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  1. I'm still having issues with my headlamp switch I have no power going to it. I have another headlamp swtich and its a very different pin setup in the back.. Which one is correct?
  2. I have a hose like this hanging down in both foot wells. Is this normal? I'm guessing its for heating the footwells?
  3. Wow great idea! I totally forgot about radio keys. That will make things a lot easier. Jim
  4. I'm trying to removed my radio and I know need to remove the knobs off the climate control and remove the face plate. But how to I get the leather cover piece off? The book shows there are two screw but I can't see to get my hand back there.
  5. Headlight were working on my 1984 Turbo and now I have no power to the brown/blue wire on the headlight switch. The schematics shows there are three Brown/Blue wires that go to the headlights and the switch connected directly from the battery. My battery doesn't have these wires. I have one large red one going to the starter, one large red going inside the car and one brown. I checked to see of the headlight were on the starter and they are not. If I pull the stalk on the steering column the lights come on but the motors don't rotate. There is no power to fuse 15 that power comes off the brown/blue wire off the headlight switch which has no power. I also bought a new headlight switch and still no luck. And I checked the wiring harness behind the passages seat and I don't see the Brown/Blue wires. Help!
  6. I don't have a good answer for you I haven't gotten that far. I emailed SJ Sportscars they said I needed to buy a used rear cap and an O ring which I did. I wanted to have a heat shield made so when I bought it to the shop they had everything they needed. I wish I had a better answer maybe someone else can shed some light on what needs to happen. Jim
  7. I'm looking for a template for the turbo head shield. My car still has emission pulley wheel on it and I bought a new end cap to swap out it out with but would like to have the heat shield ready to give to the shop so they can do both at the same time. Jim
  8. I just pulled out my headlight switch on my 1984 Turbo switch. I have lost power to it and I don't know why? But my switch has a wire jumping to the other pin its not a separate wire. If anyone has any suggestions why I don't have power going to my switch? The two relays with the brown/blue wire have power to them. It was working fine and then nothing. Jim
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