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  1. I've tried it with the other cap off and didn't seem to change anything. Maybe if I put a funnel on the other side it would open it up and make it easier to vent? Its the back pressure the gas pump senses and thats what causes it to stop?
  2. A lot of work done in here. I bought new carpets I haven't put them in yet.
  3. Right now I'm in the middle of a re spray and thats why I'm worried about getting gas. I don't want have any gas spill. Here it is from a few years ago and its come along way. Just had the engine rebuild and its like new.
  4. I have a 1984 Lotus and live in the states and I have a hard time at the gas station filling up my car. If I don't fill it super slow it ends up spilling out. I'm not sure if this is everywhere or maybe the pumps in the US have a different nozzle with emissions? Has anyone updated the fuel collar to something more modern to work with the newer gas pumps. The gas neck is easy to get to and a spacer could be added from behind to keep the gas cap from not sticking out too far on the car. The cover unscrews and it just fiberglass so I think it would be easy to swap it to another tank. Any thought or suggestions for a replacement fuel collar? Jim
  5. Thanks guys! Knowing what the correct terms to search for makes things easier.
  6. I'm having my car resprayed and wanted more info about the molding edge strip on the side of the car. Is there a ridge on the side of car and the rubber presses on to it? Also along the roof is a piece of trim and I'm not sure how its attached or what is should look like. Looks like its a piece of plastic that was silver at one time.
  7. I have my car at an MG shop in Saint Pete Fl. They have worked on G cars before and they did a really nice job on a friends car. I bought them the relay timer and they said the current wiring is fine and they will add on a beefier relay. They are going with a wizard radiator and they didn't want to re core the old one. I'll let you know how it runs once I get it back.
  8. I ended up ordering the Davies Craig Digital Thermatic Fan Switch Kit. I like the idea to be able to pick when the fans come on. I live in Orlando and get stuck in traffic all the time. With this kit I can dial in what works with my driving commute.
  9. This is the fan I went with. I saw another owner had good results with it.
  10. This might be a better option?
  11. My friend suggested this relay. What are your thoughts on it?
  12. I just order some new spal fans and I keep reading that its a good idea to update the wiring and add in relays. I'm not quite sure how to wire this correctly. Would I run 3 wires to the directly to the battery then each wire would have a fuse that would go to the relays? And the wire from the otter switch is what triggers the relays to come on? I get the concept but not sure if this is the correct way to do it? Jim
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