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  2. Got the Set this week, changed the rolls and fixed it again.... Tataaaa! It works!!! Thanks a lot guys!!! Calavera
  3. Hey Great! thanks a lot!!! - I just ordered a kit... @Malcom thanks too - for the pics Happy driving! Calavera
  4. right - now I got it! We fxed a screw again to the shaft and then brought it out with a special push-hammer my neigbour luckily had... On our surprice a lot of little nuggets of broken plastic came out of the inner of the gear... now I now why it didn´t work anymore. I read there should be a rep.kit for it - with three new rolls to fit into the gear - hope it´s availible somewhere anymore... some of the Nuggets - should be the rests of the original rolls... the inner side of the gear - here should sit three rolls bringing the power from the gear to the shaft the o
  5. ...its absolutly the same Thing! So could you just pull the shaft/gear straight out? If I pull on the shaft it feels as if it is blocked somewhere? Thought I have to bring it in some Special Position first or open the screw on the head side of the main-shaft...? And how you could upload such big pics?
  6. Hi guys, have a Problem with my left headlight which will not come out anymore... As the mechanic seems to be all right I found out, that the Motor works but can´t bring the power to the mechanic. I took it out and now found, that the White gear inside the motorcase is no more able to turn the shaft inside it. As I read this could be a common Problem I will now Strip it complete but can´t get the gear/shaft combination out of the case... It still moves al Little bit but will not come out... As I don´t won´t to damage the gear or something else - maybe someone has a Suggestion how to ge
  7. Hello - just another question to all SE, S4, S4S or S300 Drivers... After fixing the backpressure valve my boot raises very fast again - but as I think maybe too high?!? If I kickdown the pedal the boost raises shortly up to 1,1 or 1,2 bar and then falls back to 1,0 or 0,8 depending if boost mode is active or not... I don´t know if that behavior is the same as before we changed the wastgate actuator and fixed the backpressure valve... Is this behavior normal or shouldn´t raise the boostmeter over the 1,0bar mark? If I press the pedal slower and constantly the boost goes up to 0
  8. Hi guys, just want to let you konw that it was the backpressure valve... man! never thought it has such a big effect... Well after checking: - wast gate actuator (new one!) - correct closing of the waste gate in its seat - O2 sensor with freescan - temperature sensor with freescan the BPV and a leak in the pressure system was left to check... - when we activated the BPV manualy with running engine - the car became at once double as loud as before (had´nt the correct loundness present after the winter break) and while the following test-drive the boost gets in again just fro
  9. @Sparky - would this sensor be the right one? I doubt about getting it here at a local GM seller... Thanks a lot! Calavera
  10. @Bibs - yes we will check it! The cat should be o.k. - no bits missing - but we didn´t look into when disconected... probably because the lambda sensor was fixed and we didn´t took it out completely - hmm - we better should...
  11. Hi - do you think a broken actuator for the exhaust back pressure valve could have the same effect? @sparky - the sensor you mentioned should give the signal for it - right? As I read in the repair handbook the e.b.p.v. should open at water temperatures higher then 70° - so maybe the actuator is defective?
  12. Thanks!!! will check it! Any other possible idea´s are welcome - cause I can test it not before next week (due to my neightbors Garage ) So if we once start would be great to check as much possible reasons as we can at one time...
  13. Hi - no unfortunaly no freescan - seems as if I should check out how it works ... Before I search all the documentation up and down - can you give me a hint where the coolant sensor sits? And thanks!!! Calavera
  14. Hello together, at my Esprit Turbo SE (MY90) - I have a problem with the turbo boost - it takes in very, very late at about >5.000U/min then it raises to about 0.5 to 0.7 bar and the car pushes forward as it should. But with U/min under 5k the boost presure stays at a maximum of about 0.1 bar... We meanwhile: - changed the waste-gate actuator (new one) and checked the right position of it - removed the kat (exhaust) to see the open turbo - the waste gate valve sits perfect in its seat and the turbine looks good as well - don´t think there´s the problem. Do you have any
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