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  1. I guess whether the v5 has been changed to his name or not will determine whether genuine purchase or simply trying to flip for profit
  2. Seller has 0 feedback and started the listing at a very odd amount (12664.58). Scam? Beautiful car - looks good value at the car auction hammer price
  3. Sold! Will be making it' way back to near it's birth place 40 years ago...
  4. Yep it's for sale! Its just so tight in the space Ive got I just cant do anything on it plus PITA geyting it in and out. Temporarily pulled the ad to sort the PAS that's decided to go uber light. The last car I had that got this much attention was a p4 replica. Espevially slammed in the car park...
  5. Happening on journey to Westerham- a trip to push my radius of reliability lol! It' gone crazy light - with the car stationary you can spin the steering wheel and it will keep spinning to either lock. Idea? Blocked return?
  6. Been chauffering this chap round in the sunshine....
  7. Thanks for this - yes everything I've read seems to suggest the bulk of time is spent cleaning and making sure faces are oil free so glad to hear they do work!
  8. Ah thanks man - got the ebay 'dispatched' note this morning but appreciate the offer. It's from eurocarb - the trumpet one - hopefully do the job. Tbh the most pics taken were kids standing next to it - kids seem to love it, marmite to the adults
  9. Two drive outs this weekend. First proper drive. Performed admirably. Was a popular photo opportunity at Cars and Coffee Museum of Power Maldon. Met a fellow Elite owner and learned much. Nice guy and very helpful. Surprised at how well the car sticks round the bends - inspires a lot of confidence despite ludicrously light power steering. Didn't ground out once - well only when it was parked and dumped the air. Lots to do. The fuel smell is strong and needs urgent sorting - I might rename the car the John Christie signature edition as it tries to gas me lol!
  10. Not yet - cam gaskets first on list but weather has stopped play. Where's the sun!
  11. So with a bit of sunshine myself and brother attacked the car. New OEM leads from SJ (made myself look an idiot moaning about the coil lead not having a the rubber boot fitted - SJ pointed out the car normally has a coil box so you have to thread it through first - so I looked a total idiot! No coil box on mine - apologies SJ) Attempted to start - not even a whiff off firing- plugs out. soaking wet. NGKs don't recover well from being fuel soaked I'm told so Bosch equivalents went in (brother had great delight in telling me they're lawn mower plugs). It was only attempting to start on neat
  12. Thanks for info- trim has been quite nicely brushed in the past so rather than take it off I'l go down scotch brite route I think. It' nowhere near standard anyway lol!
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