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  1. Thanks again Andy, there is a section I can trim under the gear change gaiter.
  2. My 84 Excel is Glacier Blue and has a half leather interior. Do the leathers have a name or colour code? and do any of the leather refurb suppliers have any of the refinishing paste products mixed in our colours? Furniture clinic say they can colour match from a sample if I need it. From my screen Bentley Tahiti looks quite similar but I wouldnt risk it from the screen colour. Thanks, Jim
  3. Cheers Andy, I'll have a hunt around and see whats available locally. Its hard to see that the plastic trim actually did anything constructive.
  4. As you can see my rear screen is pretty cruddy and has lost 90% of the 10mm plastic edge trim. I was was wondering if i just raked out the old flaky sealer and just sealed it with a neat bead of black silicon there would be no need for the plastic trim? ( not sure if that is available anywhere?)
  5. Success ....many thanks for your comments
  6. OK many thanks, I'll persevere. Hope to have it dangling on a rope by tomorrow!
  7. Drained it all off yesterday thanks after reading another thread somewhere. Just wondering how reluctant the splines will be to disengage without some sort of leverage between diff and gearbox? I'm trying to pull it out with the first section of the exhaust attached as I cant separate the manifold/ exhaust joint which has some mangled nuts that wont free.
  8. We are just about ready to remove engine and gearbox together from our excel. Has anyone got any advice on how far forward we have to bring the whole unit before the driveshaft splines disengage as that seems to be the only thing holding it all back at the mo. We are working with the front raised as we dont have a pit and access is tricky. Cheers, Jim
  9. If you feel like popping in to view my (hopefully) empty engine bay while passing through Sheringham you are more than welcome! After a 3 year 'break' we are finally hoping to hoist it out this week. No1 son Adam has got some new enthusiasm ahead of a place in City College starting September on the Motor sports maintenance course, so I'm striking whilst the iron is hot and the engine crane is in place!
  10. Anyone go along today? Pleased to say all my lots sold in the auction so saves me a trip to collect!
  11. Auction and autojumble are in a huge modern hall at the showground with lots of hardstanding around. Some of the lots were being assembled this afternoon, so even if the weather is bad looks like there will be plenty to do indoors. Its a shame that there doesn't seem to have been much media exposure about the event because it has the potential to be a really good event. Cars in the auction seem to be mainly old heavy top end saloons with a few exotics thrown in! Lovely Gulf Porsche sitting in the hall with valet kit ready .... looks like the same one that was at VSCC meeting at Snetts a few weeks ago. Only sorry its my wifes birthday tomorrow so I cant be there
  12. Shame the weather is looking crap! Going down to the showground today to put a few lots in the Automobilia auction. I'll let you know if its a mudbath yet.
  13. ShaunM, Kronos1664, Andyclements, Chipp, Garry, jammy-pop, J400GED, Buddsy, OwenGT3, clivef38, i like cocopops, L666, BC007, grandadtrumpo, gumin, john gt400, theelanman, DAV1D, Newts, Rizla603104, Kimbers, JamesYoung, jimw
  14. Theres a fair amount of room under the bonnet (removed) but not much ground clearance underneath! ......we'll soon find out if I don't suffer another lapse of motivation. Oldest sons enthusiasm has been fired up again after seeing a nice White Excel at Snetterton at the VSCC meeting at the weekend so I will run with it! Had a quick look at your website Buddsy ......I'll be tapping you for a weeks work experience for Adam next year
  15. Yes ....better be careful what I say! I got sidetracked for a year or so by a couple of motorbikes and a pinball. sadly the clutch hasn't freed itself with two years storage so I am still on course to extract the engine.
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