT3, but I should aim for those sort of miles. That year we went on the peage. I cannot remember the cost in tolls, sorry. The last two years, I have been with our club and we have tended to ignore the motorways and just used the D roads. They were nice and clear when we went (in September) and a much better drive than a tedious motorway. Just add a B&B stop or two and enjoy the small towns in France. There are some great (and crazy!) B&Bs you can use at very cheap prices or you can stay in some wonderful chateaux for about €100 per night. We have ten cars going to the Dordogne this year and I will be using the Esprit (and wincing at the number of times I have to fill up, no doubt). Have fun! It will be a great time! Kevin
  10. Dean, you have four of us coming from the Wessex Area of Club Lotus. Between us we own an Elan +2, a baby Elan, 2 M100s, a Turbo Esprit, 2 Europas, 2 Series 1 Elises, a series 2 Elise. Hopefully we will bring out the older ones for you to satisfy your yearning for older cars. I couldn't get onto your online shop for some reason. How much do you want and how? PM me if you would like to. Regards Kevin
  11. Could do with one for a 1984 Turbo Esprit driver's side too, if you get anywhere with this!
  12. Hi Petrolveins I have a S2 111S too. Exactly same happened to me. New alternator fixed it. I had to jump mine a couple of times, then drove it 20 miles to the dealer and had to jump it again about 100 feet away from the entrance! No problems now with the new alternator. Sorry I took so long to reply. Only just seen the post. I have had mine three years and a bit. I have had the usual problems with a 10 year old car with a K series engine - Head Gasket/Water pump at 60K miles, leaking shocks and several repairs to the front of the bodywork after encounters with kerbs and speed bumps. Absolutely love driving it. Where shall I go tonight? Kevin
  13. If you want to see a reaction: go on holiday to France with six of your mates (all with a wife each!) in various Lotus cars from 1960s Elans all the way up to an Evora. We have had workmen standing by the side of the road applauding to whole villages stopping and staring as you drive through. What fun! This year we have nine cars going down to the Dordogne. It will be the first time in my Esprit. Really looking forward to the reaction!
  14. Well, if you will go skiing! I am free tomorrow. If you are in the shop I will pop over before you move to Odiham. Kevin
  15. I got one for my Esprit from (Sorry Bibs, didn't know you did them!) through Club Lotus with a 10% discount. As Bibs said, furry inside, four layers, breathable and waterproof. Only two straps, though. Not shiny,either!
  16. Hi Daz This is my first Esprit. I have had a S2 Elise 111S for three years and decided now was time to get an Esprit. I live in Whitchurch - about ten miles south of Newbury. Cheers Kevin
  17. I expect to be seeing Pete next week when I need to stock up from his shop again. If either of you are interested, I belong to Club Lotus and go to their monthly meetings. They are mostly based in the Poole area, but it gives me a good drive down to start a sunday morning. Next meting is on April 6th. Usually meet for a coffee then drive for an hour and a half to a pub. Life is hell! We do have other members in Oakley and Andover. They have an Elise each. Cheers Kevin
  18. I am taking my Turbo to Brooklands. Ian is going too, so I may persuade him to take that one!
  19. Thanks, Buddsy! I must work out how to use technology one day! Jonny -The Europa lives in Poole - not too far away and belongs to the leader of our Club Lotus group. One of his five - 2 Europas, two Elise and an M100.
  20. Not used this Photobucket thing before, so hope this works. Excuse the Europa on here - Just thought it is a good picture!
  21. Hi Pete I only live in Whitchurch. Happy to show you the car anytime! Cheers Kevin Wheeler
  22. I went to look at this one before Christmas. I am not mechanically minded, but it looked a bit tired to me. It did not have an MOT so it did not go out. The salesman started it and it sounded lovely. The leather seats were a bit worn (but it is 30 years old, so what would you expect!) the interior trim was a bit jaded and for some reason there was some red material-type tape on the sills that looked like it would take all the paint off when removed. I did think that the red interior would be a bit much to sit in for long journeys! It had plenty of receipts, so it looked like it had been maintained properly In the end, I decided against that one.
  23. Reserve list please?! 1. Choppa 2. auRouge - Evora 3. Kevin Wheeler - Esprit S3
  24. Hi Daz I think that was me. I had only had the car about a fortnight then. It is absolutely fantastic! Just come back from a Club Lotus run today.
  25. Are you still after a set of accounts, Bibs? I have just downloaded them from Companies House. Directors report states that £93M was charged to the Profit and Loss for 2013 I meant for R&D
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