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  1. Not quite sure how you found that @Barrykearley?
  2. I will book it tomorrow. They close at 20:00 on Sunday and 21:00 on Tuesday, according to their Facebook page.
  3. Anywhere along the A272 from Winchester to the south. If you are picking it up from Southampton then dive up the M3 to the Winnall junction then take the A272 back towards Petersfield and turn off back to Southampton when you feel like it. Or go from Southampton to Romsey to Winchester through Hursley, then two junctions North on the M3, then as above.
  4. Series 8 Episode 3 first aired March 2020 according to IMDB.
  5. Gentlemen I have confirmation that we have a table booked (indoors) at the William Walker for Friday 25th June for our 2020 Christmas Dinner. Unfortunately, there will nto be Turkey and we will probably have to order off of their menu. Those booked in are: Dean Kenny Pete Gentill Simon Peter Mussellwhite Moi I think that we will be allowed more than 6 on that date, so: does anyone need to drop out?; Would anyone else like to join us? Has anyone got any Christmas Crackers left over? Cheers Kevin Calling @DaveC72 @pbharcourt and anyone else.
  6. From 17 May: 30 people can meet outside 6 people indoors Can sit in a pub Dave can go to an exercise class. He needs a new experience!
  7. Great to see you all tonight. As a bonus - the roads were completely clear on the way home!
  8. Sorry to hear that Kenny. See you next time.
  9. I had all the system upgraded with new pipes for the new gas. It works and I get cold air. However, with the sunroof, it is like trying to air condition a greenhouse!
  10. Year to December 2019: Turnover £100m; losses in year (before tax) £10m; cumulative losses- £400m. This is for the group.
  11. Had a mileage claim refused have we?
  12. That is how it should be - isolated!
  13. Ideal opportunity to wear my ski trousers!
  14. Judging by your post count @C8RKH, I thought you had retired!
  15. No. Mine. Perfect in every way. (Especially the louvres).
  16. Don't think you did. I couldn't hear the fans.
  17. Gentlemen To resurect this thread and social event, I have contacted the William Wallace. They tell me that up until the 20th June, they can only accomodate 6 of us. After that date, the whole of TLF can go! Can I suggest Friday 25th June so that we can book for more than 6? Merry Christmas Kevin
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