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  1. Hmmm Bull Bar, I know the one I fitted on my Discovery has stopped one non driving female already, she will think twice about turning across traffic when I have the right of way.
  2. We call it demolition derby here in the states, and trust me it is a lot of fun to run in one.... I have done it twice now, and if I lived closer to where they held them I would do it more often. Total car investment $200 on the cheap end or I know some guys that spend $thousands on a car. 10 minutes of pure road rage.... priceless.
  3. Been a long time since I posted, since my possible Esprit purchase has been put on hold, so I am just browsing daily.... Although there is a nice S2 for sale in Ebay in WV of all places, but the owner will not be home to view the car till after the sale ends, so no go there... Anyways back on topic, I own: Cellular Amps LLC A side business on my normal telecomunications job that acually pays the bills. One day maybe it will be a money maker...
  4. Tony. I had similar issues on my Buick... turned out to be the sending unit was bad. But it could also be a ground issue. I hope it was not a mechanic doing something dumb...
  5. Joey

    metal signs

    First thing I noticed was the Name.... Esprit Turbo... vice Turbo Esprit Not sure yet what the other item is... but I am sure someone will tell us.... maybe the lack of Turbo listed on the car... bumper looks like an S3 but I could be wrong....
  6. I am just worried that he is spending this much time looking at a Stevens Esprit.... it is down right scary.
  7. Joey

    metal signs

    They must not know know there Esprits very well... even I caught that.
  8. Speaking of waxing... Not trying to hijack the thread... Has anyone used this product or heard of it before?
  9. Hmmm I thought it was smoking:
  10. Joey


    You have to realize that we now live in a fast food world... everyone wants everything now... they can't wait for anyone or anything. People are working longer hours so they can make more money, so they can eat out (so they don't have to cook) they have sitters for the kids, because they don't have time for them. They get angry when the fast food restaurant asks them to wait, no wonder our food is cold at time, people don't want to wait for the warm stuff, but complain when it is cold. No one seems to take the time to relax and watch what is going on around them. If someone is driving the speed limit they get upset, if someone is speeding and trying to push them they get upset. Everyone thinks life is a big race to the finish line. To me I just enjoy watching. Don't get me wrong I get upset at the people who sit in the passing lane and are not passing, but I just call them morons and wait. I will step off of the box now.
  11. Yes, the battery can get that bad. I have seen that on several cars and trucks. (my Land Rover did the same thing) Just keep in mind the more you run it with a bad battery the more your altenator has to work overtime.
  12. What you need to look at (since you asked) is a G-car.... Best looks of all the cars B)
  13. Chargecooler 89.5 model year. Very easy to tell the difference when you look at the engine. turbo... and CHARGECOOLER....
  14. Looks good.... IMHO, but (don't you love that word), I would think that having the screen angled slightly and more visible to the driver would be better. Opinions are like A******s ever one has one.
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